Fall For It

Sunday morning was pretty typical. I got up early. Started my coffee and took Avery out. That’s how it usually goes, but I got a little bit of a surprise.

It was glorious. I wish I could somehow post the smell because it even smelled like Fall. I spent several months here proclaiming my undying love for Spring. While I love it, it’s more of my on-and-off-again boyfriend. Fall is my soulmate. It completes me.

Winter has Christmas, family and sweaters. Spring has green plants and signs of a fresh start. Summer has terrible heat that makes me want to stay inside amazingly fresh food that we live off. Fall has my heart.

To plan for our reunion, I made a little list. We can call it my wish, bucket, whatever list you want but these are those things I cannot wait to enjoy this autumn.

1. Pumpkins- Since way back when, Robb and I have had this little tradition of carving pumpkins together. We missed last year. We bought the pumpkins and they sat in our garage so long that I probably shouldn’t even tell you that piece of information. But this year, I’m brining pumpkin carving back. Those other squash won’t know how to act.

We have so much fun with this. Robb is the master of traditional face pumpkins and I like to pick a favorite power tool and get creative.

2. Fires- The thing I don’t like so much about fall is how early it gets dark. The best way to make the most of this is beside our little outdoor fireplace. We totally redid our patio/deck this year and it is going to be even better to sit by the little chiminea and enjoy the cool night, in flannel.

3. Flannel and sweatshirts- To me, nothing is cozier than a huge sweatshirt or a stolen borrowed flannel shirt. I may wear them year round, but tis the season for it to be socially acceptable.

4. Pumpkin Muffins- I never thought I liked pumpkin until I got the recipe for pumpkin bread from our dear friend’s mama. I altered it just a bit and created the best muffins I’ve ever eaten. I could make myself sick on them and I plan to do just that all fall.

5. Soup, Chili and more soup- Does this even need an explanation?

6. Thankful Jar– Last year we started a little November Tradition and loved it. Read more here if you’re interested.

7. Getting Crafty with it- Have you seen my Fall Pinterest Board. I need to start some of these things last year!

8. Fall Farmer’s Market- The thing I love most about Summer is our Saturday Market and how well we eat because of it. Thankfully, ours stays around through October so it is almost magical to watch it change from watermelon, zucchini and tomatoes to pumkins and more fall squash than you can imagine.

9. Trip with my BFF- Before houses and car payments and all that other “stuff” you have to pay for as you grow up, Sarah and I always took at least one fantabulous vacation every year. We may not be partying it up in Vegas with the Kardashians again, but we are going to take a little trip that will more than celebrate our shared love of the season.

10. Being amazed at every single color in the beautiful landscape- I don’t know anything more majestic than watching the colors change everyday. God is so amazing and I’m so thankful for how He paints the sky and trees to remind me of that daily.

Do you love Fall like me? What’s on your bucket list?

The part that I’m in denial about is that it’s not here yet. Sunday made it up to a beautiful 80 degrees, it’s a bit too hot to pull out my favorite boots and I still have a little vacation to the beach awaiting me, but, it’s coming. I can smell it.