Quick Fall Craft: Faux Glass Pumpkins

Offender: Dollar Tree “carvable pumpkins”

These guys are fine as is. I actually used them outside on the patio table last year (except for the one I ran over in the garage, but that’s another story) but I was thinking they could be more. Ahhh, potential. An upgrade is as simple as some tape and spray paint. I taped off the stem and sprayed it gold.

When that dried, I taped it up and sprayed the whole thing high gloss cream. It was a complete coincidence what came in the mail between coats. 

And when they’re all dry and shiny, the dollar tree orange is a faint memory.

They fit perfectly with my fall tablescape and more than one person thought they were glass. Nope, not glass just cheap :)Cheap, easy and pretty. Now that’s what I call a successful project.
Linking up with Thrifty Decor ChickHi Sugarplum! and Ten June. Visit them for TONS of great fun and easy projects :)


7 thoughts on “Quick Fall Craft: Faux Glass Pumpkins

    • Thank you so much! I had no idea they would look ceramic so it was a happy accident. Makes it fun to throw them, too. Not that I’ve done that, yet:)
      Thanks for the awesome link party and for stopping by ;)

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