Pin It/Make It: Mother’s Day Garden Bucket

When I’m reading other blogs I tend to mentally categorize the projects. It could be something like “that looks great in their house, but I would never do that,” or “PERFECT- if I ever won the lottery.” And sometimes there is something I see that I must make, stat. So I pin it and start planning.

That was the case when I saw Jen’s Garden Bucket Caddy on I Heart Organizing. It was like she knew my mother and mother-in-law perfectly and it screamed “Make these for mother’s day!” as soon as I clicked her post. In case you missed it, here’s what Jen did…

So stinking cute AND functional. She just took a bucket, tied a super cute apron around it and created the perfect little garden caddy for her dirt and tools.

Now that both mommies have received their buckets, I can show you what I did without ruining a Mother’s Day surprise. I didn’t have an extra apron laying around or the time to order one, so I DIY-ed my own. And for some extra durability in the garden, I made it out of vinyl table clothes. I found two that I loved at TJ Maxx. They were so much cuter than any fabric I looked at in a similar price range so I picked them up, along with some thick grosgrain ribbon and headed home to start sewing. 

The first one took a bit if planning, thinking and adjusting, but the second was done in one hour- start to finish. Want to see the finished product? Ok, here you go!

I changed up the design a bit and placed the “apron” part below the handle so it’s still usable. I also made three pockets as opposed to the three tiered approach. Because I made my version shorter to utilize the handles, the middle layer would have been too covered up to enjoy or the small pockets too small to function.

Thanks to the pretty bow in the back, you can easily take it off to clean. I also used little velcro pieces underneath to keep it from sliding when it’s full of garden tools. Add some cute little, color coordinating accessories… …and you have yourself a cute mother’s day gift for some special ladies who happen to love to garden. And there you have it! Pinned it, did it!

Jen, thanks so much for the inspiration! These were a HUGE hit with both mommies. I only wish I would have made my self one too! So did anyone else DIY a mother’s day gift or are you maybe working on teacher gifts? Or did you receive an awesome Mother’s day gift? Anything you pinned and did? Can you tell I’m looking for some more inspiration, or perhaps trying to set a record for most questions ever asked in one post? :)

BTdubs- I am NOT a great seamstress or even a seamstress at all. I just have a sewing machine I play with, but if you would like a step-by-step of my little bucket cover, just let me know and I’ll be glad to work one up, in very non-technical terms, of course.


Growing Candles: Wheat Grass Craft

I don’t know what my problem is with white candles lately, but I just can’t leave them plain. I painted some and liked it so much that I couldn’t stop there! I just so happened to have some more plain white candles, but what to do with these? 

I ran across these from Martha but where to find beautiful green wheat grass? hmmm..

Oh yeah! My Easter centerpiece! So I just trimmed off some…

and started sticking it to my candles with rubber cement. It’s that easy, you just smooth as you go (and get really sticky fingers!)And then just let them dry in the updside down (again, while watching UK basketball in the background. GO CATS!) Then you just trim them and put them on a pretty candle holder and Spring has Sprung!  

Spring Fling Craft: Easter Eggs

It’s official! It’s been Spring for 3 whole days and what could make Spring even better than a craft? Maybe a Cadbury Egg or ten but I’m pretty happy with a craft for today so I’m linking up with Kate from Centsational Girl to do just that.

I love to decorate for Easter. Love, love LOVE it. And this year I bought some plain white eggs for cheap at Hobby Lobby thinking they would be simplistic and classy. Wrong! They looked more like golf balls sitting on the table so they needed a makeover, stat.

You may have guessed that I just mod-podged them with some pretty paper, but here’s exactly what I used…

The paper is gift wrap I picked up on my last trip to the Container Store that I just cut in to little strips.

I applied some mod-podge with a foam brush to the strips and then layered and layered until it was covered. The next part was so messy that you don’t get a picture. It was kind of hard to hold the camera as I rubbed it all in with my hands until it was smoothed out. And then I had to peel the layers off my hands. Maybe I should have found a neater way to do that but that’s not really how I do things. Maybe next timeThen I just let them dry. They’re not perfect, so if you’re into that kind of thing this may not be the project for you. But if you like the texturey character these have and don’t mind literally getting your hands dirty then this project is a good match for you, and me. Perfection is over-rated.  Now we’re ready to decorate. Here’s what I did…

I layered my new pretty eggs, the leftover white ones (that are now quite pretty with their colorful friends), some wheat grass that I grew just for the occasion and don’t forget the bunnies! I think I’m almost ready for Easter dinner, almost.