Quick Art: It’s A Wrap

Happy Friday and hello there! I hope you had a wonderfull Halloween. I have to tell you I packed up everything spooky yesterday and I am resisting the urge to eat all the candy the neighborhood kids did not take and start Christmas-ing up the place. Is November 2nd really that early? (say no. puh-lease say no:))

Once again, I took a little blog break and I have no idea why other than I just did, but like a bad habit, I’m back! And where better to start with the resolution of the cliff hanger I left you with a couple of weeks ago. Don’t remember? I’ll wait while you go read about it.

Remember now? The question was what did I buy at the Paris Market in Savannah that I could actually afford! Take a look…

Yup, that’s a piece of wrapping paper, but I LURVED it so much. It was way too pretty to fold and tape and watch someone rip to shreds but I had to take her home. I’m no stranger to framing some paper (here, here or here). 

I think this is best one yet. It’s the focal point the wall needed and it makes my heart skip a beat. The previous green paisley from the Container Store was so pretty and added the pop of color and some implied texture, but this one added the “Shut the front door WOW!”

The moral of this story my friends, if you like paper in any form then you should’ve put a ring frame on it. True Story.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I really, really, REALLY am going to try my best to be back next week for real but with the time change, no promises. Happy Falling Back :)


BFF Staycation Part1: Thrifty Thrifterson Flea Market Shopping

Well, Happy Monday! Have you ever had one of those days that lasted like a month in a good way? Well, I sure did! A few weeks ago, by BFF and I took a little Nashville Staycation and crammed so much fun (and food) into one day that I have had trouble sharing it all because it really was so much fun, I didn’t know how much you could handle :)

So, I’ve decided to break it down into chunks so you don’t have to devote an entire day to being jeal reading about our fabulous BFF day.

First of all, let me introduce you to my BFF. Her name is Sarah and she is amazing. Here we are in Vegas being fabulous a couple of years ago.

This is typical us- all dressed up, five-star hotels, partying with Kardashians (for the record- I am not Kardashian obsessed, but they were really there when we were and we really saw them. I may have run across the Venetian to take a picture of them. Not my finest moment, but it happened. And it may have happened because a certain BFF yelled “run!”)

When we’re not being all fabulous and celebrity like, we really enjoy some shopping so we planned this particular day of awesomeness on the 4th weekend. If you know me, Nashville, or Home Sweet Here you know what that means- Flea Market!

Also, if you know me in real life you may know that I can be kind of “systematic.” That’s the really nice way of saying I like to do certain things in a certain order. For example, I have a set routine I follow every time I shop at my favorite Target store. The Flea Market works the same way except for this day. There was a threat of rain so we started outside and worked our way in (for those of you who frequent the place- I mean the barns in the way back. I always like to start in the Creative Arts building, that’s just how I roll.)

Instead of throwing my day routine off totally- it was serendipitous. Seriously, we stepped into the first booth/stall and Sarah spotted this little shelf. She liked it so much she picked it up! I never do that- buy something in booth #1 but guess what- I did too! I got a couple of items there too but was so excited they were just a dollar I forgot to snap a picture. Stay tuned for those a little later.

In true Home Sweet Here fashion, we did some shopping for you, too. We couldnt bring home everything we loved so we snapped some pictures to inspire your next flea market excursion.

If I had a little more cabinet space these would be mine. Teeny green juice glasses, yes please. We were liking green this day. Sarah picked this great bowl and I have no idea why I didn’t buy it. Pretty!

Sarah hearts the mirror and I heart the iron fence piece. I have gardens on the brain right now.

We both heart old refrigerator ware. It’s kind of pre-historic tupperware and very interesting how we’re going back to this. Move over plastic.

This was a steal at $0.25, but, Avery would’t have liked him too much.:)

We had some fun here, but just couldn’t spend the dough. hehehe.

This lady is perfect for Spring. Perfectly scary!

But these really would make the perfect spring table. Even the pink-hater in me hearts these.

Sometimes you find some things that take you all they way back to your 80’s childhood. I had these puppies!

And sometimes you find something and you have no idea who would buy it. Ick!!! And there are some words you don’t ever, ever want to see at the flea market. These two are the perfect example.

But there are plenty more goodies, like salt shakers. Yes, please. I could have taken home all of these. I love it when you find real inspiration. Sarah and I both started thinking about where we could put something like this in our houses. It’s so pretty and functional. Some of these venders really know how to style their booths- even if it is in a barn. I have a couple of these but would love to have a couple of bajillion more. Attention Pinterest Addicts: there are exactly 563,901 pins for old silverware right now. I counted. Here is where you find your DIY gold silver. You may think this next one is a joke, but it’s not. Two of my favorite things are pigs and laughing so these are pretty much perfect. Lucky for me (and Robb) they were way to big to take home, but I am embarrassed at how much I wold have paid if these would have been salt and pepper shakers.

Speaking of crazy things I really, really want. I still want this guy. If you have any ideas on where I can put him that is not insanely ridiculous please let me know and I’ll make my mooo-ve. Sarah’s metal object of her affection is a lot less insane. She has wanted this forever but like me, can’t find the right place for it. Maybe a map would help?

Spray paint + some fun new fabric= ah-mazing chairs! I just love the shape of these.

And why don’t we picnic like this anymore? How fun would this be?

And finally the “I could kick myself for not purchasing this” item of the day. It needs some work and the price tag was not too bad at $100. But as we walked by the nice vendor lady yelled “I’ll take $75 for it.” $75 for this rehab goldmine. To quote the great poet D. Bentley “what was I thinking?”

Oh, regret! But enough of the pretend shopping, who wants to see what I took home for a whopping $13 investment? Raise your hands high so I can see you! Ok, here you go.

Let’s start with my big ticket item. I actually found these pretty early but waited to buy them because they are so heavy. I think they may be cast iron. My back hurt the next day, seriously. At $5 each, they were totally worth the pain. I haven’t found the perfect spot for them let, but I heart them.

Next up is a $1 find. It will require a bit of rehab but it is in great shape and well worth the whole dollar.

And last but not least, my final purchase. I found one, then I found his friend. I gave the lady $2 and we all lived happily ever after. I’m planning to freshen them up with some paint soon, but I already put them to use on my gallery wall. Well worth all eight quarters.

So there you have it, our thrifty thrifterson finds from the day. Still to come- food, more shopping and a little home improvement project. I wasn’t kidding when I said we did a lot in a day!psssst.. Want to see some of my other flea market gems? Try here, here, and here. I kind of heart this place :)

My Kind of March Madness: Flea Market 101

I hope you’re not tired of hearing about the Nashville Flea Market already because it happens again this weekend and I’m headed that way with my BFF! If you’ve spent 3 seconds at home sweet here, you know that I love me some flea market (if this is your first visit, welcome and take a look here or here to learn more about my obsession.)

For those of you that are anti-flea market, don’t stop reading here. This is kind of for you. When I am bragging about all of my fabulous flea market finds, a lot of people tell me they’ve tried it and just can’t find anything. They don’t get how to look. So, when I went in February, I did some shopping for you. I found so many great things that I think you’ll like and hopefully, you’ll be inspired and I’ll see you there this weekend, loaded down with goodies.

First and foremost, you have to see the rehab potential and look past redon’ts. For example- look at the shape, size and sturdiness of these chairs. Ignore the awful fabric and silver spray paint. These chairs were $35 for the set (read that again, $35 for the SET, like 4 chairs) and make-over gold.

Laugh at the oddities, but try not to have nightmares. I’m all for seeing potential, but who would buy this?

If Pinterest is your crack, consider the flea market your dealer. Old door knobs to make the perfect coat hanger deal, check. Furniture pulls, check. Skeleton Keys, check. Mason jars, check.

What about these lanterns? Clean and paint them and they’re better than Pottery Barn. I would love these in a bright color, lighting my patio steps. Pretty!Industrial lights are everywhere. Including the flea market. Look at how huge these are? I’m sure they could be rewired and cleaned up and make the perfect obnoxiously large pendant light. (thanks mama for modeling next to it so we can see how HUGE these are!)You’ll find pretty new stuff, too. These bunnies were almost too cute to resist. I heart bunnies.

Everyone needs a seasoned cast iron skillet. Period. You will find plenty here for great prices. Mmmmmm, cornbread. 

Ever break a crystal off your chandelier or lamp. I have really. Well someone else broke one off a lamp carrying it out of the flea market for me. This is where your find your replacement. Or your inspiration for a little gaudy project.

Back to some oddities. Please laugh with me. 

Why did the chicken cross the road? To go home with you. These are not quite my style, but if I liked to decorate with chickens, these are as cute as they get. And here is Robb’s birthday present. Shhhh, don’t tell. Love the shape of these lamps- paint, a new light kit, and pretty shades and these are so perfect, Taylor Swift may write a song about them. Look for unusual items. Like these puppies. I wanted them so much, but not $35 much. Let’s talk Linens. Etsy has a bajillion people making the cutest little aprons you’ve ever seen. Unless you’ve been here. These are old, homemade and they ooze with character. And they’re cheap! Speaking of linens, hankies are so stinking cute and only $2. These babies are not just for nose blowing. 

Especially this one. If my name even had a C in it I would buy this and frame it. This is beautifulMetal is also in abundance. My BFF got some coppery tiles like this several years ago here for her half bath. They are beautiful. I copied her in my half bath, but mine came from Hobby Lobby and don’t have near the character. Sarah wins. The flea market wins. Notice the bull head in the corners if both of these pictures? Why do I want that? 

For Swamp People watchers- “Choot-em, Liz-beth”I heart the flea market, obviously. It’s frugal, original, and I really think everyone could find something. Each month is different and some are much better than others. But hopefully you’re starting to see what it has to offer. There are 2 things left for you to do.

1. give the flea market a try this weekend and

2. raise the roof if you love it. 

Project Pretty: Jewelry Organization Solution

Pssssttt… this is an old project. Check out how I upgraded and updated here. Thanks! 

If you’re visiting from I Heart Organizing, WELCOME! I heart that you’re here!

I bet most of you have experienced this before too, but I find that sometimes organization comes out of desperation. I had long term goals and I even bought the nice cutlery trays I was going to paint and make all pretty. This was going to be the perfect solution to my jewelry storage needs, but  it was getting insane. I don’t have that much jewelry, but it was out of control- the drawer would rarely be closed, there was always stuff all over the dresser and I would wear the same pair of earrings and necklace all.the.time because it was on top and easiest.

I had had it! I was so over it and this past weekend I had to do something. It was that kind of insane whirlwind type project where I cleared the dresser and started sorting without even thinking to snap a picture. Just trust me, it was bad. When I got it all sorted, here’s what it looked like:

YIKES!! But when I got this far, there was no turning back so I started looking around for what might work- and waiting for paint to dry, leaving the house or buying anything were not options.

So, I tried drawer organizers and nothing fit. Nothing. So I remembered how I’ve seen tons of picture frames used as pretty jewelry organizers and grabbed one that I retired from my gallery wall and started digging through my fabric remnants.

I went cheap and easy on this. If it wasn’t already at our house, it wasn’t an option. I used the cardboard that was already behind the frame (I already broke the glass, convenient mistake :)) and just stapled a layer of batting to the frame…

and trimmed it so it wouldn’t interfere with the frame.  

I’m sure you can tell already that this project requires a high level of skill and some really sophisticated materials. Or maybe not.

Moving on, I didn’t really like any of my fabric remnants for this. I wanted the jewelry to show up not just hide in some pattern. When all else fails, use burlap!

I added a layer of scrap drapery lining fabric and then a double layer of leftover burlap. This stuff came from Lowes and was totally worth the $10 roll. I use it everywhere!

This is where it gets really tricky. You may want to write this part down. Pop the frame on it, flip it over, trim and staple. Whew. Did you get that? Here’s some pictures to help :)(please ignore my zebra jammy panted knees. I think those are my creative pants :))

And that, my friends is it! I hung it up in the closet and used straight pins from my sewing basket as “hooks” and that did it. It really, really was that easy! Are you ready for the finished pretty project? Well, let’s take a look…

I even found a smaller frame and made a little friend for my earrings. The burlap is perfect for hanging them through…

I am still planning on making the cutlrey tray organizer one day when I have time for paint to dry, but for now I am totally loving this pretty solution! And guess what? It works! I am wearing earrings lately that I forgot I had. And my bracelets are tucked away in the drawer that once overflowed.

Pretty- check.

Functional- check.

Zero Dollars- (c)heck yes!

IHeart Organizing

Don’t forget to check out my updated jewelry organization project HERE. Thanks! :)


Grandma’s Nightstand goes GREEN- The Reveal

Your sleepless nights are over!

You last saw her like this…

But wait no more. Here she is, ready for her close-up… (please ignore the awkward cord in the background. oops)

… and the full view.

I think she is the perfect fit in between our new tufted white chairs from Marshalls. I LOVE the nailhead trim detail…

If you remember the before picture, you may have noticed that we upgraded the lamp as well. We found this great pharmacy lamp at JC Penny on sale (and free for us thanks to some leftover gift cards.) I am finally in love with the living room! The chairs, painted table and ORB pharmacy lamp were just what I needed to balance the space.  The flowers in our Pottery Barn Great White Pitcher don’t hurt the coziness factor either.

I’ll leave you with one last look…