Savannah, GA {Window Shopping}

Happy Friday! I think I still may be in a little bit of denial that my vacation is over, thus waiting like a month to tell you about the fantabulous shopping looking I did in Savannah. But today is the day your suspense ends (ha!) Let’s go shopping, shall we?

We spent a day in Savannah. It’s about an hour drive from Hilton Head and while it is completely worth it, one day is no where near enough. We still packed in as much as we could, which was a lot.

First stop and 99% of our purpose in Savannah: The Lady and Sons. I heart Paula so much and let me tell you her restaurant is well worth all the hype.

I made our reservation three weeks in advance. I have no idea if that was necessary but I made mine as soon as I had the date. Being in Savannah and not eating at Paula’s is like going to Disney World and not seeing the mouse- translation: sin.

We arrived a bit early and way hungry and they actually could seat us ahead of our reservation time- all the way up on the third floor. This place is serious. Everything is just so pretty. They even put a little sprig of mint in your tea. You know Paula likes to add “vegetables” where ever she can. Let me make it easy for you to decide what you want here…I’m not a fan of buffets but this place is not your average buffet. Get it, trust me. You get a choice of 3 desserts: Peach Cobbler, Banana pudding or… Gooey Butter Cake. Yes, please. Delish.

The Lady and Son’s is delicious and the service is even better. The entire staff is so warm, happy and helpful- from the gift shop, to the servers, to the bus boys. The famous “Jelly Roll” who is responsible for the bisuits and hoe-cakes even stopped by to see how we liked it. This really is southern hospitality at it’s finest. (let the record show, I love Paula’s cooking, but my mama still beats her on EVERYTHING!) So now it’s time for my second favorite past time (eating being #1) SHOPPING. Savannah’s shopping is almost as good as their food. I didn’t do much buying, but I did some serious browsing.

Savannah Bee Company was new to me. It’s on Broughton Street and absolutely beautiful. They have everything you can imagine made from honey and lots of samples that I couldn’t handle. Did you see what I ate right before? The door is actually what made me go in. How beautiful is this? Continuing down Broughton Street, we stopped at Clipper Trading Company housed an old store. The current stock is far from $.50 and $1.00 but it was beautiful. Just look at the rich details. Just down the street I found Villa Savannah. I loved everthing in there. If there was room in the car, this all would have been MINE!For bonus points, I actaully have these! I got then at Marshalls ($4.99!) and they’re on the gallery wall. And now for our feature presentation: I’ve only been to Savannah one other time, but that’s all it took to fall head-over-heels for the Paris Market. Here are just a few of my favorites…While I love the Paris Market, clearly, it is a bit expensive for me. I did bring home just a little something that you will see soon enough. I know the suspense will kill you :)

Off of Broughton Street, near the heart of SCAD I found this amazing little fabric store. Fabrika I wanted a yard of everything, but left empty handed. The embroidery hoop trend is one that I have not embraced, but after seeing their take on it, I may become a believer.

Whew! I warned you we packed a whole lot into our day! And guess what- that was not everything. There is still more to share, but I’ll wait for another day. You’re welcome :)

Have you been to Savannah? What’s your favorite spot and have you tried Paula’s Fried Chicken? Put it on your list for sure! Happy drooling :)


4 thoughts on “Savannah, GA {Window Shopping}

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  2. I just saw your name on the Dare to DIY list and then I saw your post on Savannah. I’m going to be visiting there soon and will definitely have to check out some of the spots you mentioned here. Cool stuff!

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