A Procrastinator’s Guide to Design {New Curtains}

Procrastinators guideDesign is hard.
Change is hard.
Decisions are hard.
Perfection is hard.

75% of those statements are false but I’m guilty of believing all of them. I have great ideas and the best intentions but I wait until I’m sure, confident and know it’s going to work out perfect.

That is 100% stupid, 100% of the time.

If you’re not familiar with The Nesting Place, you should be. “The Nester” is my muse to overcome my procrastination paralysis. Not only is she brilliant but her designs are breathtaking. She is completely inspiring but a perfectionist she is not. She has built her entire blog empire and even written a book to teach us that “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Can I get an amen?DSC_0417

Read her blog. Read her book. You will start getting stuff done.

I wanted new curtains. I found the fabric and procrastinated to buy it. Sometimes there are consequences to procrastination and this time my consequence was the store was out. Thankfully, it is 2014, so I ordered it online after taking days to get over the devastation.fabric curtains home sweet here

As soon as that box arrived do you know what I did? Did I overcomplicate things and start sketches of what the panels would look like? Did I spend hours researching the best lining for that type of the fabric and the morning light we get? And then more hours trying to find the best price? Did I measure 47 times to plan the best proportions and flow of the pattern?

That’s what I wanted to do. But I seriously thought about the Nester’s famous words. “It doesn’t have to be perfect…”

curtains how to living room home sweet hereI surprised myself.

I opened the box, unrolled the fabric and folded it in half. I cut it down the middle. I didn’t even take the time to dig out my fancy fabric cutting scissors. I clipped it up on top of the old curtains and hid the edges as best as I could.

And just like that, I had brand new curtains.curtains how to living room home sweet here

Progress is better than perfection.curtains how to living room home sweet here

I will hem them and line them and make them prettier someday, but for now, I have new curtains and I love them with all my heart. I did something and it felt great! And you know what? It is pretty!curtains how to living room home sweet here

There are plenty of times to wait and weigh all your options. If you need a new couch- sit on every one your buns can find before making that investment. If you want to pretend you are Joanna Gaines and knock out a wall- by all means, make sure your house won’t fall down. If you don’t like your name, think it over before becoming Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. ;)

But, curtains- those are EASY. You don’t even have to sew them. You can change your whole room with a few yards of fabric, a pair of scissors and some drapery clips.

How do you want to change your home? Are you waiting to (gasp) put nail holes in the wall? Are you afraid of that new paint color? Are you just not sure if your furniture really works best there? Do you just not know what to do with that space?curtains how to

I’m the worst procrastination offender out there so if I can make some “faux curtains,” in about 2 minutes and be oh so happy with them, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

You won’t hear me say this very often but put down that to do list, stop making plans and do something. What are you going to accomplish today?

love b








Happiness is Spray Paint {Lamp Update}

Happy Monday! I know, last time you heard from me I was all excited about how much easier everything was when you just plan. Remember that? What I did not plan on was getting that nasty, awful, evil stomach bug. I was so miserable that even the best to-do list could not have gotten me off the bathroom floor couch. Everything took a backseat to feeling better again.

I’m happy to report that a week later I’m back and I have a can of spray paint in my hand #fullrecovery. There is always something on my list to paint. Always. So today I decided to tackle something quick and easy that makes me happy. Spray painting should always make you happy.

Remember this pharmacy lamp I got way back when? Pharmacy Lamp Pharmacy LampIt’s about time it goes HOT PINK! Just kidding. There is nothing wrong with the pretty Oil Rubbed Bronze outside, but the bright white inside had to go. Honestly, there was really nothing wrong with the bright white inside either, but I think it would be much prettier and warmer in gold.

I may have already said spray paint, but that was NOT my first medium of choice. I thought those handy little bottles of acrylic paint and a foam brush would work just fine. Wrong. I brought a knife to a gun fight.inside lamp shade painted gold

It took me all of 5 minutes to tape it off and spray it. That includes the time it took to walk out to the garage and find the frog tape.spray paint inside pharmacy lampI don’t know why I question it. Spray paint is always the answer. gold spray painted lamp shade inside You can’t see a huge difference in pictures (other than making it nearly impossible to white balance) but in person it is there. The glow is so much softer and oh so pretty. gold spray painted lamp shade inside gold spray painted lamp shade inside Changing the world one can of spray paint at a time. What have you been painting lately? Need some serious painting inspiration? Please head on over to any/all of these GREAT blogs for the EXTENDED (thank you!) Dog Days of Winter Link Party: Love of Family & Home,  The Francis Family BlogHouse of RoseBlissfully Ever After,  Crafty, Scrappy, HappyDesign, Dining & DiapersOur Fifth HouseI Love You More Than Carrots and Liz Marie Blog.

gold spray painted lamp shade inside

Quick Art: It’s A Wrap

Happy Friday and hello there! I hope you had a wonderfull Halloween. I have to tell you I packed up everything spooky yesterday and I am resisting the urge to eat all the candy the neighborhood kids did not take and start Christmas-ing up the place. Is November 2nd really that early? (say no. puh-lease say no:))

Once again, I took a little blog break and I have no idea why other than I just did, but like a bad habit, I’m back! And where better to start with the resolution of the cliff hanger I left you with a couple of weeks ago. Don’t remember? I’ll wait while you go read about it.

Remember now? The question was what did I buy at the Paris Market in Savannah that I could actually afford! Take a look…

Yup, that’s a piece of wrapping paper, but I LURVED it so much. It was way too pretty to fold and tape and watch someone rip to shreds but I had to take her home. I’m no stranger to framing some paper (here, here or here). 

I think this is best one yet. It’s the focal point the wall needed and it makes my heart skip a beat. The previous green paisley from the Container Store was so pretty and added the pop of color and some implied texture, but this one added the “Shut the front door WOW!”

The moral of this story my friends, if you like paper in any form then you should’ve put a ring frame on it. True Story.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I really, really, REALLY am going to try my best to be back next week for real but with the time change, no promises. Happy Falling Back :)

Impulse Upgrade: Lamps!

You can call me a lot of things, but impulse buyer is typically not one of them. I’m a fan of calculating expenses and ROI, bargain shopping, spreadsheets, and over thinking even the smallest purchases. This is exactly why my mama almost fell over in the middle of Home Goods last week when I unplugged a pair of lamps and headed to the checkout. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

In all fairness, I have been secretly wishing for new lamps for the living/dining room. I love my current lamps, but the more I looked at the black shades and shiny silver, the more I wanted to move them to the bedroom.

And the more I saw clear, big gourd-like based lamps with clean white shades, the more I coveted. So when I saw the ones at Home Goods, it was love at first light. I pulled the plug trigger and paid $49.99 each.

Robb was beyond proud of my impulse purchase- really, he was. My dining and living rooms are much improved. What do you think? I love that they have some visual weight without being too heavy or dark.

I walk by them 15 times a day and tell them how perfect they are. We are so happy together. (sigh)

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right: Painted Candles

Part of the “Springification” (pretend that’s a real word, please) of the living room was to tone down the red and play up the springy green. When I updated the gallery wall, I took out all the red there. So this little corner was a bit much.

I realize they are just candle sticks, but they were too red! (and also too crooked. Note to self: straighten before pictures!)

So I tried white.

FAIL! Too white.

And then I remembered these beautiful striped ana candles  I saw on Design*Sponge. Lightbulb. The colors weren’t exactly what I was looking for but why not paint my plain white tapers? Ok, good idea!

So I taped them off…

Then I painted them with some leftover wall paint (Valspar LaFonda Olive. I love it!)

and used the candle holders to hold let them dry.

(You may ask why an accident prone person such as myself was painting in the middle of the living room floor and I have a simple answer. It was a Sunday and my National Champion Kentucky Wildcats were embarrassing Baylor) 

When I finally peeled off the tape, the green was a bit intense against the stark white

So I added a soft coat of white acrylic to tone and down. (with hope of also cleaning up my messy lines. Perfectionists, look away)

This is another one of those projects that didn’t turn out anywhere near perfect BUT I really like it. They’re neutral, but still interesting. What do you think- don’t they fit much better now?

(just a note- I have no idea about how safe painted candles are to actually burn so I’m not even going to try it and if you paint some too, I encourage you to refrain from the flame as well. Switch to the plain whites when you light them. The flicker of the candlelight will totally cancel out the blahness and I firmly believe that blahness beats a visit from the fire department any day. You can trust me on that, I’m the daughter of a former fireman.)