(Outside) Flowers for Friday

It has been the strangest summer ever. A serious drought followed by record rainfall does not make for the prettiest of plants, but somehow, all the extra love and water I gave the plants actually helped.

The frost almost got my crepe myrtle and I really didn’t think it was going to bloom. I was so disappointed because look at it last year.

But somehow when it finally rained, it bloomed bigger and better than ever.

Then there is my favorite little knock out rose bush. It is the only one I’ve ever seen that is this beautiful buttery yellow color. And it changes sometimes more white, sometimes more yellow and every once in a while a pretty soft pink. I’m sure it has something to do with the pH levels in the soil but I’m just going to think of it as my magic rose bush. For the first part of the summer, it was not so magical. I don’t know if it was the drought or a disease but the leaves were eaten up with holes and it stopped blooming. I kept feeding, watering and loving and somehow it came back. Oh it makes me so happy!

I love it so much I added a clearance bright pink one from walmart and she has really taken off too!

Remember my teeny little marigolds lining the garden bed? They exploded (as did my garden- but I’ll save that update for another day) They’re doing their job of keeping out critters too!

And last but not least, a little surprise. The “flower” part is just now showing itself but here’s a happy little surprise. Last year’s pumpkin is this year’s surprise. I hope it’s the Cinderella one and that you have a wonderful weekend!


More Flowers for Friday

Several years ago, Sarah and I took our first trip to Seattle and it was Ah-Mahzing. One of the things we both fell completely in love with was the Pike Place Market. I remember thinking that if I ever lived in a place like that I would gather up fresh produce and FLOWERS all the time.

Fast forward a few years and I may not have a daily market like Pike Place, but Murfreesboro has the best little Saturday Market around. June through October that is where I get my produce (and bacon. yummy.)They also have the elaborate bouquets like you see in Seattle, but most of the time I go simple when I’m treating myself (or when my neighbor is treating me.) For $3 I can have a simple, beautiful flowers that brightens the whole week.

Hope your weekend is as happy as a hydrangea :)

Flowers for Friday

If I were a bajillionaire, I would be pretty demanding. I’ve given this a lot of thought and I would require fresh flowers all over the house and clean sheets every.single.day. I’m a dreamer, what can I say?

For now, I’ll settle for clean sheets every Saturday and an occasional treat of some pretty flowers for the table. Lucky for me, our neighbors have a huge farm and set up at the Farmer’s Market. This past weekend, we bought some of their yummy red potatoes and cucumbers and she gave me these sunflowers.

Made my day.

And my table.  

It’s the little things. Hope you have a weekend full of surprises, free flowers and clean sheets. 

Impatient Summer

Well, hello there!

Long time no see.

Um, sorry.

Yep, I took a little break and I’m not sure if it’s over. For some reason, these longer days mean there is even more to do and not all of it gets done. But I’m still here and I’m hoping you are too!

Posts are probably going to continue to be sporadic but I really am trying to share when I can. One thing I just had to show you is a little bitty something that makes me happy every time I leave and come home.

Way back in the Spring, I really, really wanted one of those grapevine planter/wreath deals for the front door and my mama found me one! I was so excited! She even bought me some really fun mossy type stuff that was supposed to spread. I planted it in some of my burlap (that was all over my table this fall/winter) said nice things too it and hoped it would grow, spread and bring happiness to all who entered. But you never saw it.

Because it died. Quickly.

I was sad.

I took it down, put it in the garage and tried to forget about the plant tragedy that occurred.

Fast forward to one of my many trips lately to Lowe’s. I have an obsession with the plants that are almost dead. They are cheap and I think I can save them. It has become my mission in life.

One of my finds were $0.74 impatients. They were actually healthy and quite pretty. I got them home and then read that they need shade. I don’t have shade anywhere, except… Do you see where this is going?

I got my grapevine/wreath planter deal out of the garage and planted my impatient in fresh new soil and it is thriving. I.can’t.believe.it.

They get some early morning sun then are safe as SPF 50 for the rest of the day. Those little tags in plants really know what they’re talking about.

And it genuinely makes me happy every single  time I see the little white blooms peaking out of the  burlap.

What’s making you happy this summer?

Look What I Planted: Summer Garden, Part 4

Let’s just start things off with a confession. I am that crazy girl who stands in the backyard and just gazes lovingly at her little garden. I may do this multiple times a day. If there is anything wrong with this, I don’t want to be right.

My little garden makes my day, clearly, multiple times a day. Come to my house and you will have to walk outside and take look at the progress. Even if you were just here yesterday, or 5 minutes earlier.

So, if you saw my garden where we last left it, you probably remember it looking like this: 

You may be wondering if I’m loving my little bed of dirt that much, which wouldn’t be totally out of character for me BUT it is not the case this time because look what I got… My mama and I made a little trip to our favorite nursery (if you’re in Middle Tennesse- It’s Needhams in Mt. Juliet.) They have a great selection of really healthy, beautiful plants and we had a coupon. Can’t beat that.

So let’s start planting! I had a lot of plants and wanted to make the most out of my space so a grid would work out perfectly. I measured everything off…

… and placed a little nail at my marks and then tied some yarn to it on each end. Yes, twine would have worked a lot better, but I had yarn. Use what you’ve got, right?

I did this on both sides so it ended up looking like this. 

Then I repeated it the other way until I had a super pretty grid. I got so excited to start placing my plants I forgot to take a completed grid picture, but you get the idea. I played musical plants until I finally got them in place and started planting. This little guy even joined me for a bit. And by joined me I mean nearly scared me to death when he jumped in my pepper square. But he was cute, so I let him stay awhile. 

I planted and watered and whispered nice things to them and now I just watch them grow! I did tomatoes and peppers in this row and left room for my sweet pepper seedlings that survived the great fall when they’re finally ready. 

Herbs are in the middle, lettuce on one side and then the items that need to climb and/or spread out- cucumbers, squash, etc. on the outsides. I have visions of fresh herbs and veggies all summer, don’t you? If you notice the little marigolds around the outside, I do that to keep out pests. It’s always worked so I hope it does this year too. #fingerscrossed

And that is what I’ve planted so far! If you noticed there are still a few blank squares, I have  great plans for those but I’ll share that another day so be sure you come back. And if you’re visiting from Centsational GIrl’s link party Welcome and if you’re not- head over there and see a whole lot more planting going on!