Happiness is Spray Paint {Lamp Update}

Happy Monday! I know, last time you heard from me I was all excited about how much easier everything was when you just plan. Remember that? What I did not plan on was getting that nasty, awful, evil stomach bug. I was so miserable that even the best to-do list could not have gotten me off the bathroom floor couch. Everything took a backseat to feeling better again.

I’m happy to report that a week later I’m back and I have a can of spray paint in my hand #fullrecovery. There is always something on my list to paint. Always. So today I decided to tackle something quick and easy that makes me happy. Spray painting should always make you happy.

Remember this pharmacy lamp I got way back when? Pharmacy Lamp Pharmacy LampIt’s about time it goes HOT PINK! Just kidding. There is nothing wrong with the pretty Oil Rubbed Bronze outside, but the bright white inside had to go. Honestly, there was really nothing wrong with the bright white inside either, but I think it would be much prettier and warmer in gold.

I may have already said spray paint, but that was NOT my first medium of choice. I thought those handy little bottles of acrylic paint and a foam brush would work just fine. Wrong. I brought a knife to a gun fight.inside lamp shade painted gold

It took me all of 5 minutes to tape it off and spray it. That includes the time it took to walk out to the garage and find the frog tape.spray paint inside pharmacy lampI don’t know why I question it. Spray paint is always the answer. gold spray painted lamp shade inside You can’t see a huge difference in pictures (other than making it nearly impossible to white balance) but in person it is there. The glow is so much softer and oh so pretty. gold spray painted lamp shade inside gold spray painted lamp shade inside Changing the world one can of spray paint at a time. What have you been painting lately? Need some serious painting inspiration? Please head on over to any/all of these GREAT blogs for the EXTENDED (thank you!) Dog Days of Winter Link Party: Love of Family & Home,  The Francis Family BlogHouse of RoseBlissfully Ever After,  Crafty, Scrappy, HappyDesign, Dining & DiapersOur Fifth HouseI Love You More Than Carrots and Liz Marie Blog.

gold spray painted lamp shade inside


4 thoughts on “Happiness is Spray Paint {Lamp Update}

    • Hi Nikki! So sorry for my slow reply but I really appreciate your comment and you stopping by! The striped throw is from west elm last year. It was around Christmas time the offered them for $19 so maybe they till again this year too. :)

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