Christmas Past

The older I get, the more I seem to be turning into a homebody. While I still like going new places I really, really love coming home. I’m in Dallas this week for work and it seems like torture to make a person leave home this close to Christmas! I really like my job and I’m thankful to have it, but I just want to be home with my little family and Christmas tree wrapping presents, crafting or just sleeping on the couch during my favorite TV shows.

But alas, I am here so I won’t mess with Texas ;) I got most of the Christmas decorating done before I left, but didn’t really have much of a chance to photograph it (in other words, I didn’t clean up after myself); however, last year I did lots and didn’t have time to write about it. You get where this is going? While I’m dreaming of my tender Tennessee Christmas, let’s look at some of my favorite things from last year. Great idea!

I actually hosted a few little parties last year. A soup and salad lunch for my awesome coworkers… … complete with little personalized ornaments I made for each one at their place setting. I even hosted the big one last year- my Daddy’s whole family. It was so much fun! I actually made the turkey and dressing. Mark that off my bucket list. It’s a pretty large group and that meant FOUR different tables to set. (you know I was in heaven!) I went more traditional downstairs and had some fun with the upstairs tables. The candy cane centerpiece is one of my favorites! I just had the stuff laying around and put it together. The craft paper and crayons on the table was also a huge success. It kept the kids well entertained while the grown-ups spent some quality time catching up. My cousin’s sweet little girl, Ella, did a pretty amazing Alvin.
While we’re talking entertaining, I jumped on every chance I could to have people over for dinner. Not only did we get to spend some time with people we love, I also got to play around with different tablescapes.

This was also my first Christmas with Pinterest so I made some pinspired desserts that turned out pretty cute. (just don’t look at them too long- I’m not very good with the gel icing.)

One of my favorite little projects that made me just giddy were the tiny little wreathes I made for the mailbox to match the big ones on the house. I mean, really, how cute is this?

Last year was also our first married Christmas. It was great and I expect this year to be even better. What I didn’t expect last year, was a surprise belated wedding present from my sweet friend, Gail. She made these. Scroll down then come back here so I can tell you again, she really really made these stockings for us. They are amazing and one of my most favorite decorations now.

Another of my favorites was the Christmas Gallery Wall. I shared this last year, but I think Buddy deserves another shout out. Yes, I really put Buddy the Elf on my wall.

For good measure, let me just show you a little something from this year. If you’re one of the 2 people who follow me on Instagram (@bsoapes) you’ve already seen it, but for the other 2 of you, please take a look at our tree. My mama shopped with me all day on Black Friday then put all the sparkle on my tree on Friday Night (after a delicious dinner of waffles thanks to Robb!) She is an artist! That’s why I let her do it :)

I am so ready to go home and enjoy another fabulous Christmas season! How about you? What is your favorite memory, project, event or whatever that you’re most looking forward to this year? I hope your list is long and you get to enjoy every single bit of it!


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