DIY vs. BSN {Bonus Room Preview}

I know I hinted last week, but we really really are close to wrapping up the bonus room make-over and I can’t wait to share it all with you soon but today, I’ve been thinking about how we all make decisions for our homes.

This is how I operate decorate: it can take me some serious time to decide what I want and the process doesn’t end there. I try to wait for it to go on sale, question if it’s still what I actually want, finally buy/do and then wonder if it really was the right choice. Please tell me I’m not alone.

I’m a thinker. It’s how I’m wired; however, since I am on the tail end of this project, I can tell you- I’m very happy with my decisions. As I always say, it’s all subject to change and evolve over time- and chances are it will- BUT I’m almost to that place where I can say it’s complete (for now). In some form or another, I’ve marked everything off the list for the room. What I’m thinking about today, is that “in some form or another” statement. When do you think substitutions are ok and when do you hold out for THE PERFECT (insert whatever  you’re looking for here)?Home Sweet Here Bonus Room Preview

We did both in here. For example, Robb wanted a hideously ugly manly leather recliner, I wanted a pretty yet comfy, accent chair. When we finally agreed upon a leatherish recliner with the look that I liked and the feel he approved of, that was it. I stalked it at World Market until it went on sale and then I pounced on it like a cheetah. There were no substitutions that would make us both happy so we got it and it works. We were right to wait for the one.World Market

I also had grand visions of a new media cabinet for the TV but the sale is not good enough yet so I shopped the house and moved something else in there. New look, no cost and I’m completely happy with it for now. Home Sweet Here: Bonus Room Redo

But where I really changed things up is with an ottoman. We had a pretty large ottoman with our old hand-me-down couch and I don’t think the room would function well for us without something similar. We needed comfy enough to prop your feet on but sturdy enough to hold a pizza and drinks while movie watching.

My (very well thought out) plan, was to build an ottoman very much like this.

West Elm- Essex OttomanSeriously, I have a detailed plan drawn up in my head (other INTPs will understand that completely). I just needed to make it happen. But when you start adding up the cost of wood, foam and a pretty fabric that doesn’t make me gag- it’s not West Elm prices, but it’s not a cheap DIY.

So what do you do? Sometimes DIY or that perfect item is just too much. In this case I chose BSN. That’s “Buy Something Now.” I’m sure BSN will catch on as quickly as DIY. :)

We ended up with a these:Target

Two little ottoman/stool/poufs/whatever you want to call them from Target at about a 1/4 of the cost of the ottoman work perfectly. Will I build my dream West Elm rip-off someday? Maybe but my BSN solution is perfect for now. Home Sweet Here: Bonus Room Redo

Home Sweet Here: Bonus Room PreviewThe moral of this story is not to tell you that I’m cheap with some things and not with others, I really want to know what you do. Do you hold out for the one, or do you substitute? How do you decide what’s worth the DIY or extra cost and when you should just BSN? Let’s discuss.Home Sweet Here Bonus Room Preview


8 thoughts on “DIY vs. BSN {Bonus Room Preview}

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  2. I love this post! I can totally relate – no you are not alone in your thinking and planning.
    This room is going to look great. makes me want to get back to my redecorating projects, unfortunately some plumbing issues cut way into my decorating budget and we are playing catchup here.
    I sometimes worry I may be coming off as cheap too when I write about some of my DIY projects, but I really find a thrill in either finding a great deal or in creating something from nothing.
    Great JOb – cant’t wait for the big reveal.

  3. BTW – you know those big cable spools? Not the gigantic ones, but the smaller ones? Those are great for making ottomans, I made one and I think the whole project for my pouffe project cost less than $5.00 you can check it out on my post “Thanks Cable Guy” if you’d like.

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