IKEA Pilgrimage 2K12

Many, many years ago by fabulous BFF introduced me to something magical: IKEA. We drove down to our closest one in Altanta (FOUR hours away. I am so jealous of all of you with one close!) and we have been making trips back ever since.

I was wwwwaaaaayyyyy overdue for some BFF time so we did it again this weekend. It was perfect timing since the catalog just came out and I had a few things on my to do list to complete. Some might call it serendipitous.

Our pilgrimage began at the crack. Once upon a time 8AM was early. We laugh at 8AM now. We need a nap at 8AM now.

We also need a break less than an hour down the road. #caffeineaddicts

But we finally made it there. Saturdays at Ikea are a bit less than blissful, but we had so much fun and found so many goodies. I have to say it was my biggest haul ever.  EVER. But more on that later.

I took my camera and was going to take fabulous inspiring pictures like all the cool kids, but it was crazy crowded so I only got a few but brought back a ton of inspiration.

Picture-wise, there were several pops of red that I liked. I’ve used less and less red in my house but some of the new curtains made me want to bring back the crimson. I especially loved these red stripes peeking out behind the dark charcoal. So surprising and crisp! 

Another thing I forgot to do is to take a picture of me and my BFF. What was I thinking? At least we got this one of hedgehogs. It was totally coincidental that one of us picked a tall thin one and another picked a shorter more round one. I’ll let you guess who is who, but it’s pretty close to a portrait of the two of us. And then there is this. We’ll save the words for later. Just know that I loved it and may or may not have taken it home. And its twin.I’ll share some of my finds with you in due time. Ikea was very good to me this time around but the time with my BFF was even better. That and the ice cream. What more could a girl want?

More to come on my fabulous finds! Have you made your trip recently or been dog-earing your new catalog to prepare? What’s on your Ikea list?


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