BFF Staycation Part 2: Foodie Fooderson

When we were last together,  I took you along to the flea market with my fabtabulous BFF for some thrifty finds and told you there was lots more where that came from. I wasn’t lying, let’s move onto the food, shall we?

You must know that Sarah is an ah-mazing cook and every time I go to her house it’s a guarantee that I will feel ill because I eat too much of too good food. Yumm. So when she offered to start our day off with waffles, I said HECK YES!!! Are you ready to be jealous? Take a look at the fixins’

(just a little side note, this actually occurred before Easter so her runner was completely in season, my blogging is what’s behind on the times.) Anyway, back to the food and can I just say Oh, bless. That is Nutella. Hazelnut heaven in a jar.  Put it all together and sprinkle on some chocolate chips and there you have- waffle heaven on a plate. Bless, again. 

Oh my. And we were just getting started. We made our way to Destination #1: the Flea Market at the Nashville Fairgrounds and as you can imagine worked up quite an appetite. We were brainstorming about where to go for lunch and Sarah remembered a place she had heard of called “The Grilled Cheeserie.” No further explanation was needed so we googled and found out it was a food truck and not that far away from us. Buckle your seat belts, we were there and it was love at first site. 

Sarah and I went with this food truck like peas and carrots, Easter and a bunny, cheese and bread…

True love. Take a minute or 30 to look at the menu and drink selection, that’s what we did. 

The special of the day was a mini grilled cheese and tots so that made up our minds. I had smoked gouda on sourdough with bacon (pause to wipe the drool) and pickles. And of course tots. Who can resist tots like these?

Sarah got rosemary bread with buttermilk cheddar, bacon and pickles and of course the tots. I didn’t want to hear “give me some of your tots, man” throughout the entire lunch. Just kidding, but I’m glad I didn’t have to share.

In true food truck fashion, we opened up the back hatch and tailgated in the parking lot.

I have eaten at a lot of different places on every end of the spectrum, but this was my first real food truck experience. It did not disappoint- until it was gone. I must mention they also had a squeeze bottle of “herbed mustard.” I got a little container of it just to see what that was all about. Holy mustard, batman! How did I live before tots dipped in herbed mustard? As soon as my little garden is full of herbs, we are going to try to make our own.

We shopped on (more on that later) and despite our full-of-cheesy-goodness bliss, we got hungry again. We stopped one more place- Hot &Cold and I failed to take pictures for 2 reasons:  one it was a small super trendy spot with spectacular hipsters behind the counter and more Tory Burch flats waiting in line than in Nordstrom and I just couldn’t pull the trigger shutter; two it was so good that the 2 seconds it would have taken to take a quick picture would have been totally devestating.

Hot & Cold, as you can imagine has coffee (Nashville’s own Bongo Java) and ice cream (Las Paletas gourmet popsicles and Jeni’s Ice Cream). Once again, we stared and stared at the menu for longer than socially accepable before deciding what to sample. Yep, that long to decide on a sample. It took one teeny spoonful of Brown Butter Almond Brittle to make up my mind. OMG. I have never tasted ice cream like that before. I could eat it everyday, for a month, then I would have a heart attack but die oh so happy with an ice cream mustache. 

And there you have it, how 2 hungry BFFs ate their way across Nashville. I’m going to have to go get a snack after reliving this. While I’m gone, please leave a comment about your food truck, ice cream, whatever food experiences so I can add them to my list to try AND also beg my awesome BFF to share some of her amazing recipes, tricks and tips with all of us here. She’s a teacher and crazy busy right now, but I bet if we all beg she’ll totally have the time this summer-pah, pah, pah-lease???