Countdown to Christmas: Pretty Wrapping

Less than FOUR MONTHS!! Can you believe it? I can’t. I am personally ready for fall, pumpkins and boots but I still want to spend a few minutes preparing for the BIG one in December and I hope you’re still with me.

Our next task is even easier than the last one.

Step one is to inventory any wrapping supplies you have left over from last year. Did you stock up at an after Christmas sale? You may already have everything you need. If you didn’t, make a note of that now and then buy it as soon as it’s  on the shelves! If you want real Christmas paper, we’re a bit early for that in some places, but by knowing what you need now, you’re ready to buy early and you’ll get what you want. No one wants to settle for the ugly snowman because it’s all that was left at Target.

For me, I have a couple of partial rolls of paper and ribbon left and I am super cheap resourceful and make my family save all of the fancy ribbon from my packages so I was almost there.  But you know what? I marked gift wrap right off my list this year with a quick trip to the motherland of early Christmas…

Hobby Lobby! It’s already on the shelves, they had my favorites right there for 40% OFF so I picked up my 3 rolls for this year. Done and done. I just need to grab some extra tape on my next trip to Target and I’m pretty much set. If you’re really into the early thing, you can even and wrap up your gifts as you buy them. I just can’t do that. I like to lay them all out, put on some Christmas music, sip hot chocolate and wrap by the light of the Christmas tree.

Just the thought makes me want to go put up my tree right this second but we’ll stick to our gift wrap task for now. Easy enough? I think so, now go see what you have!

psst…. missed the first tasks? find them here and here. It’s not too late to start early :)