Friday, Oh Friday…

Happy Friday, friends! It’s kind of a bittersweet day around here because it is Friday, the weather is fabulously fallish and we’re off work, but it’s our last vacation day and Monday means a return to normalcy- work and all. Ouch.

I mentioned last week that while I was so ready for Fall, there was still a bit of summer left and that is just where we have been…


I was in college the last time I went on a real beach vacation and the last longer-than-a-weekend trip Robb and I went on was our honeymoon. We were due a very relaxing fun time away so we saved our pennies (actually our tax return, same thing) and we packed up for five days at Hilton Head. It was awesome and wonderful and I want to go back. Stat.

We stayed in a super cute, but super teeny little condo right on Forrest Beach, spent a day in Savannah (not enough, but we packed a lot in the day and on our plates at the Lady and Sons!), and enjoyed a few days of doing nothing but laying around on the beach and figuring out where to go for dinner. Seriously, can I go back? Please?

As I pause to wipe the tear from my eye, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that, thanks to my fabulous vacation I have lots to share next week! Like a little window shopping in Savannah, a view inside that cute little condo that has just been totally redecorated and approximately 500 pictures of the sunrise on the beach. Just kidding on that last one. I may have taken about 500 pictures of the sunrise alone, but I promise not to share more than 200 ;)

AND tomorrow marks the first day of FALL so I am ecstatic to add some fall cheer around here. It’s my favorite. Fall and Smiling :)

As I mourn vacations come and gone and look forward to my most favorite season of all I hope you have a great weekend. Go plant a mum or buy a pumpkin!


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