For the Love of Erin

Office supplies make me a happy girl. Make them pretty and that is my definition of bliss, so you can only imagine the happiness Erin Condren brings me.

I ordered one of her fantabulous Life Planners last year and it was a match made in organized heaven. While I loved it more than appropriate for a planner, there were some issues- like the fact that the tabs didn’t hold up for someone as rough on things as I am.But then something magically happened. The new ones came out with LAMINATED TABS so I splurged and ordered.

My new one came last week and it is even better than last year’s.  There are about a bajillion upgrades to this year’s edition and it just feels better. I may have also added her pens, notepads and a pen holder. Who can put a price tag on organized bliss? In all seriousness, I am very planner picky and even though this one is $50 which is a huge splurge for me, it is worth it for all you get out of it. I use mine to meal plan, keep up with bills to pay and really document our everyday lives. I think I’ll have one every year! Erin Condren for President!

Do you have The Life Planner? How do you use it to keep it all together? Do share!