Happiness is Spray Paint {Lamp Update}

Happy Monday! I know, last time you heard from me I was all excited about how much easier everything was when you just plan. Remember that? What I did not plan on was getting that nasty, awful, evil stomach bug. I was so miserable that even the best to-do list could not have gotten me off the bathroom floor couch. Everything took a backseat to feeling better again.

I’m happy to report that a week later I’m back and I have a can of spray paint in my hand #fullrecovery. There is always something on my list to paint. Always. So today I decided to tackle something quick and easy that makes me happy. Spray painting should always make you happy.

Remember this pharmacy lamp I got way back when? Pharmacy Lamp Pharmacy LampIt’s about time it goes HOT PINK! Just kidding. There is nothing wrong with the pretty Oil Rubbed Bronze outside, but the bright white inside had to go. Honestly, there was really nothing wrong with the bright white inside either, but I think it would be much prettier and warmer in gold.

I may have already said spray paint, but that was NOT my first medium of choice. I thought those handy little bottles of acrylic paint and a foam brush would work just fine. Wrong. I brought a knife to a gun fight.inside lamp shade painted gold

It took me all of 5 minutes to tape it off and spray it. That includes the time it took to walk out to the garage and find the frog tape.spray paint inside pharmacy lampI don’t know why I question it. Spray paint is always the answer. gold spray painted lamp shade inside You can’t see a huge difference in pictures (other than making it nearly impossible to white balance) but in person it is there. The glow is so much softer and oh so pretty. gold spray painted lamp shade inside gold spray painted lamp shade inside Changing the world one can of spray paint at a time. What have you been painting lately? Need some serious painting inspiration? Please head on over to any/all of these GREAT blogs for the EXTENDED (thank you!) Dog Days of Winter Link Party: Love of Family & Home,  The Francis Family BlogHouse of RoseBlissfully Ever After,  Crafty, Scrappy, HappyDesign, Dining & DiapersOur Fifth HouseI Love You More Than Carrots and Liz Marie Blog.

gold spray painted lamp shade inside


Golden Bargain {lamp makeover}

Once upon a time, I stumbled across this awesome little lamp for ONE DOLLAR at the flea market. $1 people and it actually works!
flea market lampMy plan was just to clean it up, buy a shade and paint the discolored hardware and I almost did that. Cleaning worked wonders and I found a $5 shade at Ikea that fit. (they didn’t have any more of these on my last couple of trips there. That will teach me to hoard cheap lampshades the first time I see them :( ) flea market lamp before

I’ve used it in a few different rooms but it has stayed just like this and it’s not so bad but I kept putting off painting the hardware because even if it was shiny and new the lamp was still old looking. Don’t get me wrong, I like “old looking,” but to me it wasn’t “old looking,” in a charming kind of way, just a tired kind of way.

When making any decision, I take too long. I like to think about it from all angles, consider all possibilities, costs, things that could go wrong, things that could go right- I’ll stop before I tire you even more, but can I just say thanks, Daddy for that awesome trait before moving on? :)

But sometimes, a $1 lamp is just a $1 lamp and you’ve got to stop thinking about it and just grab that can of spray paint (that took you a full 5 minutes in the paint aisle to pick out a color #iammyfathersdaughter) and PAINT!!!!  flea market lampt

I did it and I like it :) I wanted a metallic finish, but interesting. I started with a thin dusting of my favorite silver (used here and here) then layered on pretty gold. I just gave it another dusting of each color at different angles to vary the way it landed on each facet. And had so much fun painting that I didn’t take any pictures of the layers, but you get the idea.

flea market lamp

It looks mostly gold but if you look very closely, the shimmer of the silver is there too and it’s really pretty and a huge improvement. At least I think so. Flea Market Lamp Collage 2

Beautiful things can happen when you just make up your mind grab some spray paint. This really is one of my most favorite spray paint projects ever. It may look a bit like Epcot (nothing wrong with that!) but it also reminds me a bit of this lamp that I’ve seen pop up everywhere at about 10% of the cost. I can even see changing it to a bright fun color when I’m tired of the gold.

flea market lamp

I already had the paint so this lamp and shade cost me a whopping $6 and I happen to think it looks at least like $30. How is that for a healthy ROI? Have you been up-cycling any thrifty finds lately? Want to see some other great ideas? Check out the blogs below for TONS of inspiration!

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Jewelry For My Jewelry {Push Pin Makeover}

This project is so easy, I really shouldn’t post it. Really, but that is not going to stop me :)

When I was working on my jewelry organization solution, I was missing one little piece: something to hold everything onto the boards. I used pins in last years model since that was what I had, but they weren’t the most durable. I needed push pins, but all I had were these.

Push Pin Makeover

Hmmm. That just won’t work. What’s a cheap girl to do? I could pick through for all the same colors, but that would be too bright. I could make a Target run, but that costs money. Hmmmm….

Who says you can’t paint a push pin? I’m sure no one ever said you can or can’t paint push pins because who would ever need to paint a push pin? That would be me.

I just stuck them in a box and gave them a few coats of metallic silver. Push Pin Makeover

Seriously, it was that simple. I painted these in less time than I could have driven to Target and decided between silver or clear and they work just as well for hanging my jewelry. Everyone wins. Jewelry Organization

I really just wrote a post about painting a push pin but sometimes it’s the simplest projects that make me so happy. Is that just me? What teeny, little insignificant projects have you done that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy?

Jewelry Organization: Upgrade

Happy 2013! I know I’m a few weeks late, but better late than never, right?

I have to say I really missed you during my little really long break, but I thoroughly enjoyed the extra time to enjoy Christmas and then recover. With that, I’m back now and like just about everyone around the blogging world I have something on my mind: ORGANIZATION.

I have more problem areas than I would like to admit but one of the biggest is always my closet. I tackled this last year and while it was a start, it didn’t stick. Last week I spent some serious time cleaning out every little nook and cranny, reorganizing, and clearing out the clutter. That part is really not much to show you (meaning the “before” is way too bad and the “after” is much improved for me but probably looks like some of your befores); however, so far it is really working. It’s like having a new wardrobe to be able to see everything (i.e. not dig through it on the floor) and I even found some shoes I forgot I had. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Now, the part of my closet I do want to share with you is my jewelry organization system. Last year, I made huge strides toward my goal with my zero budget-get it done in a day project but it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I HATE that this is one of my most frequent pins (repin the update, PLEASE!) It has served it’s purpose, but I’m over the burlap. It’s so 2012 ;)

Jewelry Before

I bought cutlery trays for this purpose forever ago and they have been sitting in the garage ever since. Long story short, I had white spray paint and a free Saturday so I did it! But wait, there’s more! The frame approach actually worked so I just updated that with, you guessed it- more white spray paint! So, want to see it?

Jewelry Organization

DSC_0264 DSC_0270 DSC_0256 Jewelry Organization

To be honest with you, this was a very easy project BUT there are so many little pieces to it that I will share with you later this week but for now, let’s just enjoy it and talk about what I love…

  • There is room to grow and I’m still adding hooks and jewelry pieces.
  • It’s clean, white and just pretty.
  • Why not style it up? I channeled my inner Emily Henderson with the little brass camels #whimsyJewelry Organization

So much better than the old done in a hurry version. This is exactly why I always think you have to continue to evaluate your organizational systems. Sometimes they may be totally wrong and sometimes they may just need a little upgrade- like my jewelry. What about you- do you have a perfect plan in place for your jewelry or do you need an upgrade? What’s working for you? jewelry organization

Sharing with Our Fifth House Dog Days of Winter Link Party- Lots more organization inspiration over there today :)

Give Me an “S” {Christmas Tree Topper}

The weather lately has been anything but Christmasy (just ask my neighbors who rode four-wheelers up and down the street all.Sunday.long) but at least the trees are 100% Christmas. I have the big one downstairs in the living room (you’ll see that later this week, but there was a sneak peak here) and a slightly smaller one upstairs in the Bonus Room. That’s what we’re talking about today.

It’s all black, white and silver and was actually the tree from my old little bitty house. It made the move with me and is even prettier here. It just needed a little update this year and when I saw this in HGTV magazine, I knew this was just what the doctor tree ordered.HGTV

Anyone who read about my gloves/button cookies huge failure saga might be a bit scared for me taking more inspiration from a magazine, but this was one I could actually handle. Spoiler Alert: There is a happy ending.HGTV inspiration supplies

I got a cardboard letter from Joann ($2.99) and a can of metallic silver spray paint. You can guess what happened next.Letter Tree Topper: Home Sweet Here

Tada!Letter Tree Topper: Home Sweet Here

A custom tree topper easy update. It worked! We really lived happily ever after.

Just a little extra information…

* You can find letters a plenty out there today (I should do an inventory of my house and see how many different letters I have. Rough estimate: TONS!) but for this I think the hollow cardboard ones are the best. You don’t want something too heavy up there so this is perfection.

* I got these little paint pyramids for my birthday. (I also got my very own air compressor-  my daddy really knows the way to my heart. I love tools!) They made this job so much easier! I highly recommend them for little paint jobs like this. They keep your object from sticking to the paper beneath. Amazing!DSC_0102DSC_0103

* And a disclaimer- I don’t decorate my own trees. I just can’t do it. I have someone who comes to my house and does it- I call her mama :) She is so good at it so I just set them up, put on the lights and just let her work her magic. I did actually place the “S” up there myself. And thankfully she even did both trees without falling off the ladder this year. Guess where I get my gracefulness from? Love you mama and THANK YOU!!

I’m sharing with the final (sniff, sniff) Dare to DIY Party of the season. Please check out Newly WoodwardsDecor and the DogMaybe Matilda and Two Twenty One to see how everyone Dared to Deck the Halls and thank you so much, ladies for hosting such an amazing party!!!Letter Tree Topper: Home Sweet Here