Deck the Halls with Boughs of Ikea

It’s FRRRRIIIIDAY and I feel like celebrating! We’ll be having Thanksgiving at my mama’s house tomorrow so you might not hear from me for the next few weeks #bringonthepiecoma. So for today we talk Christmas! Que the fake snow and the White Christmas soundtrack!

This past weekend, Robb took me on a wonderful little trip to Georgia that included IKEA! While Atlanta is not that far of a drive it’s not somewhere I get to go that often but somehow, this is my third trip this year. Let me tell you it did not disappoint one bit mostly because IT WAS ALL CHRISTMAS!!! I was pretty much Buddy the Elf the whole day #smilingismyfavorite.

(disclaimer before we go any further: these are all iPhone pictures. I left the big mama camera in the car. Big mistake.)

First thing, we walked in the door to this…

Um. Wow. It was all I could do to not throw every single item in my cart but they don’t give you a cart in that part of the store. Now I know why.

Why I love it with all my heart:

  1. Various dishtowels for napkins tied to the chair with the same ribbon! Read that again, it’s about 47 reasons in one sentence. I’ve already hopped on the dishtowel bandwagon so bring on the unifying ribbon!
  2. Red, Red and more RED.
  3. Ribbon around the lights.
  4. Faux wood fabric everywhere,
  5. Did I mention how much red they used?
  6. That “ribbon” I keep mentioning is not really ribbon but strips of fabric. Shabby cute!
  7. White dishes to keep it classy.
  8. Trios of varied texture centerpieces. So yummy!

Moving on to table number 2. Are you noticing a trend? I am and I LURVE it! Bring on the Red!

Next up is more of a countertop setting but still with the red and then the silver.

What a great way to use a tiered platter! I’m taking note for sure.

Everything is better in threes. These little potted trees make a huge impact in their sleek white pots and shiny red beads. So simple individually but Ah-Mahzing together.

Here’s where things get a little more earthy. This would make a great Thanksgiving, Christmas or just seasonal table. Greenery down the middle, texture-y balls, bambooish dinnerware and what? A pop of red underneath.

Need a kids table? Here you go! So cute- it really hits the right note.

And then we come to this…

I am still so mad at Ikea for being out of those silver snowflake table runners, but I still love this table. Not too fussy, plenty of red and room for the important part FOOD!

This next one makes be almost wish I had not painted my black chargers gold.

This is the perfect mix of traditional Christmas with a big old heaping scoop of modern and plenty of texture in the napkins, faux sheep skin, and glasses in differing heights and weights.

They even remembered the little ones at this table.

I picked up a few items (NOT that table runner. Shame on you Ikea!) Just wait until I get my table all set. I bet you can’t guess what color it’s going to be!

Anyone else seen the Ikea Christmas this year? Are you all about the red too?


10 thoughts on “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Ikea

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  2. Oh man, I love IKEA. Sadly the closest one to me is like 8 hours away. There’s one coming to KC in 2014 and I cannot wait. Glad you had a fun trip. And I’m so jealous!

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