Jewelry For My Jewelry {Push Pin Makeover}

This project is so easy, I really shouldn’t post it. Really, but that is not going to stop me :)

When I was working on my jewelry organization solution, I was missing one little piece: something to hold everything onto the boards. I used pins in last years model since that was what I had, but they weren’t the most durable. I needed push pins, but all I had were these.

Push Pin Makeover

Hmmm. That just won’t work. What’s a cheap girl to do? I could pick through for all the same colors, but that would be too bright. I could make a Target run, but that costs money. Hmmmm….

Who says you can’t paint a push pin? I’m sure no one ever said you can or can’t paint push pins because who would ever need to paint a push pin? That would be me.

I just stuck them in a box and gave them a few coats of metallic silver. Push Pin Makeover

Seriously, it was that simple. I painted these in less time than I could have driven to Target and decided between silver or clear and they work just as well for hanging my jewelry. Everyone wins. Jewelry Organization

I really just wrote a post about painting a push pin but sometimes it’s the simplest projects that make me so happy. Is that just me? What teeny, little insignificant projects have you done that leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy?


Jewelry Organization: Upgrade

Happy 2013! I know I’m a few weeks late, but better late than never, right?

I have to say I really missed you during my little really long break, but I thoroughly enjoyed the extra time to enjoy Christmas and then recover. With that, I’m back now and like just about everyone around the blogging world I have something on my mind: ORGANIZATION.

I have more problem areas than I would like to admit but one of the biggest is always my closet. I tackled this last year and while it was a start, it didn’t stick. Last week I spent some serious time cleaning out every little nook and cranny, reorganizing, and clearing out the clutter. That part is really not much to show you (meaning the “before” is way too bad and the “after” is much improved for me but probably looks like some of your befores); however, so far it is really working. It’s like having a new wardrobe to be able to see everything (i.e. not dig through it on the floor) and I even found some shoes I forgot I had. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Now, the part of my closet I do want to share with you is my jewelry organization system. Last year, I made huge strides toward my goal with my zero budget-get it done in a day project but it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I HATE that this is one of my most frequent pins (repin the update, PLEASE!) It has served it’s purpose, but I’m over the burlap. It’s so 2012 ;)

Jewelry Before

I bought cutlery trays for this purpose forever ago and they have been sitting in the garage ever since. Long story short, I had white spray paint and a free Saturday so I did it! But wait, there’s more! The frame approach actually worked so I just updated that with, you guessed it- more white spray paint! So, want to see it?

Jewelry Organization

DSC_0264 DSC_0270 DSC_0256 Jewelry Organization

To be honest with you, this was a very easy project BUT there are so many little pieces to it that I will share with you later this week but for now, let’s just enjoy it and talk about what I love…

  • There is room to grow and I’m still adding hooks and jewelry pieces.
  • It’s clean, white and just pretty.
  • Why not style it up? I channeled my inner Emily Henderson with the little brass camels #whimsyJewelry Organization

So much better than the old done in a hurry version. This is exactly why I always think you have to continue to evaluate your organizational systems. Sometimes they may be totally wrong and sometimes they may just need a little upgrade- like my jewelry. What about you- do you have a perfect plan in place for your jewelry or do you need an upgrade? What’s working for you? jewelry organization

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Project Pretty: Jewelry Organization Solution

Pssssttt… this is an old project. Check out how I upgraded and updated here. Thanks! 

If you’re visiting from I Heart Organizing, WELCOME! I heart that you’re here!

I bet most of you have experienced this before too, but I find that sometimes organization comes out of desperation. I had long term goals and I even bought the nice cutlery trays I was going to paint and make all pretty. This was going to be the perfect solution to my jewelry storage needs, but  it was getting insane. I don’t have that much jewelry, but it was out of control- the drawer would rarely be closed, there was always stuff all over the dresser and I would wear the same pair of earrings and necklace all.the.time because it was on top and easiest.

I had had it! I was so over it and this past weekend I had to do something. It was that kind of insane whirlwind type project where I cleared the dresser and started sorting without even thinking to snap a picture. Just trust me, it was bad. When I got it all sorted, here’s what it looked like:

YIKES!! But when I got this far, there was no turning back so I started looking around for what might work- and waiting for paint to dry, leaving the house or buying anything were not options.

So, I tried drawer organizers and nothing fit. Nothing. So I remembered how I’ve seen tons of picture frames used as pretty jewelry organizers and grabbed one that I retired from my gallery wall and started digging through my fabric remnants.

I went cheap and easy on this. If it wasn’t already at our house, it wasn’t an option. I used the cardboard that was already behind the frame (I already broke the glass, convenient mistake :)) and just stapled a layer of batting to the frame…

and trimmed it so it wouldn’t interfere with the frame.  

I’m sure you can tell already that this project requires a high level of skill and some really sophisticated materials. Or maybe not.

Moving on, I didn’t really like any of my fabric remnants for this. I wanted the jewelry to show up not just hide in some pattern. When all else fails, use burlap!

I added a layer of scrap drapery lining fabric and then a double layer of leftover burlap. This stuff came from Lowes and was totally worth the $10 roll. I use it everywhere!

This is where it gets really tricky. You may want to write this part down. Pop the frame on it, flip it over, trim and staple. Whew. Did you get that? Here’s some pictures to help :)(please ignore my zebra jammy panted knees. I think those are my creative pants :))

And that, my friends is it! I hung it up in the closet and used straight pins from my sewing basket as “hooks” and that did it. It really, really was that easy! Are you ready for the finished pretty project? Well, let’s take a look…

I even found a smaller frame and made a little friend for my earrings. The burlap is perfect for hanging them through…

I am still planning on making the cutlrey tray organizer one day when I have time for paint to dry, but for now I am totally loving this pretty solution! And guess what? It works! I am wearing earrings lately that I forgot I had. And my bracelets are tucked away in the drawer that once overflowed.

Pretty- check.

Functional- check.

Zero Dollars- (c)heck yes!

IHeart Organizing

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