A Procrastinator’s Guide to Design {New Curtains}

Procrastinators guideDesign is hard.
Change is hard.
Decisions are hard.
Perfection is hard.

75% of those statements are false but I’m guilty of believing all of them. I have great ideas and the best intentions but I wait until I’m sure, confident and know it’s going to work out perfect.

That is 100% stupid, 100% of the time.

If you’re not familiar with The Nesting Place, you should be. “The Nester” is my muse to overcome my procrastination paralysis. Not only is she brilliant but her designs are breathtaking. She is completely inspiring but a perfectionist she is not. She has built her entire blog empire and even written a book to teach us that “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Can I get an amen?DSC_0417

Read her blog. Read her book. You will start getting stuff done.

I wanted new curtains. I found the fabric and procrastinated to buy it. Sometimes there are consequences to procrastination and this time my consequence was the store was out. Thankfully, it is 2014, so I ordered it online after taking days to get over the devastation.fabric curtains home sweet here

As soon as that box arrived do you know what I did? Did I overcomplicate things and start sketches of what the panels would look like? Did I spend hours researching the best lining for that type of the fabric and the morning light we get? And then more hours trying to find the best price? Did I measure 47 times to plan the best proportions and flow of the pattern?

That’s what I wanted to do. But I seriously thought about the Nester’s famous words. “It doesn’t have to be perfect…”

curtains how to living room home sweet hereI surprised myself.

I opened the box, unrolled the fabric and folded it in half. I cut it down the middle. I didn’t even take the time to dig out my fancy fabric cutting scissors. I clipped it up on top of the old curtains and hid the edges as best as I could.

And just like that, I had brand new curtains.curtains how to living room home sweet here

Progress is better than perfection.curtains how to living room home sweet here

I will hem them and line them and make them prettier someday, but for now, I have new curtains and I love them with all my heart. I did something and it felt great! And you know what? It is pretty!curtains how to living room home sweet here

There are plenty of times to wait and weigh all your options. If you need a new couch- sit on every one your buns can find before making that investment. If you want to pretend you are Joanna Gaines and knock out a wall- by all means, make sure your house won’t fall down. If you don’t like your name, think it over before becoming Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. ;)

But, curtains- those are EASY. You don’t even have to sew them. You can change your whole room with a few yards of fabric, a pair of scissors and some drapery clips.

How do you want to change your home? Are you waiting to (gasp) put nail holes in the wall? Are you afraid of that new paint color? Are you just not sure if your furniture really works best there? Do you just not know what to do with that space?curtains how to

I’m the worst procrastination offender out there so if I can make some “faux curtains,” in about 2 minutes and be oh so happy with them, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

You won’t hear me say this very often but put down that to do list, stop making plans and do something. What are you going to accomplish today?

love b








$20 In My Pocket {Thrift Shop Challenge}

While I love some flea marketing and antique store shopping I’ve never had much luck in thrift stores, (that is if you don’t count the long neon patterned coat I found for spirit week when I was in high school) but when Young House Love issued a little thrift shop challenge, it was just the inspiration I needed to give it another try.

The challenge is inspired by a new little song there about thrifting. I know that all of you might not appreciate the song so I’m not going to post a link and while I’m not a huge fan of some of the words they use, I have to admit it cracks me up every time I hear it so I had some fun with the challenge. Let’s see how I did.

Step 1: Go to the thrift store with $20 in your pocket. Check.thrift store challenge

If you look behind Mr. Jackson, you will see my spoils (step 2) which were exactly $18.53. Let’s take a closer look.Thrift Store Challenge

I paid $5.99 for this ginourmous lamp. I had to text a picture to my BFF and she approved and I bought it. We decided to eventually paint it glossy white. #virtualshopping What else did you see in that picture way up there? Step 3 was to find some items from the song. Well, what I bought just might qualify as grandpa’s style! thrift store challenge thrift store challenge

Yep. I bought 3 grandpa sweaters. I totally took your grandpa’s style but let me share why. thrift store challenge That’s me. Those are my boots. And those are my socks. My boots fall down and you see my socks. It’s no fun! Do you get where this is going? Grandpa sweaters make the perfect boot socks! DSC_0402 thift strore challengeJust trim them up… boot socks thrift store challengeand TADA! 3 pairs of boot socks AND they keep my boots up. Yes please. Thrift Store Challenge Boot Socks Thrift Store Challenge Boot SocksThrift Store Challenge Boot SocksAnd the lamp just needed cleaning up and a little help from Target. Thrift Store Challenge Lampthrift store lamp I still think it will go glossy white, but for now it is a great addition to the new bonus room. I just love the scale and weight and the bold patterned shade accents it perfectly. DSC_0452Thrift Store Challenge LampOne step closer to a completed bonus room and one successful thrift shop challenge complete! Be sure you stop by Young House Love today to see what else $20 can buy. And for bonus points, this last picture needs no explanation. Happy Thrifting! Big ____ Coat

DIY vs. BSN {Bonus Room Preview}

I know I hinted last week, but we really really are close to wrapping up the bonus room make-over and I can’t wait to share it all with you soon but today, I’ve been thinking about how we all make decisions for our homes.

This is how I operate decorate: it can take me some serious time to decide what I want and the process doesn’t end there. I try to wait for it to go on sale, question if it’s still what I actually want, finally buy/do and then wonder if it really was the right choice. Please tell me I’m not alone.

I’m a thinker. It’s how I’m wired; however, since I am on the tail end of this project, I can tell you- I’m very happy with my decisions. As I always say, it’s all subject to change and evolve over time- and chances are it will- BUT I’m almost to that place where I can say it’s complete (for now). In some form or another, I’ve marked everything off the list for the room. What I’m thinking about today, is that “in some form or another” statement. When do you think substitutions are ok and when do you hold out for THE PERFECT (insert whatever  you’re looking for here)?Home Sweet Here Bonus Room Preview

We did both in here. For example, Robb wanted a hideously ugly manly leather recliner, I wanted a pretty yet comfy, accent chair. When we finally agreed upon a leatherish recliner with the look that I liked and the feel he approved of, that was it. I stalked it at World Market until it went on sale and then I pounced on it like a cheetah. There were no substitutions that would make us both happy so we got it and it works. We were right to wait for the one.World Market

I also had grand visions of a new media cabinet for the TV but the sale is not good enough yet so I shopped the house and moved something else in there. New look, no cost and I’m completely happy with it for now. Home Sweet Here: Bonus Room Redo

But where I really changed things up is with an ottoman. We had a pretty large ottoman with our old hand-me-down couch and I don’t think the room would function well for us without something similar. We needed comfy enough to prop your feet on but sturdy enough to hold a pizza and drinks while movie watching.

My (very well thought out) plan, was to build an ottoman very much like this.

West Elm- Essex OttomanSeriously, I have a detailed plan drawn up in my head (other INTPs will understand that completely). I just needed to make it happen. But when you start adding up the cost of wood, foam and a pretty fabric that doesn’t make me gag- it’s not West Elm prices, but it’s not a cheap DIY.

So what do you do? Sometimes DIY or that perfect item is just too much. In this case I chose BSN. That’s “Buy Something Now.” I’m sure BSN will catch on as quickly as DIY. :)

We ended up with a these:Target

Two little ottoman/stool/poufs/whatever you want to call them from Target at about a 1/4 of the cost of the ottoman work perfectly. Will I build my dream West Elm rip-off someday? Maybe but my BSN solution is perfect for now. Home Sweet Here: Bonus Room Redo

Home Sweet Here: Bonus Room PreviewThe moral of this story is not to tell you that I’m cheap with some things and not with others, I really want to know what you do. Do you hold out for the one, or do you substitute? How do you decide what’s worth the DIY or extra cost and when you should just BSN? Let’s discuss.Home Sweet Here Bonus Room Preview

Golden Bargain {lamp makeover}

Once upon a time, I stumbled across this awesome little lamp for ONE DOLLAR at the flea market. $1 people and it actually works!
flea market lampMy plan was just to clean it up, buy a shade and paint the discolored hardware and I almost did that. Cleaning worked wonders and I found a $5 shade at Ikea that fit. (they didn’t have any more of these on my last couple of trips there. That will teach me to hoard cheap lampshades the first time I see them :( ) flea market lamp before

I’ve used it in a few different rooms but it has stayed just like this and it’s not so bad but I kept putting off painting the hardware because even if it was shiny and new the lamp was still old looking. Don’t get me wrong, I like “old looking,” but to me it wasn’t “old looking,” in a charming kind of way, just a tired kind of way.

When making any decision, I take too long. I like to think about it from all angles, consider all possibilities, costs, things that could go wrong, things that could go right- I’ll stop before I tire you even more, but can I just say thanks, Daddy for that awesome trait before moving on? :)

But sometimes, a $1 lamp is just a $1 lamp and you’ve got to stop thinking about it and just grab that can of spray paint (that took you a full 5 minutes in the paint aisle to pick out a color #iammyfathersdaughter) and PAINT!!!!  flea market lampt

I did it and I like it :) I wanted a metallic finish, but interesting. I started with a thin dusting of my favorite silver (used here and here) then layered on pretty gold. I just gave it another dusting of each color at different angles to vary the way it landed on each facet. And had so much fun painting that I didn’t take any pictures of the layers, but you get the idea.

flea market lamp

It looks mostly gold but if you look very closely, the shimmer of the silver is there too and it’s really pretty and a huge improvement. At least I think so. Flea Market Lamp Collage 2

Beautiful things can happen when you just make up your mind grab some spray paint. This really is one of my most favorite spray paint projects ever. It may look a bit like Epcot (nothing wrong with that!) but it also reminds me a bit of this lamp that I’ve seen pop up everywhere at about 10% of the cost. I can even see changing it to a bright fun color when I’m tired of the gold.

flea market lamp

I already had the paint so this lamp and shade cost me a whopping $6 and I happen to think it looks at least like $30. How is that for a healthy ROI? Have you been up-cycling any thrifty finds lately? Want to see some other great ideas? Check out the blogs below for TONS of inspiration!

Love of Family & Home,  The Francis Family BlogHouse of RoseBlissfully Ever After,  Crafty, Scrappy, HappyDesign, Dining & DiapersOur Fifth HouseI Love You More Than Carrots and Liz Marie Blog.

Jewelry For My Jewelry {Push Pin Makeover}

This project is so easy, I really shouldn’t post it. Really, but that is not going to stop me :)

When I was working on my jewelry organization solution, I was missing one little piece: something to hold everything onto the boards. I used pins in last years model since that was what I had, but they weren’t the most durable. I needed push pins, but all I had were these.

Push Pin Makeover

Hmmm. That just won’t work. What’s a cheap girl to do? I could pick through for all the same colors, but that would be too bright. I could make a Target run, but that costs money. Hmmmm….

Who says you can’t paint a push pin? I’m sure no one ever said you can or can’t paint push pins because who would ever need to paint a push pin? That would be me.

I just stuck them in a box and gave them a few coats of metallic silver. Push Pin Makeover

Seriously, it was that simple. I painted these in less time than I could have driven to Target and decided between silver or clear and they work just as well for hanging my jewelry. Everyone wins. Jewelry Organization

I really just wrote a post about painting a push pin but sometimes it’s the simplest projects that make me so happy. Is that just me? What teeny, little insignificant projects have you done that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy?