{Super Simple} Thanksgiving Art

Happy Thanksgiving week! I survived one yummy dinner (still have a food hangover, thank you very much) and there is one more to go on Thursday.  So what better way to show some thankfulness than with a little DIYing!

Remember how I pretty much wrote a love story to Ikea Christmas last week? Well, they had a little something Thanksgiving-y that made me swoon as well.  (You can see how I love it by my intense stare in the mirror)

Just little frames that said it simply: give thanks. That’s a pretty good reminder so I got started and printed out my words and gathered supplies I already had on hand.

I took a different approach with the center. As cute as a little turkey clip-art can be (really Ikea?) I thought some leaves might be a slight improvement by adding some texture. I just layered them right on the glass. Then popped a piece of the same cream card stock I printed my words on behind it. And approximately 3 minutes later- TADA! It was done! 

Easy enough and I actually like it more than the inspiration. Something about the shades of cream and the texture-y faux leaves just makes me happy! You know what else makes me happy?

A bajillion other fun DIY thanksgiving projects! That is why I’m linking up with all the cool kids for Newly Woodward’s Dare to DIY Link Party! It’s fun, you should do it too. How is that for some healthy peer pressure? You can thank me later, it is that time of year :)

Pssst- I linked up to this party last year too! Want to see what I did then? Try here. I even repeated it as a tradition this year, too! That’s a whole lot of thankfulness! 



22 thoughts on “{Super Simple} Thanksgiving Art

  1. Oooh, I love it! And how cool must you feel knowing that your version is better than Ikea’s? The whole display is great, and I love the leaves in the middle. I really, really do. You’re kind of making me wish we weren’t *this* close to Thanksgiving, because I’m picturing how cool a group of those leaf frames would be, or one big frame full of leaves . . . I’ll save it for next year, I guess :-) Thanks so much for joining in!

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