$20 In My Pocket {Thrift Shop Challenge}

While I love some flea marketing and antique store shopping I’ve never had much luck in thrift stores, (that is if you don’t count the long neon patterned coat I found for spirit week when I was in high school) but when Young House Love issued a little thrift shop challenge, it was just the inspiration I needed to give it another try.

The challenge is inspired by a new little song there about thrifting. I know that all of you might not appreciate the song so I’m not going to post a link and while I’m not a huge fan of some of the words they use, I have to admit it cracks me up every time I hear it so I had some fun with the challenge. Let’s see how I did.

Step 1: Go to the thrift store with $20 in your pocket. Check.thrift store challenge

If you look behind Mr. Jackson, you will see my spoils (step 2) which were exactly $18.53. Let’s take a closer look.Thrift Store Challenge

I paid $5.99 for this ginourmous lamp. I had to text a picture to my BFF and she approved and I bought it. We decided to eventually paint it glossy white. #virtualshopping What else did you see in that picture way up there? Step 3 was to find some items from the song. Well, what I bought just might qualify as grandpa’s style! thrift store challenge thrift store challenge

Yep. I bought 3 grandpa sweaters. I totally took your grandpa’s style but let me share why. thrift store challenge That’s me. Those are my boots. And those are my socks. My boots fall down and you see my socks. It’s no fun! Do you get where this is going? Grandpa sweaters make the perfect boot socks! DSC_0402 thift strore challengeJust trim them up… boot socks thrift store challengeand TADA! 3 pairs of boot socks AND they keep my boots up. Yes please. Thrift Store Challenge Boot Socks Thrift Store Challenge Boot SocksThrift Store Challenge Boot SocksAnd the lamp just needed cleaning up and a little help from Target. Thrift Store Challenge Lampthrift store lamp I still think it will go glossy white, but for now it is a great addition to the new bonus room. I just love the scale and weight and the bold patterned shade accents it perfectly. DSC_0452Thrift Store Challenge LampOne step closer to a completed bonus room and one successful thrift shop challenge complete! Be sure you stop by Young House Love today to see what else $20 can buy. And for bonus points, this last picture needs no explanation. Happy Thrifting! Big ____ Coat