Home Sweet Vacation {Condo Crashing}

As promised, I wanted to show you our little vacation rental, but first the story of how we ended up there. You should know that spontaneity is not a language I speak fluently, so you can imagine how long I researched to find the perfect place to lay our heads for vacation. I searched and searched and searched for weeks. We knew we wanted a few things…

  1. Hilton Head Area
  2. On the beach- not a short walk, not across the street, ON the beach was my non-negotiable and it had to be the real Atlantic, not the Bay or a marsh or anything but the ocean with sand, saltwater and waves.
  3. Affordable
  4. Not furnished from grandma’s basement and yard sales.

Hilton head is a strange (but wonderful!) beach area. Parts are very old (see #4) and the newer stuff seems to be either way out of our price range or off the beach. There are several different beaches within the island and I looked at them all. 49 times each.

After searching VRBO about a bajillion times I finally ran across a little potential gem. It was on Forrest Beach (an old part) but had been totally renovated and looked really nice. A few emails and phone calls with the owner and it appeared we had our place.

For me, finding something on VRBO was a bit of a stretch. I haven’t been there or seen it myself so I just had to trust that it was exactly what it said it was. One of the benefits that I didn’t realize at the time is having direct contact to the owner of the place. As soon as we paid for the room, Charlene sent us detailed instructions, a parking pass, and even a list of restaurants she loves there (complete with recommendations, contacts and a map). It was a dream come true for a planner like me!

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, after the official “check-in” time, we found almost exactly what the pictures showed us. Almost is the key word there. After being on the road for EIGHT HOURS there were no sheets on the bed, dirty towels in the floor and evidence that the cleaning crew missed their job.

It was a little disappointing, but remember how I told you it was so nice to have access to the owner? I picked up the phone and the owners took care of us. They got someone there immediately who thoroughly cleaned the place and it was picture perfect in a little over an hour. Was that a perfect way to start a vacation? No way, but I like to judge true customer service by what happens when there is a problem and they more than passed. Both Charlene and her husband were so apologetic and even offered us a later check-out. And we had a gorgeous beach to waste the time at, so who’s complaining?

So, we’re in, it’s clean, let’s talk about the place. First of all, it’s teeny. Teeny Tiny. Please forgive the bad lighting, but I took a picture standing the far wall looking the opposite direction. Teeny.

Technically, 4 people could stay here but I would NOT advise it but it was just fine for two people who like each other.

The listing was very accurate, it had been recently renovated and it was sooo homey and cute. The walls were a pale grey-blue and it was appropriately beachy. The warm wood tones on the laminate floor really balanced out all the cool and beachy tones.

You actually walk in through the bedroom (see picture on the right above). Storage space was plentiful in this little place. There were THREE closets which we used to corral our junk (have I ever told you I’m a compulsive over packer?) and there were cute little hooks everywhere. I never knew how helpful that was until staying here. I hung about everything from a hook!

Just beyond the bedroom is the bathroom. What makes this space is the finishes. Look at the tile in the shower. So pretty!Lots more upgraded finishes…… and lots more hooks!
They continued the same flooring, wall color and big crown moulding throughout. The kitchen, living and dining area are combined into the larger of the teeny areas. The kitchen has great finishes just like the bath.As you move to the right of the kitchen, you find the eating area and TV. I just love the accessories and color here! All of the rattan furniture has the same blue finish and the couch ties in perfectly. And the view wasn’t too bad either. I’m not sure how much they DIYed (if any) or where everything actually came from but I spied a few items that I have seen at TJ Maxx and Marshalls (comforter, pillows, lamps, accessories).They may or may not have painted the furniture, but I think that is a brilliant way to still have that beachy vibe, but modernize it a bit. The crown moulding was one of my favorites. If we ever get to add it to our house, I want it big and chunky like this. It makes such a statement!

After five short nights we had to pack it all up and head back to our real home sweet here, but it was such a great vacation. Teeny as it was, this was a wonderful place to call home for a few days. Now when can I go back?

Have you had any good VRBO happy ending stories? What’s your favorite way to find a vacation spot? Oh, and one more question… When can I go back?


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