Grocery Listing {FREE Printable}

grocery printableWe all have to eat. How you get your food on the table can vary, but food is not optional. I come from a long line of dinner makers. My mama worked full time but managed to put an amazing meal on the table each and every night. I’m not even sure what it means to not have dinner at home most nights. This has just always been a way of life for me.

Robb and I continued that tradition and now that we have Tripp it is even more important. While my mama could (and still does) throw something together at the last minute and it will be the best thing you’ve ever eaten (at least since the night before when that was the best thing you’ve ever eaten). Brandy don’t play that. I can get away with that here and there, but I need a plan.list making and meal planning We’re doing Baby Led Weaning with Tripp and it’s even more crucial that I plan ahead and plan well. I don’t have time to pop in the grocery store every afternoon on my way home. I don’t have time to stand at the pantry and try to figure out “what’s for dinner.” If I don’t plan, it is chaos. My whole night is out of whack and that spills over into the next day and you get the picture.

The preparation doesn’t stop with that meal plan, then I have to make a detailed grocery list and get it done as quickly (and painlessly) as possible. I’m still working on perfecting my meal planning system, but my grocery list is solid. It was a journey to get here, but I found that my planning and shopping went better if I divided my list into the categories I shop in my grocery store: Deli/Bakery, Produce, Meats, Middle, Dairy/Frozen. It goes in the natural order that I shop and saves me lots of running back and forth, back and forth.ecard OCDIn the beginning, I made a list and then re-listed to plan with my store. This might be the definition of insanity but then I made it even easier with a printable. I use this like it is my job, so I wanted to share it with you. When I’m meal planning and looking at my ingredients, I can simply fill them in the appropriate box and just like that, my grocery list is done! It may sound simple, and it is, but it really does have a huge impact on how I plan and shop. I can breeze through the store, mark off my list and get back home to my favorite little man as quickly and painlessly as possible. I love it when a plan works!free printable

Feel free to download the handy dandy printable right here and give it a try next time you meal plan and shop. What works for you? What are your meal planning, grocery shopping, survival tactics? Let’s discuss! Happy planning, list making and grocery shopping!

love b


(Almost) Cute as a Button Cookies

Alternate title: How I almost flunked out of Country Living.

December County LivingDo you ever look through a magazine and really, really believe you can duplicate something in there? I’m sure we all do, and I know a lot of you actually succeed. Not me. I really, really wanted to have something fantabulous for this week’s Dare to DIY link party (Newly WoodwardsDecor and the DogMaybe Matilda and Two Twenty One) and the fun little semi-DIY gloves on page 58 were so stinking cute.

Country Living GlovesI had my supplies and my heart was set on making the “book worm” ones for my BFF, the librarian. (Dear BFF, don’t worry, I didn’t make them and I wouldn’t expect you to wear them anyway. I just liked the idea of making them for you and giving them to you but alas, failure.)

I tried and I could not make them look good enough to even finish all the letters. Oh well. Moving on. (But, before I move too far along please allow me to remind you of this same challenge last year. While my coasters turned out pretty good, I still have nightmares about all the awful salt dough ornaments I threw away.)

The challenge of the week was thankfully not to make gloves, but simply homemade gifts and can’t think of anything better than homemade cookies packaged super cute so I turned to another page of my December Country Living and attempted the Sugar Cookie Buttons because a) they were cute b) I had all the ingredients c) how hard is a sugar cookie? (you will soon learn the double meaning of that statement) and finally d) I could not let this magazine win.

I made them, pretty much according to the directions expect the chilling the dough for half an eternity twice part and baking them until they are bricks part (or so I thought).

I still think the idea of button cookies is so cute and actually easy to execute. You just start with a regular circular cookie. Button hole Collage

Then use a cookie cutter that is one size smaller for the indention. Stick in some straws to make the holes and you’ve got buttons! Once you take them out of the oven, you make need to use a skewer to clear out the holes totally but that’s still pretty easy. Button Cookies

They turned out pretty cute. Most of them, at least. And I really like the idea of tying up your cookies for a gift, cookie exchange, or just to limit your self to four in one setting.  The dough tasted GREAT. (I know you’re not supposed to eat that stuff, but seriously, who can wait for the cookies? Not this girl! I live on the edge) The cookies are supposed to be  hard and I don’t love hard cookies so I adjusted the cooking time. That resulted in pretty good cookies. I don;t know that I would use this recipe for a real gift without some tweaking, but I still adore the packaging idea. If you want to use slice-and-bake from the grocery store, I won’t tell anyone at all. Actually, send me a few because I know they will probably turn out  better than these. (they really weren’t that bad, I’m being dramatic. mostly)Button Cookies

So maybe I didn’t totally flunk out of my magazine ambitions, but I don’t consider this one a slam dunk but sometimes all you learn is what makes it worth it. I learned my cross-stitching skills did not accompany me to this millennium, cute packaging really does make a differnece and when in doubt- use slice and bake. Ahh, wisdom. You can thank me later.

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Recipe Favorite: Cornbread Salad

It never fails when I make this no one wants to eat it. It’s too pretty! But someone finally tries it and the rest is an empty triffle dish history.

You know Paula Deen is one of my favorites and this is one of her recipes that contains no frying or butter but it is still delish! For the whole recipe, go see Paula here, but this is how I make it. It is as simple as layering up all the ingredients- cornbread (that you can make yourself or pick up at your grocery store, I’ve done both), beans, corn, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes (that I forgot-oops!), cheese and ranch dressing- and letting it sit in the fridge for a few hours.

And that’s really it! So simple, so pretty, so yummy! What’s your favorite go-to summer salad recipe?