Home {4 Year House Anniversary}

Last friday marked four years since I signed on the 392 dotted lines and became a homeowner. It was a real life dream come true. I had waited and waited and I was finally there.

Home Sweet HereAnd I’m still here. I got engaged in this house. I started my marriage here. I found out about Tripp here and this is where we brought him home. This is not my “dream home,” but somehow, it is where my dreams have come true and that is really something special.

TrippI had a list of pros and cons a mile long and wide but when it came down to it, this place was exactly where I was supposed to be then and it still is now.

But I have house envy big time. One of my biggest hobbies is looking at floor plans and visiting new construction houses. (It isn’t technically breaking and entering if the door is unlocked, right?) I want a new house like yesterday. Bigger,  fancier, custom-er (totally a word) and with more room to grow.

But I have to remember that four short years ago this was my dream. As I was going through the negotiating/inspecting/closing process I could see the finish line. That line looked a lot like me getting up the first morning in this place, walking to the kitchen and pouring a nice cup of coffee. I would take a sip as I looked out the back door to  a big green backyard. My coffee. My backyard. My home. It still has a sweet sound to it, doesn’t it? coffee

I still dream of my future house and it will be incredible, you can count on that, but I want to take time to appreciate this one. I might love to look at the shiny new houses, but this is home.

And you know what? Before that, my teeny, tiny, little house was home. I didn’t own it (I may have not even paid rent for it- thanks mama and daddy!) but it was my home for six years because that is what I made it.

When I started Home Sweet Here two and a half years ago, that was what I wanted to share and promote. I still truly believe you can make where you are your home sweet home but I need that reminder so I’m guessing you might, too. Home is a dream come true.  It doesn’t have to be your forever dream home- it’s wherever you make your dreams happen. We can see dreams come true each and every day: laughter with your family and friends, the best meal you’ve ever cooked, a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven, first steps and smiles or a cucumber straight from your garden. tripp's first cucumber

Your dreams are up to you but I encourage you to dream big and dream small and make sure you celebrate each and every one. Treasure them. Use them to make where you are truly home- be it a mansion, apartment, shack or house.

Will you do that with me? Will you embrace where you are and celebrate your dreams? Will you make your house your home sweet home?

To truly be home and love it sometimes takes some effort. Accept where you are, celebrate how awesome it is and watch your dreams come true. Treasure it and you’ve found home.


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