Baby, It’s Chili Weather Outside {Casual Fall Tablescape}

Happy Monday to you! I realize that I run the risk of sounding like a broken record but I am sooooo ready for Christmas decorating! The trees, the lights, the candles, the candy canes. I.cannot.wait.

But, I kind of have to. That process takes time and we just haven’t had a chance to get the stuff out of the attic and make the pumpkins turn into a coach tree. So how about we make some pumpkin spice lemonade out of this?

By hosting a little Autumn inspired mid-week dinner party. There is no better time than now for chili and what’s better than chili? Chili x2- chicken and traditional. And what is better than 2 types of chili? A really fun, super casual table.

It all started with some dishtowels from Ikea that were really meant to be so much more: Napkins! While it’s not traditional, the mixed blue patterns were the perfect jumping off point for fall festivities. (West Elm also had some napkins in similar patterns for a not similar price- I saw them AFTER purchasing the Ikea cheapies- I’ll take that pat on the back now, thank you :)) 

Throw in a piece of fun zig-zag fabric in a burnt orange, a centerpiece of chili fixins…

teeny treats at each place setting…

Add plain white bowls, light a few candles and you got yourself a casual chili feast- perfect for a cool fall night (while we countdown the days till Christmas)


Recharged Chargers

I don’t always like to wait on things like drying paint. So, when I’m spray painting I often find anything and everything that needs a coat and keep spraying.

While I was waiting for my pumpkins to dry, I turned my attention to these black chargers. The only real problem with these is that they blend in with the table and that is exactly why I have not used them in an eternity. Do you get where this is going? Hello gold spray paint! A few coats of my favorite Valspar Gold and they are better than new! I think these bring a little something to the table that the black couldn’t and it’s a pretty productive way to watch paint dry.

Fall Tablescape: Green, Cream and Gold

Here’s a little tip for you: before you leave for vacation, set your table all pretty. When you get home, you won’t even be tempted to throw everything on it. At least it worked like that for me. I actually had it set and pretty for a little dinner a couple of nights before we left, but keeping it that way saved me tons of clutter.

As much as I love a beautifully set table, it’s not something that is easy for me. Even if I have a perfect vision in my head, I have to start with a layer and keep going- adding, subtracting and scratching my head the whole time. I started with regular pumpkins, which I love with my whole heart, but  sometimes that’s just a bit too much orange. The more I layered the more I had visions of neutrals and green and that is where I eventually stopped scratching my head and smiled. On the tablescape menu: gold chargers, white dishes, neutral pumpkins & gourds, understated white flowers and a touch of mercury glass for some shimmer. 

The “tablecloth” is actually a vintage piece of fabric. It has a sweater-like texture and really warmed the whole table up. I really like using a strip of fabric as opposed to a runner or table cloth. I love my table so I like to see it but I love my table so I also like to protect it. Fabric solves both problems. Simple and casual with a little bit of shimmer. Looks like we’re ready for the perfect Fall dinner. Who’s bringing dessert?  Want some more tablescape tips and ideas? Take a peek back at last year’s Fall tablescape. 

Impulse Upgrade: Lamps!

You can call me a lot of things, but impulse buyer is typically not one of them. I’m a fan of calculating expenses and ROI, bargain shopping, spreadsheets, and over thinking even the smallest purchases. This is exactly why my mama almost fell over in the middle of Home Goods last week when I unplugged a pair of lamps and headed to the checkout. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

In all fairness, I have been secretly wishing for new lamps for the living/dining room. I love my current lamps, but the more I looked at the black shades and shiny silver, the more I wanted to move them to the bedroom.

And the more I saw clear, big gourd-like based lamps with clean white shades, the more I coveted. So when I saw the ones at Home Goods, it was love at first light. I pulled the plug trigger and paid $49.99 each.

Robb was beyond proud of my impulse purchase- really, he was. My dining and living rooms are much improved. What do you think? I love that they have some visual weight without being too heavy or dark.

I walk by them 15 times a day and tell them how perfect they are. We are so happy together. (sigh)

Let There Be (new) Light

Happy FRIDAY, friends!! We made it! Whew! I hope your week has been great and your weekend will be even better! I thought today would be the perfect day to celebrate the weekend by showing you one of my most recent and most favorite projects, a little dining room upgrade.

With a new house, you kind of learn what builder choices to live with and which ones need to be changed. I was fine with the dining room fixture. It was nothing spectacular but it was pretty enough and did it’s job- it lit up the room. Take a look…

You notice I keep saying was because that was before Paula came to live with us. The good-enough fixture suddenly wasn’t quite good enough. I bet you can tell where this is going. I started looking around for a suitable companion for my beloved Paula table and fell in love with this baby…

I don’t know why I was blessed with such good taste and such a limited budget because this was seriously out of reach but it’s the only one I felt could ever look right with Paula. But in the $600 range we would never find out so I kept looking for something for a little more within my price range.

And guess what? I found it. At Lowe’s for $150. It wasn’t so much an exact replica of my dream fixture but it had all the things I loved about this one- metal and linen, round, drum style and really, really pretty.

I wasn’t ready to spend the extra money since I found it around Christmas time but Santa must have thought I was really good this year and had Robb surprise me with it. They’re so good to me :) We hung it a week or so after Christmas and I actually think it’s even better than the $600 splurge in our space. Let’s do a little before and after action…

Pretty, huh? I am more in love with this light than a person should be in love with a light, but it is just perfect. Take a look at how the whole room looks now…

One of the reasons I think this one works so well in here is how it compliments the cornice fabric. I love how the shapes are so similar…Pretty Details…

The view from the Living Room..

And the view from the bedroom hallway. Can we talk about repetition of shapes again? I love the roundness of the table legs with the circular pattern on the fixture and fabric…

And one last look in case you didn’t get enough already. If you’re like me you’ll start to just sit around and say “I love this light!”