A Procrastinator’s Guide to Design {New Curtains}

Procrastinators guideDesign is hard.
Change is hard.
Decisions are hard.
Perfection is hard.

75% of those statements are false but I’m guilty of believing all of them. I have great ideas and the best intentions but I wait until I’m sure, confident and know it’s going to work out perfect.

That is 100% stupid, 100% of the time.

If you’re not familiar with The Nesting Place, you should be. “The Nester” is my muse to overcome my procrastination paralysis. Not only is she brilliant but her designs are breathtaking. She is completely inspiring but a perfectionist she is not. She has built her entire blog empire and even written a book to teach us that “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Can I get an amen?DSC_0417

Read her blog. Read her book. You will start getting stuff done.

I wanted new curtains. I found the fabric and procrastinated to buy it. Sometimes there are consequences to procrastination and this time my consequence was the store was out. Thankfully, it is 2014, so I ordered it online after taking days to get over the devastation.fabric curtains home sweet here

As soon as that box arrived do you know what I did? Did I overcomplicate things and start sketches of what the panels would look like? Did I spend hours researching the best lining for that type of the fabric and the morning light we get? And then more hours trying to find the best price? Did I measure 47 times to plan the best proportions and flow of the pattern?

That’s what I wanted to do. But I seriously thought about the Nester’s famous words. “It doesn’t have to be perfect…”

curtains how to living room home sweet hereI surprised myself.

I opened the box, unrolled the fabric and folded it in half. I cut it down the middle. I didn’t even take the time to dig out my fancy fabric cutting scissors. I clipped it up on top of the old curtains and hid the edges as best as I could.

And just like that, I had brand new curtains.curtains how to living room home sweet here

Progress is better than perfection.curtains how to living room home sweet here

I will hem them and line them and make them prettier someday, but for now, I have new curtains and I love them with all my heart. I did something and it felt great! And you know what? It is pretty!curtains how to living room home sweet here

There are plenty of times to wait and weigh all your options. If you need a new couch- sit on every one your buns can find before making that investment. If you want to pretend you are Joanna Gaines and knock out a wall- by all means, make sure your house won’t fall down. If you don’t like your name, think it over before becoming Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. ;)

But, curtains- those are EASY. You don’t even have to sew them. You can change your whole room with a few yards of fabric, a pair of scissors and some drapery clips.

How do you want to change your home? Are you waiting to (gasp) put nail holes in the wall? Are you afraid of that new paint color? Are you just not sure if your furniture really works best there? Do you just not know what to do with that space?curtains how to

I’m the worst procrastination offender out there so if I can make some “faux curtains,” in about 2 minutes and be oh so happy with them, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

You won’t hear me say this very often but put down that to do list, stop making plans and do something. What are you going to accomplish today?

love b








The Other Side of My Valentine {Personalized Stamp}

Homemade Natural Graham Cracker RecipeIn my personal opinion, packaging is one of the most important parts of a gift. You’ve seen my Christmas presents. I rarely will even do a gift bag unless I can “cute-ify” it up a little and I think the same is true for food treats. I will never take something to work for a food day in tupperware or worse, on a paper plate. If you do this, I’m not judging. If your treat is yummy I don’t care if you had it to me on a paper towel. I just like to create a pretty package. That’s part of the fun for me.

What you saw on Monday was just a simple way to wrap up my yummy Homemade Chocolate Dipped Graham Crackers– parchment paper tied up with red ribbon and a little note. What you didn’t see was the other side of the note. My BFF knows my obsession passion for packaging and got me the most perfect Christmas present. Valentine Treat Label PackagingIt’s (obviously) a personalized stamp she ordered from Greenhouse Studios on Etsy. It is so stinking cute and I just love it. I’ve even used it to simply stamp a recipe I’m sharing but I’m most excited to use it for food gift giving. Valentine Treat Label PackagingIt’s the perfect way to “sign” my little treats without, well signing it :)

Happy Valentine’s day (gift packaging) from my kitchen to yours! Valentine Treat Label Packaging

Fabric Lined Bookcase

The first time I walked into this house, I saw exactly what the little area at the top of the stairs was destined to be: a cute little reading nook. Faux built-ins, a comfy chair and fun lamp were all I needed for hours of reading fun.

It was one of the first spaces I “finished,” meaning put in some cheap Big Lots shelves, styled them to the best of my ability, added a flea market comfy chair and pretty lamp and really enjoyed it.

For awhile. Then I started to crave more. Those wow details that were missing. While my shelves were styled ok these were still plain old Big Lots shelves that needed some love. I made lofty plans to cover the backs. I bought (and returned) gift wrap, searched fabric after fabric, and even decided to paint it the same color as my office hutch. I changed my mind every single time. It was paralysis. Nothing was “the one” so it remained plain.

Until I found this lovely fabric at Joann.

You might remember that from my little casual Fall tablescape and while orange was not what I was thinking, it just so happens they had it in black. You know what is even better? This was quilting fabric that was on sale and I had a coupon taking it down to just over $2.50 a yard. Yep, you read that right just over $2.50 per yard. Nothing better than cheap graphic fabric.

So I recovered it. I actually did it! I made up my mind and I made it happen. This takes some time, but it’s a really easy process.The result: it was worth the wait and paralysis. 

Seriously, this cost less than $20, took a couple of hours and it is one my most favorite results ever. A few things about the details…

  • I heart graphic black and white- always have and always will. I have phased it out in some areas of the house in favor of more muted geometrics and greys, but when in doubt that’s where I need to go. All those fabrics and papers considered, returned or doubted were florals, too colorful or too “much.  They were not me. This is me.
  • But it’s not too bold. The small scale of the pattern keeps if from being too much. It doesn’t get too crazy with all the books and goodies on the shelves. Graphic and dramatic up close, muted and calm from a distance- perfect!
  • Bonus points for anyone who noticed I haven’t finished the middle shelf yet. It took a trip to two Joanns to get enough fabric and I haven’t finished it yet.
  • Double bonus points for anyone who is super crazy observant and noticed the shelves are NOT in the same place. I got crazy a rearranged the entire room, but that’s a story for another day.

Once I pulled the trigger, this was an easy project. I could not get to Joann fast enough to use that coupon; however, the process was long and taught me a lot:

  1. If you don’t feel it- wait it out. It really is ok. Look around, test your options and the waters but if you don’t love it, don’t do it.
  2. When you finally make up your mind- just do it! Go all Nike on it.
  3. Go back to what feels like you. For me it’s black and white graphics, for you it may be pastel florals but that’s what makes style so personal.
  4. If you love it, walk by it daily and tell it. This means people, pets and fabric lined bookshelves.

Impatient Summer

Well, hello there!

Long time no see.

Um, sorry.

Yep, I took a little break and I’m not sure if it’s over. For some reason, these longer days mean there is even more to do and not all of it gets done. But I’m still here and I’m hoping you are too!

Posts are probably going to continue to be sporadic but I really am trying to share when I can. One thing I just had to show you is a little bitty something that makes me happy every time I leave and come home.

Way back in the Spring, I really, really wanted one of those grapevine planter/wreath deals for the front door and my mama found me one! I was so excited! She even bought me some really fun mossy type stuff that was supposed to spread. I planted it in some of my burlap (that was all over my table this fall/winter) said nice things too it and hoped it would grow, spread and bring happiness to all who entered. But you never saw it.

Because it died. Quickly.

I was sad.

I took it down, put it in the garage and tried to forget about the plant tragedy that occurred.

Fast forward to one of my many trips lately to Lowe’s. I have an obsession with the plants that are almost dead. They are cheap and I think I can save them. It has become my mission in life.

One of my finds were $0.74 impatients. They were actually healthy and quite pretty. I got them home and then read that they need shade. I don’t have shade anywhere, except… Do you see where this is going?

I got my grapevine/wreath planter deal out of the garage and planted my impatient in fresh new soil and it is thriving. I.can’t.believe.it.

They get some early morning sun then are safe as SPF 50 for the rest of the day. Those little tags in plants really know what they’re talking about.

And it genuinely makes me happy every single  time I see the little white blooms peaking out of the  burlap.

What’s making you happy this summer?

Pin It/Make It: Mother’s Day Garden Bucket

When I’m reading other blogs I tend to mentally categorize the projects. It could be something like “that looks great in their house, but I would never do that,” or “PERFECT- if I ever won the lottery.” And sometimes there is something I see that I must make, stat. So I pin it and start planning.

That was the case when I saw Jen’s Garden Bucket Caddy on I Heart Organizing. It was like she knew my mother and mother-in-law perfectly and it screamed “Make these for mother’s day!” as soon as I clicked her post. In case you missed it, here’s what Jen did…

So stinking cute AND functional. She just took a bucket, tied a super cute apron around it and created the perfect little garden caddy for her dirt and tools.

Now that both mommies have received their buckets, I can show you what I did without ruining a Mother’s Day surprise. I didn’t have an extra apron laying around or the time to order one, so I DIY-ed my own. And for some extra durability in the garden, I made it out of vinyl table clothes. I found two that I loved at TJ Maxx. They were so much cuter than any fabric I looked at in a similar price range so I picked them up, along with some thick grosgrain ribbon and headed home to start sewing. 

The first one took a bit if planning, thinking and adjusting, but the second was done in one hour- start to finish. Want to see the finished product? Ok, here you go!

I changed up the design a bit and placed the “apron” part below the handle so it’s still usable. I also made three pockets as opposed to the three tiered approach. Because I made my version shorter to utilize the handles, the middle layer would have been too covered up to enjoy or the small pockets too small to function.

Thanks to the pretty bow in the back, you can easily take it off to clean. I also used little velcro pieces underneath to keep it from sliding when it’s full of garden tools. Add some cute little, color coordinating accessories… …and you have yourself a cute mother’s day gift for some special ladies who happen to love to garden. And there you have it! Pinned it, did it!

Jen, thanks so much for the inspiration! These were a HUGE hit with both mommies. I only wish I would have made my self one too! So did anyone else DIY a mother’s day gift or are you maybe working on teacher gifts? Or did you receive an awesome Mother’s day gift? Anything you pinned and did? Can you tell I’m looking for some more inspiration, or perhaps trying to set a record for most questions ever asked in one post? :)

BTdubs- I am NOT a great seamstress or even a seamstress at all. I just have a sewing machine I play with, but if you would like a step-by-step of my little bucket cover, just let me know and I’ll be glad to work one up, in very non-technical terms, of course.