This Little Piggy went to (The July Nashville Flea) Market

You know I love, love, LOVE some Flea Market picking. (if you didn’t you may want to visit here, here, or here, just to name a few.) I haven’t shared any remarkable finds with you for a few months- not because I haven’t been going but because the Flea Market has not been so kind to me. Not that I want to rehash bad memories but the brief explanation is in May there was a teeny accident with my camera and a water bottle in my bag. I thought it died totally. In the same weekend I had to buy new tires for my car. New Camera+New Tires=broke. That of course would also be the weekend that I found one of my favorite pieces of furniture ever. Here’s a crummy iPhone picture of it.

But due to my broken heart and bank, I walked away from it. $165 that weekend was pretty much $165,000,000. I still have my heart set on this little desk/chest and I think it cursed me because I didn’t buy a single thing in June (and it was about 165,000,000 degrees in June) and I’m going to go ahead and spoil it for you that I didn’t buy anything this month either. BUT that doesn’t mean that I didn’t find plenty of fun things to share! So with that sad story and not so happy ending, I invite you to Home Sweet Here Pickers- July Edition.

First building we spotted these. I would never have a place for them but they are so stinking cute! If I had more cabinet space I would have gone nuts with all of this amber glassware. A few pieces match some of the green I already have and I can just imagine a gold and green table set for Christmas. So pretty!And while we’re talking about Christmas, there were several items to choose from. My favorite was a book full of Vintage Christmas Postcards. The possibilities are limitless- make new cards, frame them, use them as ornaments. You get the picture. The whole book was $40 which was probably a steal, but still a bit more than I wanted to spend for now.If you’re not a DIYer and don’t want to look for potential on your flea market picks, there are plenty of DIYers there who do the work for you. Like these two-tone end tables. Pretty! Also in the no DIY required realm, I found lots of very interesting storage options. These crates and trays would be the perfect rustic element to an otherwise subdued room. They are just the perfect addition of texture and warmth and could hold some magazines or odds and ends.If things are looking a little too muted for your palette this week, check out these prints. $5 each! The frames need some paint, but they are so cute and graphic. The piggy would have gone home with me if I had more wall space in the kitchen and if I hadn’t forbidden myself to buy more pigs. #thislittlepiggystayedhomeSadly, my piggy obsession is not the only one. I also heart drop leaf tables. They are so functional and really fit your space and needs. This little side drop leaf was so cute and would have been perfect for little projects in a tight space or even a teeny little breakfast nook.
This mirror was also super versatile. I love the taupey gray they painted it,  but it would be perfect with a punch of color too. I should have listened to my mother and gone back for this one. I think it was $20 or $30. #mamaknowsbestI’m building a bridge and getting over it. Eventually. Anyway, I love little vintage items when setting a table and these little salt cellars would be perfect. I’m not really into the chicken trend as much as little piggies but I would totally set a table with any of these. Notice some are even little Scottie Dogs. Perfectly whimsical. I cannot type or see the word “whimsical” without hearing Emily Henderson say it. I love her, just so you know. I also love milk glass. You can find this stuff super cheap and there is nothing like it for decorating for a baby shower or really any other event. A single gerber daisy in one of the little vases has more effect that a huge bouquet of budget blooms.Same for mason jars. According to my other hero, Pdubs, there is nothing they can’t do.She’s got legs. Really. The flea market has these. If you have Pinterest, you know how to use them to make a fun new table or ottoman. If you haven’t had enough “whimsy” yet, here is another idea. Old sports equipment. These bowling pins were actually teeny and would be so cute on a bookshelf, coffee table or even as a paper weight on your desk. I just love the texture and how sculptural the croquet set is. Whimsy at it’s finest. Flower frogs are also a great little investment. You can find them super cheap and they can make some ordinary flowers really stand up. Figuratively and literally. And what about these? I’ve seen them all over the place used as hooks  or knobs. I love the little punch of color and graphic nature of them. Don’t order them from some fancy-smansy place- go to the flea market! And just in case you aren’t convinced that these dealers- even in the junky booths- don’t know trends. They do. Globes were all over the place. As were signs professing love for bacon. You didn’t see that in last month’s House Beautiful? Who doesn’t love bacon? This barcart is a bit country, but with some paint, it could look like a bajillion dollars. It only cost $50 and I loved it, but it’s another thing I don’t have a spot for. Coming in at $20, this mirror was amazing! I don’t know if I would paint it or leave it wood. It’s precious without being too “cutesy.” I fell so in love with the scale and sculptural nature of this wall sconce that I took home two in May. My pair cost $8. This ONE cost $8. Hello, deal! I just can’t decide if I want them a bright color or glossy white. Decisions, decisions. So you can see that I found lots of thrifty treasures even though I didn’t take any home. The flea market is always a fun experience. I may have left empty handed, but I had a lot of fun, got inspired and gained some wisdom. The wisdom was free, so I’m also passing it along to you. Please enjoy. You can thank me later :)


1942 to Brand New: Thrifty Lamp Makeover

Sometimes I just need a little extra motivation to get moving on a project. Today, that motivation just happens to be the “Thrifty Treasures” link party over at Southern Hospitality. I linked up a few weeks ago and took you to the flea market with me and my BFF but this week I want to tackle the “after” of a previous thrifty treasure. Take a look at these lamps I found over a year ago at the flea market. $12 for the pair and they actually worked! One has a teeny little chip out of the glass, but not big enough to notice. SOLD!

So I brought them home and there they sat for way too long. I couldn’t find just the right shade for their strange size. After a few failed attempts, I finally found these cuties at Stein Mart on clearance for about $2 each and I was ready to get moving!

I took the whole thing apart so all the little pieces were ready for a coat of glossy white spray paint.
 I had already planned to re-wire it totally, but when I saw this underneath I knew that was a really good decision. I may not be the first to rewire it, but I am the first in quite a few years.1942? That can’t be safe anymore, right? 

I don’t think so! Second only to rewiring, this was another very important step. I set everything out exactly as I had taken it apart for easy reassembly. I taped it to the wall above my workbench and used it as a guide when I finally put it all back together (a bajillion days later, but who’s counting?) This was super important since after I painted it, I let it sit and sit and sit before I even tried to put it back together. Then when I finally attempted to put it back together, I just couldn’t get the wiring kit to work. So it sat and sat again until I could finally figure it out. And by “finally figure it out,” I mean get my daddy and Robb to do it for me. I’m all for girlpower-doing-it-myself, (I even have a workbench, did you catch that up there? :)) but when it comes to something that can set the house on fire, I’m not about to take any chances with “this looks like it may be attached to the right part.” No, thank you!

So they are done! I may have lost one piece in my procrastination, but no one (except for me) can tell. I think it turned out to be a pretty nice little thrifty makeover. I spent $12 on the pair of lamps, about $4 on the shades and $20 on the pair of wiring kits (ouch! but way less than a house fire, right?). So grand total: $36. Not cheapy, cheaperson, but they are full of character, safe and still less than I could have bought a set at TJ Maxx. I count it a win, that just took a really, really long time.

I guess you want to see the finished product, right? Well, here you go! 

I like to play musical lamps at home but right now they are on the little area between the kitchen and dining room and I am loving the extra bit of light, color and character. And just in case you forgot what  dramatic transformation this was, a little before and after action. Much improved, don’t you think? Now if I could just get started on the other THREE lamps I’ve collected. Maybe tomorrow. 

BFF Staycation Part1: Thrifty Thrifterson Flea Market Shopping

Well, Happy Monday! Have you ever had one of those days that lasted like a month in a good way? Well, I sure did! A few weeks ago, by BFF and I took a little Nashville Staycation and crammed so much fun (and food) into one day that I have had trouble sharing it all because it really was so much fun, I didn’t know how much you could handle :)

So, I’ve decided to break it down into chunks so you don’t have to devote an entire day to being jeal reading about our fabulous BFF day.

First of all, let me introduce you to my BFF. Her name is Sarah and she is amazing. Here we are in Vegas being fabulous a couple of years ago.

This is typical us- all dressed up, five-star hotels, partying with Kardashians (for the record- I am not Kardashian obsessed, but they were really there when we were and we really saw them. I may have run across the Venetian to take a picture of them. Not my finest moment, but it happened. And it may have happened because a certain BFF yelled “run!”)

When we’re not being all fabulous and celebrity like, we really enjoy some shopping so we planned this particular day of awesomeness on the 4th weekend. If you know me, Nashville, or Home Sweet Here you know what that means- Flea Market!

Also, if you know me in real life you may know that I can be kind of “systematic.” That’s the really nice way of saying I like to do certain things in a certain order. For example, I have a set routine I follow every time I shop at my favorite Target store. The Flea Market works the same way except for this day. There was a threat of rain so we started outside and worked our way in (for those of you who frequent the place- I mean the barns in the way back. I always like to start in the Creative Arts building, that’s just how I roll.)

Instead of throwing my day routine off totally- it was serendipitous. Seriously, we stepped into the first booth/stall and Sarah spotted this little shelf. She liked it so much she picked it up! I never do that- buy something in booth #1 but guess what- I did too! I got a couple of items there too but was so excited they were just a dollar I forgot to snap a picture. Stay tuned for those a little later.

In true Home Sweet Here fashion, we did some shopping for you, too. We couldnt bring home everything we loved so we snapped some pictures to inspire your next flea market excursion.

If I had a little more cabinet space these would be mine. Teeny green juice glasses, yes please. We were liking green this day. Sarah picked this great bowl and I have no idea why I didn’t buy it. Pretty!

Sarah hearts the mirror and I heart the iron fence piece. I have gardens on the brain right now.

We both heart old refrigerator ware. It’s kind of pre-historic tupperware and very interesting how we’re going back to this. Move over plastic.

This was a steal at $0.25, but, Avery would’t have liked him too much.:)

We had some fun here, but just couldn’t spend the dough. hehehe.

This lady is perfect for Spring. Perfectly scary!

But these really would make the perfect spring table. Even the pink-hater in me hearts these.

Sometimes you find some things that take you all they way back to your 80’s childhood. I had these puppies!

And sometimes you find something and you have no idea who would buy it. Ick!!! And there are some words you don’t ever, ever want to see at the flea market. These two are the perfect example.

But there are plenty more goodies, like salt shakers. Yes, please. I could have taken home all of these. I love it when you find real inspiration. Sarah and I both started thinking about where we could put something like this in our houses. It’s so pretty and functional. Some of these venders really know how to style their booths- even if it is in a barn. I have a couple of these but would love to have a couple of bajillion more. Attention Pinterest Addicts: there are exactly 563,901 pins for old silverware right now. I counted. Here is where you find your DIY gold silver. You may think this next one is a joke, but it’s not. Two of my favorite things are pigs and laughing so these are pretty much perfect. Lucky for me (and Robb) they were way to big to take home, but I am embarrassed at how much I wold have paid if these would have been salt and pepper shakers.

Speaking of crazy things I really, really want. I still want this guy. If you have any ideas on where I can put him that is not insanely ridiculous please let me know and I’ll make my mooo-ve. Sarah’s metal object of her affection is a lot less insane. She has wanted this forever but like me, can’t find the right place for it. Maybe a map would help?

Spray paint + some fun new fabric= ah-mazing chairs! I just love the shape of these.

And why don’t we picnic like this anymore? How fun would this be?

And finally the “I could kick myself for not purchasing this” item of the day. It needs some work and the price tag was not too bad at $100. But as we walked by the nice vendor lady yelled “I’ll take $75 for it.” $75 for this rehab goldmine. To quote the great poet D. Bentley “what was I thinking?”

Oh, regret! But enough of the pretend shopping, who wants to see what I took home for a whopping $13 investment? Raise your hands high so I can see you! Ok, here you go.

Let’s start with my big ticket item. I actually found these pretty early but waited to buy them because they are so heavy. I think they may be cast iron. My back hurt the next day, seriously. At $5 each, they were totally worth the pain. I haven’t found the perfect spot for them let, but I heart them.

Next up is a $1 find. It will require a bit of rehab but it is in great shape and well worth the whole dollar.

And last but not least, my final purchase. I found one, then I found his friend. I gave the lady $2 and we all lived happily ever after. I’m planning to freshen them up with some paint soon, but I already put them to use on my gallery wall. Well worth all eight quarters.

So there you have it, our thrifty thrifterson finds from the day. Still to come- food, more shopping and a little home improvement project. I wasn’t kidding when I said we did a lot in a day!psssst.. Want to see some of my other flea market gems? Try here, here, and here. I kind of heart this place :)

Flea Market Finds: February

Well hello there, friends! I know some of you have been losing some serious sleep because you know that I went to the Nashville Flea Market last week and I have not told what I got. How inconsiderate of me! :)

I know the suspense hasn’t been that bad, and I have to warn you, I didn’t get much. We’re talking $8, but I still want to share what I brought home this month.

If you saw my pretty Hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s, you may have caught a teeny glimpse of 2 of my purchases, But let’s take a closer look 

maybe you need a closer, close look.

Old books! I picked a couple that I just loved the colors and graphics on for $1 each. Deal! and look, this one was even owned by “Hunky.” Priceless

Purchase #2 came in at a whopping $4 and was my splurge for the day, but it was also part of a birthday gift for my Father-in-Law. It’s a print of Union Station in Nashville and he loved it!

Last but not least, was a little gift for my sweet husband. If you did the math you know I spent $2. This one really requires no explanation but just know that he has had a ton of fun hitting these babies into the woods behind our house. 

Did anyone else make it to the flea market? I know you can’t beat my 75 golf balls for $2, but how did you do?

Flea Market Finds

This weekend is the fourth of the month and if you live anywhere near Nashville you should know what that means:


The Nashville Fairgrounds has the best Flea Market once a month and with Spring like weather outside I am just itching to get back there. If you’re not a flea market-er, I totally understand. There are icky parts to every market including the Nashville one, but I assure you that the great parts far outweigh the icky ones. There are about a bajillion great finds and some of the nicest people around.

I’ve always been on a tight budget but I’ve also always loved things with some extra character, so the flea market is pretty much the perfect place for me to meet both needs. It would be scary of I actually counted what all in our home sweet here came from the flea market.

I’m not counting today, but I did want to show you some of my collection and we’ll start with accessories…

I just picked a few at random that I brought home and used as is. No rehab required. I think they are all pretty unique to flea market finds- like you won’t walk into TJ Maxx or Wal-Mart and find these babies kind of unique. See what you think…

one: Remember what I said about the nicest people ever at the Flea Market? This old wire basket is the perfect example of this. My parents are monthly flea market-ers and have made friends with said nice people. When I was coveting wire baskets, they asked their friend if he could find one and the next month- not only did he have one for me but he said “Happy Birthday!” and gave it to me. Really. Like $0, for free, priceless, thank you sir, gave it to me. I was so grateful. It wasn’t exactly the shape I had in mind and it is a bit more rustic than I usually pick, but when I threw some magazines in it I fell in love! Thank you, nice flea market man

two: How cute are these guys? My parents or my “pickers,” as I like to call them found me this little couple. They seem to find more for me when I don’t go, than I do when I’m with them. Maybe I should rethink this weekend. Anyway, I thought these little bookends were so stinking cute and “whimsical” as Emily Henderson would say. I move them around from shelf to shelf and they just seem so perfect everywhere

three: And here are some more bookends. I got these $5 puppies with every intention of painting them. They are kind of gaudy. But when I got them home, I liked the gaudy. I’m finding that every room needs a a touch of gaudy gold or brass to really balance it out. My good friend/partner in design crime/let’s consult about this while we take a work break, Bonnie Jean, will back me up on that too, right?

four: Another find from my pickers! I kind of love photography. Kind of a lot, so one of my “collections” is full of vintage cameras (flea market and antique store finds mixed with my older ones). I need to show you those someday too, but for today- something a little more unexpected. If you need out-of-the-ordinary, you won’t find this in every Ross in the country type of artwork- give old magazine adds a try. Even if your style is more modern, I think you can find something that will meet your needs. These are vintage Kodak adds. One from 1961 another from 1922 and I’m not sure about the other, but they go with my camera collection and balance each other out perfectly.

five: this just shows you how flea market finds can fit perfectly with your “store bought”stuff. The top is a basket from TJ Maxx probably, the middle one is a Hobby Lobby suitcase and the bottom is another flea market treasure. I have used it on it’s side, alone, or stacked with some friends and it’s kind of great. I have been tempted to bring some others home too, but you have to be very careful when selecting an old suitcase to use as storage. #1 make sure it’s not stinky and #2 if you’re going to stack them, make sure it’s not slanted. Lots are and that has been the biggest reason I’ve walked away from several non-stinky suitcases.

My flea market fever is hotter than ever! I need to go back this weekend. Maybe if I do, I’ll go shopping for you and show you some things that I think would make a great addition to any space. And how about, I continue this little show and tell sometime soon and show you some furniture and maybe some other things we’ve made over. I’m thinking you like the sound of that so it’s almost like you need me to go this weekend and find some fabulous stuff. Like, we may not be friends anymore if I don’t. That is a lot of pressure but I’m going to see what I can do for you. I think you’re worth it.