Golden Bargain {lamp makeover}

Once upon a time, I stumbled across this awesome little lamp for ONE DOLLAR at the flea market. $1 people and it actually works!
flea market lampMy plan was just to clean it up, buy a shade and paint the discolored hardware and I almost did that. Cleaning worked wonders and I found a $5 shade at Ikea that fit. (they didn’t have any more of these on my last couple of trips there. That will teach me to hoard cheap lampshades the first time I see them :( ) flea market lamp before

I’ve used it in a few different rooms but it has stayed just like this and it’s not so bad but I kept putting off painting the hardware because even if it was shiny and new the lamp was still old looking. Don’t get me wrong, I like “old looking,” but to me it wasn’t “old looking,” in a charming kind of way, just a tired kind of way.

When making any decision, I take too long. I like to think about it from all angles, consider all possibilities, costs, things that could go wrong, things that could go right- I’ll stop before I tire you even more, but can I just say thanks, Daddy for that awesome trait before moving on? :)

But sometimes, a $1 lamp is just a $1 lamp and you’ve got to stop thinking about it and just grab that can of spray paint (that took you a full 5 minutes in the paint aisle to pick out a color #iammyfathersdaughter) and PAINT!!!!  flea market lampt

I did it and I like it :) I wanted a metallic finish, but interesting. I started with a thin dusting of my favorite silver (used here and here) then layered on pretty gold. I just gave it another dusting of each color at different angles to vary the way it landed on each facet. And had so much fun painting that I didn’t take any pictures of the layers, but you get the idea.

flea market lamp

It looks mostly gold but if you look very closely, the shimmer of the silver is there too and it’s really pretty and a huge improvement. At least I think so. Flea Market Lamp Collage 2

Beautiful things can happen when you just make up your mind grab some spray paint. This really is one of my most favorite spray paint projects ever. It may look a bit like Epcot (nothing wrong with that!) but it also reminds me a bit of this lamp that I’ve seen pop up everywhere at about 10% of the cost. I can even see changing it to a bright fun color when I’m tired of the gold.

flea market lamp

I already had the paint so this lamp and shade cost me a whopping $6 and I happen to think it looks at least like $30. How is that for a healthy ROI? Have you been up-cycling any thrifty finds lately? Want to see some other great ideas? Check out the blogs below for TONS of inspiration!

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Home Tour: Master Bedroom

There are good and bad things about letting others, like the whole internet, know about your goals. The good thing is, you feel like you have to follow through and the bad thing is you feel like you have to follow through.

One of those is this pesky little post I made in January about my goals. I checked in several weeks ago and was doing pretty good on some. But some I haven’t touched. Like the whole House Tour deal.

I thought typing it and hitting publish would help, but that still doesn’t spotlessly clean your house and perfectly style everything. WordPress needs to upgrade that button.

But I promised to be real. You already know that I don’t live in a house that looks like a magazine and nothing here is perfect. Not even little Avery. And nothing is ever finished. The to-do lists grow and projects evolve. If I’m waiting for a finished product, I’ll be waiting approximately forever. So here goes nothing. I decided to start with the Master Bedroom. Let’s take a look at the true before, like before I moved in.

The Master bedroom is pretty simple- 12×15 with one window, one door to the hall, one door to the bathroom and one door to the closet. It is the only room that I painted before I moved in. I knew I wanted it to be a dark slate gray with simple bedding and touches of shimmer. I had an inspiration picture that I carried with me everywhere in my super organized “I’m buying a house!” binder. I cannot find the original source to this picture but I’ve kept it for over 2 years and it really was the starting point for the space. And it taught me that if you’re going to go with that dark slate you must have something else to break it up.

Everything is an evolution so here is the first phase.

I was happy with it for awhile but this was not my forever bedroom or even my more than a year bedroom. I liked the paint, bed and green accents so that got me thinking of what I wanted it to look like more permenantly. I replaced the bedding and (in my opinion) completely upgraded the whole room. What to see what it looks like now? OK!The bedding is my favorite. I fell in love with it at Z. Gallerie last year and waited and waited for it to go on sale. Then I looked at it on sale 34 times. Then my mama finally talked me into just getting it before it was gone. Mother really knows best. It has the green that I love and the floral/bird print is full of gray. The walls are a rich blue gray, but the green is what ties it in to the rest of the hosue. See how it peaks out from the hall that leads to the dining room? I kept the curtains the same because they still worked. With the walls so dark, the airy soft panels from World Market brighten and lighten it up a bit. You might have noticed that I edited a few items out, like the magazine bin. I still need a few more things but I like that there is no clutter (when it’s clean :)) Just bed, dresser, nightstands and mirror.

The lamps have changed THREE times, but I think this is where they’ll stay for a while. I moved these in when I upgraded the dining room lamps.

And there you have it our Home Sweet Master Bedroom (as of right now). There is still much to do like…

  • Artwork
  • Crown molding
  • Bigger nightstands (maybe in bright white?)
  • Bench for the end of the bed
  • Maybe paint the dresser- I just can’t decide

And in case you are interested here’s where I found everything:

  • Paint- Elephant Gray by Valspar
  • Bed- Overstock
  • Bedding-  Z Gallerie
  • Small Green Pillow- Home Goods
  • Sheets- plain white from Pottery Barn
  • Mirror over bed- Khol’s
  • Wall Sconces over bed- Z Gallerie
  • Curtains- World Market
  • Dresser- Flea Market a long time ago
  • Gold Mirror- Vintage family piece
  • Floor Mirror- TJ Maxx
  • Lamps- TJ Maxx
  • Orb Lamps- Pottery Barn
  • Fan- bought it for college and can’t sleep without it. Maybe from Target?

Perfectly done? No way! Magazine worthy? No way! BUT do  I LURVE where we are for now? HECK YES! 

Impulse Upgrade: Lamps!

You can call me a lot of things, but impulse buyer is typically not one of them. I’m a fan of calculating expenses and ROI, bargain shopping, spreadsheets, and over thinking even the smallest purchases. This is exactly why my mama almost fell over in the middle of Home Goods last week when I unplugged a pair of lamps and headed to the checkout. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

In all fairness, I have been secretly wishing for new lamps for the living/dining room. I love my current lamps, but the more I looked at the black shades and shiny silver, the more I wanted to move them to the bedroom.

And the more I saw clear, big gourd-like based lamps with clean white shades, the more I coveted. So when I saw the ones at Home Goods, it was love at first light. I pulled the plug trigger and paid $49.99 each.

Robb was beyond proud of my impulse purchase- really, he was. My dining and living rooms are much improved. What do you think? I love that they have some visual weight without being too heavy or dark.

I walk by them 15 times a day and tell them how perfect they are. We are so happy together. (sigh)

You Light Up My (front porch) Life

Last week, I showed you the dark side of DIY when projects don’t work. This week, we’re just going to start out with something gross. The front porch light.

You might be thinking that’s not so bad, but let me explain. Our little neighborhood is in the boonies- and we love that. There are deer, bunnies, turkeys, frogs, horses, turtles, you name it- and we love that. With the exception of Thor the neighborhood pug- well it’s not really Thor, it’s the gifts he leaves in our yard. No gracias, Thor. We don’t love that.

Our little country neighborhood also has no street lights which makes it quite peaceful at night, but we leave our porch light on 24-7 for safety reasons. And that means- lots of bugs, which for the record, we don’t heart.

Do you get where this is going? The bugs are not so bad, it’s that they get caught in our cheapo light fixture and they are really, really difficult to clean out. Bad choice Builder Steve, bad choice.

And really, for the money, this is not a bad fixture. It let’s out plenty of light, it’s simple in a good way and fits up flush to the ceiling like it should. But he was just not working for us with all of the bug carcasses it was collecting. Ick, Builder Steve, Ick.

So I have literally been looking for the almost 2 years that I’ve lived here to replace it and it is NOT easy to find a flush mount, open light fixture. (we wanted it open so the bugs don’t get caught- if you missed that tidbit)

But I found one at Lowe’s- but at almost $60, it was out of the budget at the time so I didn’t get it. And then it was gone. And I was sad.

I continued to look at almost every trip to Lowe’s and Home Depot with no luck. And I continued to not look up as I walked through the front door. RIP little bugs, RIP.

Then on a fateful trip to Lowe’s, it was there again. And I wanted to wait, again. But Robb would not let me. He grabbed it and forced me to buy it. This is one of the 1.4 million reasons we work. I like to think about every single penny of a purchase and do a detailed analysis of the ROI and comparison shop and you get the point. And he looks at it like- you’ve wanted this for-ev-er and it’s here and under $100. Get it and move on. I need that sometimes, obviously. Thank you :)

I said “Yes, Sir,” and we brought her home!

Our fantastic electrician (aka my wonderful Daddy) installed it for us just as he did the dining room light. It was crazy easy for him (and for me too- I am quite a pro at handing him stuff). He removed the old icky one…It was looking better already. But that also covered more yuck underneath- this fixture really does NOT work where there are bugs!I’m so sorry for all the gross dead bug pictures, but I wanted you to really grasp how happy this little change has really made me. It’s huge. I seriously lights up my life. I heart it so much! It only has one bulb, as opposed to the old one, but still gives off just as much light because it is so open and clear. The dark ORB finish and seeded glass really glow and if when you park in our drive way, you can barely see it peeking out and it really it literally shimmers. AND, there are no bug carcasses to be found.

Next up, is the back one. It’s another builder Steve failure/death trap for bugs.

Yep, I bought a house with the $5 Lowe’s fixture on the back. But don’t worry- that too is about to change- very, very soon.

But to end things on a happy note, let’s take another look at the new light in our life. Have you been fixture replacing lately? Has anyone figured out a way for closed ones to NOT collect all the bugs in the hood? I’m curious if there is a solution out there.