BFF Staycation, Part 3: Project Projecterson (and a teeny more shopping)

We have finally reached the end of our little BFF excursion. I am almost as tired as the first time around, but it’s also just as worth it.

This next one is going to go pretty quickly because the real exciting part is the project. We made a stop at Southeastern Salvage which I lurve with all my decorating heart. We found lots of goodies we wish we could have taken home like…So we didn’t really want to take it home but we did love the details. This would be perfect (in someone else’s house) 

Sometimes the lighting section is pretty bare, not true on this trip. Here are just a few of our favorites…

This one was beautiful and came really close to going home with Sarah. Really, it was on sale and she stared it down like a menu full of grilled cheese but the shade looked like it had some water damage so we hung our heads and walked away. Stupid stain.Fortunately, I don’t have kids or a place for this sofa. If I had both I might be willing to give my first born for this nailhead trim. It’s ok, go ahead and sigh with me. 

I really do love that little couch, but please know I was joking about the first born thing. It would have to include at least a chair for that :)

If I didn’t offend you with that little joke, let’s give it a try with sports. We’re in Nashville. Sarah lives here and I’m about 30 minutes away. Nashville is home of the Titans but to be honest with you, I’m kind of over them. I may change my mind eventually, but for now I’m looking for a new team. And with their new quarterback, I must say that this team is looking even better :)

Who doesn’t need a rug for the J-E-T-S- Jets! Jets! Jets :)

Back to serious shopping. Add both of these to the list of items I should have bought. These baskets were like $19 and the bread tray was $13. Non-Buyers remorse again! And I dont know where I would put these, but I am seeing them all over the internet and magazines. They are fun. 

Now for the fun part. What you have all been waiting for- our little project. I told you way, way back when that Sarah bought these great curtains from World Market and I even made it one of my goals of 2012 to help her hang them. Here’s a little reminder of what they look like.

Pretty huh? I told you before that Sarah is an excellent cook, but she’s also an excellent decorator and painter so you can imagine the beautiful colors she has in her house. Maybe we’ll show you some more of those someday but for now, take a look at the color she picked for her master bedroom.

That’s Valspar’s Woodlawn Valley Haze from Lowe’s and I think it is sooo pretty. Her bedroom ceiling slopes way up on one side so the darker color was absolutely perfect in there. Just like her curtains are absolutely perfect with the color. See what I mean? 

She picked a simple ORB rod from Ross that really work with the gauzy light panels. 

The windows are on the short side of her room so we hung them super high to balance it all out. I happen to think they are gorgeous! They’re light and airy and casual yet dramatic and glamorous all at the same time. My BFF did so good! 
(Just a little side note here- does anyone watch Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis? I LLLLOOOVVVVEEE Jeff and I’m one episode behind but I was looking at the gallery. Did The Jeff Lewis use these same panels in the after? Someone please confirm this for me!)

Back to Sarah, she’s still looking for the perfect new bedding and putting together a little gallery wall that I cannot wait to see how that turns out but I happen to think this all looks fantabulous as it is. So, you can admit it, you’re jealous of how awesome my painting, decorating, waffle making BFF is, aren’t you? I know I am, but I’m the lucky one that gets to keep her around :)

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Make Your Bed: Summer Garden, Part 3

My little seedling babies are grow, grow, growing so it’s time to work on their home! I really didn’t want to dig up the yard and worry about the soil not being so great or drainage or anything like that so a raised bed was just what the doctor gardener ordered. The one I had at my old house, way back when worked great, but…

I wanted something just a bit prettier this time. The basic layout of my old garden really worked and if it’s not broke… you get the picture, so I got 8 landscaping timbers (on sale for under $2 each- thanks, Lowes!) and decided to paint them white to up my pretty quotient.

We started with a quick coat of spray primer, just to help it all coverand then I just used a foam roller to apply the paint. I chose a Stain, Sealant and Base in one (also from Lowe’s)Keep in mind here that landscaping timbers are beyond rough- like so rough, my foam roller was pretty much shredded after this process. I knew this was not going to be a glossy smooth finish and it’s not going to hold up perfectly out in the yard for all eternity but I think they look way better white. And the paint adds an extra layer of protection- both for the weathering of the timbers and also for my veggies. I don’t know how true it is, but I have read that sometimes some of this pressure treated stuff can have not so good chemicals in it and there is a small chance that it could seep into your plants. I don’t know if it’s true, but paint makes it prettier and decreases even the slim chance of the nasty stuff in my food, so I’m thinking it’s well worth the $15 can of paint.

We’ll fast forward through the drying part, but I left them outside for several days to be sure they were dry. The good thing about this paint is that it’s for outside stuff like for decks so as long as you keep it out of the rain for 24 hours you are safe.

Next step, it’s time to find the perfect spot!

(please pay no attention to the nice neighbors HUGE intimidating garden to the right)

We moved around the timbers a few times until we found the spot it looked the most at home, and then we measured between the trees to be sure our wonderful lawn mower man (aka my daddy) had enough clearance to get through easily as this is a pretty permanent fixture.

We were all clear so we laid out the bottom layer of the timbers to make sure it was just right. Now comes the understuff. We added a layer of “galvanized hardware cloth” to keep out critters that dig underneath.

Just roll it out and walk on it a bit to flatten it out. Then just measure and cut with wire cutters. (How do you like my new gloves the Easter Bunny brought?:)) We then just layed it all out. Please don’t tell the moles there is a hole in the middle. We underestimated the wire stuff a bit. Oops.

Now the critters can’t get in from underneath (the hole is still our secret, right?) so we used some black landscaping fabric to block out the weeds. Just trim and lay it out.

Almost. I didn’t count on it being so windy and I forgot to get those handy little staples that hold down the fabric so I improvised. After I made Robb chase down the blown away fabric, we learned that nails work just fine to hold that stuff down.

The bed is almost made! Now it’s time to place the timbers back together and pile on layer two. I staggered the ends to make it extra sturdy

But to make it extra, extra study we added some huge screws for support. I drilled the pilot hole and Robb worked them in with a socket wrench.

You may have noticed there is dirt in there. We added too many bags of top soil to count and then mixed in four big bags of garden soil to give the veggie babies lots of good stuff to grow in. Think of it as high thread count egyptian cotton, for plants. 

Now we’ve made our bed and we just need some plants to come lay in it! The last frost should be over here in Middle Tennessee so it’s time to plant, but what about you? Are your beds ready for yummy plants? My little bed is ready and says bring on the plant babies! 

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Too Much, Too Little, Just Right: Painted Candles

Part of the “Springification” (pretend that’s a real word, please) of the living room was to tone down the red and play up the springy green. When I updated the gallery wall, I took out all the red there. So this little corner was a bit much.

I realize they are just candle sticks, but they were too red! (and also too crooked. Note to self: straighten before pictures!)

So I tried white.

FAIL! Too white.

And then I remembered these beautiful striped ana candles  I saw on Design*Sponge. Lightbulb. The colors weren’t exactly what I was looking for but why not paint my plain white tapers? Ok, good idea!

So I taped them off…

Then I painted them with some leftover wall paint (Valspar LaFonda Olive. I love it!)

and used the candle holders to hold let them dry.

(You may ask why an accident prone person such as myself was painting in the middle of the living room floor and I have a simple answer. It was a Sunday and my National Champion Kentucky Wildcats were embarrassing Baylor) 

When I finally peeled off the tape, the green was a bit intense against the stark white

So I added a soft coat of white acrylic to tone and down. (with hope of also cleaning up my messy lines. Perfectionists, look away)

This is another one of those projects that didn’t turn out anywhere near perfect BUT I really like it. They’re neutral, but still interesting. What do you think- don’t they fit much better now?

(just a note- I have no idea about how safe painted candles are to actually burn so I’m not even going to try it and if you paint some too, I encourage you to refrain from the flame as well. Switch to the plain whites when you light them. The flicker of the candlelight will totally cancel out the blahness and I firmly believe that blahness beats a visit from the fire department any day. You can trust me on that, I’m the daughter of a former fireman.) 

Pinterest Challenge: Good as Gold

It may be 80 degrees outside but it’s still technically winter for a few more days and that means it’s time for the…

Oh dear. I am so excited! 4 lovely hostesses (Katie, Sherry, Erin and Cassie) are throwing the biggest and best party ever and I’m inviting myself! This is too fun to miss!

The challenge was pretty simple- to make one of the bajillion things you keep pinning. That sounds easy enough, but picking the perfect pin- not so easy. But I did it and here is what I picked

I had been lusting over little brass occasional tables I’ve been seeing out and about (for way too much money) and then I saw this one. Courtney from A Thoughtful Place (whom I love and want to move into her house!) transformed a simple little (cheap!!!) metal table into the classiest little place to rest a drink I’ve ever seen and totally inspired me to pick up a can of spray paint and spread some gold.

The only problem was finding the perfect little table to gild. I searched the flea market, Southeastern Salvage and just about everywhere I went and couldn’t find a little table to spray. Until this challenge came about and I hmmmm…

Well hello there little hand-me-down plant stand in the corner of the dining room. Allow me to introduce you to my new friend. 

I think you two will get along just fine. Let’s head to the garage and get to know each other better. And that is just what we did. A few thin coats in and I was kind of falling in love. Yummy! Let’s take a look at the whole thing Much improved, huh? Not quite as perfect as the inspiration, but at a whopping $5 for the can of spray paint I’m a happy girl. How about another look? Ok, here you go!

I’m really liking the touch of gold in the room. It stands out yet blends in at the same time. What should I spray next? Watch out furniture- I’m armed with a can of gold spray paint and a “pin this” button and I know how to use them! Thanks for this inspiration and the challenge!

Grandma’s Nightstand goes GREEN- The Reveal

Your sleepless nights are over!

You last saw her like this…

But wait no more. Here she is, ready for her close-up… (please ignore the awkward cord in the background. oops)

… and the full view.

I think she is the perfect fit in between our new tufted white chairs from Marshalls. I LOVE the nailhead trim detail…

If you remember the before picture, you may have noticed that we upgraded the lamp as well. We found this great pharmacy lamp at JC Penny on sale (and free for us thanks to some leftover gift cards.) I am finally in love with the living room! The chairs, painted table and ORB pharmacy lamp were just what I needed to balance the space.  The flowers in our Pottery Barn Great White Pitcher don’t hurt the coziness factor either.

I’ll leave you with one last look…