It’s Not My Fault…

… I blame the Pacific Time Zone, the Olympics, Harper Lee and Apple.

I’m a very, very bad blogger. The worst ever. So bad that this is about the bajillionth time I’ve started a post like this and I haven’t even been at this for a year, but really it’s not all my fault this time.

I had two work trips- one being to DuPont, Washington and that time change did not agree with me one bit. I’ve been to Seattle a couple of times but this was my first trip to venture a bit south and I think it may be prettier than Seattle. I didn’t get to enjoy it much because of their crazy traffic, my crazy tiredness due to the stupid Pacific time zone and facilitating all day #introvertneedstorecharge but we had dinner in Olympia one evening and here is how gorgeous it was.

And when you’re driving in on I-5 (perhaps the worst interstate I’ve ever encountered. Sorry Washingtonians, your traffic is all kinds of awful. Even my coworker from Atlanta said it was worse. We’re considering getting Tshirts that say “I Survived I-5,”) you catch these little glimpses of Mt. Ranier. I love Tennessee and I think it’s beautiful in it’s own way but I honestly think this is the most breathtakingly beautiful part of the country I have been to. Even with the worst interstate ever.

Not the best pictures ever from the backseat of a car in the middle of rush hour with an iPhone that is on it’s last leg, but you get the point. Ah-Mazing.

And I must show you these HUGE potted plants at the restaurant. Must copy these!

And then there were the Olympics. It’s kind of hard to write something brilliant when you’re glued to the TV every night. And by “glued to the TV,” I mean, I fell asleep on the couch every night watching the Olympics but would conveniently wake up to see the US win gold and feel like I saw everything. Missy Franklin is my new hero. Call me, Missy.

And I’m also following through with one of my personal goals: Rereading To Kill A Mockingbird. I think that book is better every time I read it. I also think I may change my name to Scout.

And just this weekend I realized a little issue with my bajillion year old, love of my life MacBook. The battery is done. Stick a fork in it. It only functions when plugged up which in theory is just fine but if you own a MacBook you know how easily it unplugs as a safety feature. Now that feature kills everything. #saveeverythreeseconds

So there is my laundry list of excuses of why I cannot get everything done. You see it’s not my fault one bit. It’s also not my fault that my house is a mess, Avery needs a bath and my to do list is longer than my to do time and money. But I’ll get there eventually. And until then, here’s a cute little picture of Avery snuggling.


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