Quick Art: It’s A Wrap

Happy Friday and hello there! I hope you had a wonderfull Halloween. I have to tell you I packed up everything spooky yesterday and I am resisting the urge to eat all the candy the neighborhood kids did not take and start Christmas-ing up the place. Is November 2nd really that early? (say no. puh-lease say no:))

Once again, I took a little blog break and I have no idea why other than I just did, but like a bad habit, I’m back! And where better to start with the resolution of the cliff hanger I left you with a couple of weeks ago. Don’t remember? I’ll wait while you go read about it.

Remember now? The question was what did I buy at the Paris Market in Savannah that I could actually afford! Take a look…

Yup, that’s a piece of wrapping paper, but I LURVED it so much. It was way too pretty to fold and tape and watch someone rip to shreds but I had to take her home. I’m no stranger to framing some paper (here, here or here). 

I think this is best one yet. It’s the focal point the wall needed and it makes my heart skip a beat. The previous green paisley from the Container Store was so pretty and added the pop of color and some implied texture, but this one added the “Shut the front door WOW!”

The moral of this story my friends, if you like paper in any form then you should’ve put a ring frame on it. True Story.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I really, really, REALLY am going to try my best to be back next week for real but with the time change, no promises. Happy Falling Back :)