Give a Coffee Break {Christmas Gift}

The most magical day of the year is almost here! We’ve been counting down since last year and we’ve almost made it. In just a little while longer and it will be… BLACK FRIDAY! I’m not one to camp out or start fights but I sure do love the deals. I might even pick up a few Christmas presents while I’m at it :)

It just so happens that last week was also a pretty fun time- my birthday! I got some wonderful gifts but there was one little thing in particular that made me start thinking about Christmas gifts. You want to see it? Ok! 

It’s not a mug but the Ceramic Euro Coffee Dripper from World Market and I LURVE it. Robb bought it for me and it is just perfect to make my own little cup of coffee. I’m cheap and I hate splurging on an afternoon cup at work so this is a life penny saver- hot water is FREE :) It is crazy simple to use. You just place it on your favorite mug, throw in a filter with your favorite coffee and then pour in the water. Then my BFF gave me another little treat that made me think even more…If you love coffee and you have not tried Dunkin’ Donuts- you don’t love coffee. You can’t even know what love is. It is the best! If you hate coffee but you’re thinking of this as a gift, trust me, everyone loves Dunkin. I put together a little gift basket and I think anyone who loves coffee would love you for giving them this. For reals.


A fun mug, non-refrigerated coffee creamer, your favorite spice and some filters and this would delight any coffee lover who may not always be around a fancy smancy electric coffee maker all day. I would like to tell you how many days I’ve used it, but I kind of lost count.

And there you have it! Inspiration for that other special day that is on it’s way. Have you started planning any special Christmas gifts yet? Let’s discuss :)


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