Pinterest-ing Home Office Updates {Organization}

Pinterest= a healthy way to hoard ideas, challenges, solutions, aspirations and some things you eventually do. I pin more than I do but I finally did. (say that 5 times fast)

Pinterest-ing Home Office Update Inspiration

Source: I Heart Organizing via Brandy @ Home Sweet Here on Pinterest

What I did, was update some organization in our home office. It is a constantly evolving space and every little step I can make in the organizational direction is a huge win. HUGE. (If you want proof- take a look here and here, but be warned it’s not pretty)  Not so long ago I made a trip to the happiest place on earth Container Store and got a few things to control the chaos and it was a system that really worked. home office organizationThe only thing I was waiting for was to make my labels a bit more permanent. I pinned it, so I did it. Thanks to the amazing organizational mothership, I Heart Organizing, I discovered the art of making labels out of Wasabi Tape and that is exactly what I did.pinterest home  office organization update

I just covered the tabs in the tape (mine is from Target) and I used my label maker to print on clear labels. Pinned, did.

Moving on to storing all that paper tape I’ve been so obsessed with collecting, I also pinned a solution from I Heart Organizing and corralled it all in a very pretty glass container. Oops, I pinned it again, but I already had the perfect container so it cost me nothing and got this pretty thing out of the garage. Home Office Organization System

Why stop there? While I’m happy with my bucket of Sharpies and pens, I didn’t love it quite at as much as the little caddy I pinned AND seeing it made me remember that I had something very similar. It was my grandmother’s and I just loved it, but didn’t have a use for it (so you can guess where it was sitting #ineedtocleanoutthegarage) Office Organization Sharpie storage

I use one container for fine, one for extra fine and the last for Sharpie pens and some pencils. I have a Sharpie problem, but it really helps to have them all separate.

That’s it for organization, but later this week I’m going to show you a few other pretty little updates that I’ve made in the office. I know you’re on the edge of your seat :) Pinteresting Updates Office Organization

And there you have it- Pinteresting Office Updates! I really have no idea what we did before Pinterest. How could a girl organize her house, cook dinner or get through football, basketball and golf season on TV without Pinterest? I have no idea an I don’t want to find out :)

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Want more Office Organization ideas? Head over to I Heart Organizing! for another great link party. Oh the inspiration we will find :)

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11 thoughts on “Pinterest-ing Home Office Updates {Organization}

  1. I definitely couldn’t go back to a life before pinterest!! It’s saved me so much time, energy, and keeps me on my toes! <3 I love your office additions – the container for the sharpies is awesome!

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