Family Tradition {Thankful}

Happy Monday! While I am singing a Hank WIlliams Junior song in my head thanks to the title, I’m talking about a totally different topic. ‘Tis the season to be thankful (falalala, lalalala) and just about everyone is doing something to celebrate each and every day. While I love seeing all the facebook and instagram posts full of thankfulness, we’re sticking with the tradition we started a long, long time ago. Last year. :)

 Yup, we just write a little note about what we’re thankful for each day and place it in the vessel of choice and then when Thanksgiving rolls around we read them all. Last year they ranged from the more serious like the Bible, Jesus and family stuff to the still serious, but less significant like special band-aids for my special boo-boos (that one might make a comeback. Last year it was a burn, this year it was a run-in with a cheese grater #findmeapaddedroom). I expect this year will be very similar. The only rules are #1 write something daily and #2 be thankful.

We already have a pretty good start this year…

So that’s it. Our second annual Thanksgiving thankfulness fest of November! I even saved my printable in back of the frame from last year to make it super easy.

While we’re being thankful, let me just say thanks to YOU! I am really, genuinely, truly, sincerely thankful for each and everyone of you who click over here, even when I take a little break. Those of you who comment and like and even those of you who tell my mama I need to get back on it (ahem, that means you “sister” Destinee :)). I am thankful to you and for you all. I never set out to break follower or hit records (that made me think of Hank again #imsensingapattern) but the fact that you do follow and you do visit is just amazing to me so THANK YOU. I do a little happy dance inside every time I see you’ve been here (let the record show it is not to a Hank Williams Junior song). Clearly I am thankful for band-aids, Hank and YOU today, so what are YOU thankful for. 1.2.3. GO!