The Other Side of My Valentine {Personalized Stamp}

Homemade Natural Graham Cracker RecipeIn my personal opinion, packaging is one of the most important parts of a gift. You’ve seen my Christmas presents. I rarely will even do a gift bag unless I can “cute-ify” it up a little and I think the same is true for food treats. I will never take something to work for a food day in tupperware or worse, on a paper plate. If you do this, I’m not judging. If your treat is yummy I don’t care if you had it to me on a paper towel. I just like to create a pretty package. That’s part of the fun for me.

What you saw on Monday was just a simple way to wrap up my yummy Homemade Chocolate Dipped Graham Crackers– parchment paper tied up with red ribbon and a little note. What you didn’t see was the other side of the note. My BFF knows my obsession passion for packaging and got me the most perfect Christmas present. Valentine Treat Label PackagingIt’s (obviously) a personalized stamp she ordered from Greenhouse Studios on Etsy. It is so stinking cute and I just love it. I’ve even used it to simply stamp a recipe I’m sharing but I’m most excited to use it for food gift giving. Valentine Treat Label PackagingIt’s the perfect way to “sign” my little treats without, well signing it :)

Happy Valentine’s day (gift packaging) from my kitchen to yours! Valentine Treat Label Packaging


For the Love of Erin

Office supplies make me a happy girl. Make them pretty and that is my definition of bliss, so you can only imagine the happiness Erin Condren brings me.

I ordered one of her fantabulous Life Planners last year and it was a match made in organized heaven. While I loved it more than appropriate for a planner, there were some issues- like the fact that the tabs didn’t hold up for someone as rough on things as I am.But then something magically happened. The new ones came out with LAMINATED TABS so I splurged and ordered.

My new one came last week and it is even better than last year’s.  There are about a bajillion upgrades to this year’s edition and it just feels better. I may have also added her pens, notepads and a pen holder. Who can put a price tag on organized bliss? In all seriousness, I am very planner picky and even though this one is $50 which is a huge splurge for me, it is worth it for all you get out of it. I use mine to meal plan, keep up with bills to pay and really document our everyday lives. I think I’ll have one every year! Erin Condren for President!

Do you have The Life Planner? How do you use it to keep it all together? Do share!

Flea Market Finds: February

Well hello there, friends! I know some of you have been losing some serious sleep because you know that I went to the Nashville Flea Market last week and I have not told what I got. How inconsiderate of me! :)

I know the suspense hasn’t been that bad, and I have to warn you, I didn’t get much. We’re talking $8, but I still want to share what I brought home this month.

If you saw my pretty Hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s, you may have caught a teeny glimpse of 2 of my purchases, But let’s take a closer look 

maybe you need a closer, close look.

Old books! I picked a couple that I just loved the colors and graphics on for $1 each. Deal! and look, this one was even owned by “Hunky.” Priceless

Purchase #2 came in at a whopping $4 and was my splurge for the day, but it was also part of a birthday gift for my Father-in-Law. It’s a print of Union Station in Nashville and he loved it!

Last but not least, was a little gift for my sweet husband. If you did the math you know I spent $2. This one really requires no explanation but just know that he has had a ton of fun hitting these babies into the woods behind our house. 

Did anyone else make it to the flea market? I know you can’t beat my 75 golf balls for $2, but how did you do?

Let’s Go Shopping: Southeastern Salvage

This past weekend I made it to the Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market (more on that later, but YAY!). We had a really fun day and it included a trip to Southeastern Salvage. If you’ve ever been, you know it’s a different place every time you visit. There are always tons of mirrors, frames, furniture, lamps and great accessories- but the inventory constantly changes and is so much fun to shop.

I only bought one little doormat, but I fell in love with so many items I wanted to show you my favorites and some ideas I have for them. So, are you ready???

They have a ton of rugs, but this is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for for our living room. It was quite large but $299 was a bit more than I wanted to spend this week but I LOVE IT! Maybe next time

These were the first of many chairs I fell for. At $77 a piece, these are a steal! And these were a bit pricier (I think $149) but they are soooooo pretty! Imagine a couple of these at the head of the table and the more affordable crossbacks above at the other places. Sooo pretty!

How fun are these $79 metal chairs? You could use these inside, outside, at the table, or maybe even as a desk chair for a more traditional style desk. Or maybe…… with a Restoration Hardware feeling table? I never would have thought of this, but I LOVE it!

And last but not least, I really like the shape of these wishbone chairs. I tend to be more drawn to taller backed chairs, but these really show me the appeal of petite chairs. (PS these were $99 each)

This.Couch.Was.GINORMOUS!!!! IF I could afford it ($2800 or $2900- I cant remember, sorry!) and IF I could get it home it wouldn’t even fit. It was maybe the biggest sofa I have ever seen (they had a smaller version and a love seat, but what fun is that?) but it was gorgeous. I so love nail head trim and the chesterfield style right now. Maybe someday I’ll find a teeny version of my very own.Let’s get back to my spring fever shall we? I think I need a prescription for a set of these. They look like the old gliders my grandmother had, but are new and have a bit more of a modern shape. I forgot how much they were, but yes please.

And speaking of Spring Fever, what about all of these metal vases, watering cans and little buckets? I could decorate all Spring and Summer with these! Full of flowers or just arranged outside for some color- Love!!!

And last but not least…

Who doesn’t need a monkey of many colors? Or maybe not :)

I may have just walked away with a $7 doormat (that I forgot to take a picture of, but it has an “S” on it, just imagine it, ok?) but I really walked away with tons of inspiration and hopefully you found a bit too. Thanks Southeastern Salvage!

Grandma’s Nightstand goes GREEN- The Reveal

Your sleepless nights are over!

You last saw her like this…

But wait no more. Here she is, ready for her close-up… (please ignore the awkward cord in the background. oops)

… and the full view.

I think she is the perfect fit in between our new tufted white chairs from Marshalls. I LOVE the nailhead trim detail…

If you remember the before picture, you may have noticed that we upgraded the lamp as well. We found this great pharmacy lamp at JC Penny on sale (and free for us thanks to some leftover gift cards.) I am finally in love with the living room! The chairs, painted table and ORB pharmacy lamp were just what I needed to balance the space.  The flowers in our Pottery Barn Great White Pitcher don’t hurt the coziness factor either.

I’ll leave you with one last look…