Pantry Party

Here’s a little something about me: I have crazy amazing organizational skills but before you think I’m tooting my own horn I must confess I am not necessarily good at maintaining it (remember my desk? Unfortunately, I do too.)  Sometimes it just takes a while to find a system that works and stays organized. Please tell me that is not just me.

That is exactly how it has worked with the pantry. I am so thankful to have a pantry, but it’s not huge and if you like to stock up on items when they go on sale (yes please!) you run out of room really quickly. And that means you can’t see what is in there and eventually find a petri dish formerly known as bread. Not that something like that has happened to me, eww, gross.  ;)

So I empty, purge, reorganize, lather, rinse, repeat. And it works and then it doesn’t. One thing that has really helped keep things orderly and visible in the pantry is creating an overflow area for those stockpiled goodies.

I achieved this with a trio of baskets in that empty space above the fridge cabinets for extra sauces, flour, sugar, you name it- pretty much whatever doesn’t fit in the pantry goes in the baskets. And we all lived happily ever after.

Or maybe not. It’s that ugly maintaining problem again. I forget what is up there and then I buy more or I leave it in the pantry to avoid buying more and the cycle continues.  But I think I finally have a system that works and that I can handle.

It’s as simple as an easy printable I created and popped in a frame with a dry erase marker that is hanging on the back of the door. I made a box for each basket and (rocket science here, write this down) I write what’s in the basket and erase it when I remove something from the basket. Crazy, earth shattering idea, I know but guess what- it’s working! The sugar is running low- check the list. Mustard is on sale- check the list. I already have a Splenda in the pantry- write it on the list… … and put it in the basket! 

It’s a system that is so simple even I can maintain it which means no more moldy bread in the pantry. Everyone wins.

Go ahead and make me feel bad, am I the only one who has so much trouble maintaining order of my pantry? What do you do to control the chaos?