This Little Piggy went to (The July Nashville Flea) Market

You know I love, love, LOVE some Flea Market picking. (if you didn’t you may want to visit here, here, or here, just to name a few.) I haven’t shared any remarkable finds with you for a few months- not because I haven’t been going but because the Flea Market has not been so kind to me. Not that I want to rehash bad memories but the brief explanation is in May there was a teeny accident with my camera and a water bottle in my bag. I thought it died totally. In the same weekend I had to buy new tires for my car. New Camera+New Tires=broke. That of course would also be the weekend that I found one of my favorite pieces of furniture ever. Here’s a crummy iPhone picture of it.

But due to my broken heart and bank, I walked away from it. $165 that weekend was pretty much $165,000,000. I still have my heart set on this little desk/chest and I think it cursed me because I didn’t buy a single thing in June (and it was about 165,000,000 degrees in June) and I’m going to go ahead and spoil it for you that I didn’t buy anything this month either. BUT that doesn’t mean that I didn’t find plenty of fun things to share! So with that sad story and not so happy ending, I invite you to Home Sweet Here Pickers- July Edition.

First building we spotted these. I would never have a place for them but they are so stinking cute! If I had more cabinet space I would have gone nuts with all of this amber glassware. A few pieces match some of the green I already have and I can just imagine a gold and green table set for Christmas. So pretty!And while we’re talking about Christmas, there were several items to choose from. My favorite was a book full of Vintage Christmas Postcards. The possibilities are limitless- make new cards, frame them, use them as ornaments. You get the picture. The whole book was $40 which was probably a steal, but still a bit more than I wanted to spend for now.If you’re not a DIYer and don’t want to look for potential on your flea market picks, there are plenty of DIYers there who do the work for you. Like these two-tone end tables. Pretty! Also in the no DIY required realm, I found lots of very interesting storage options. These crates and trays would be the perfect rustic element to an otherwise subdued room. They are just the perfect addition of texture and warmth and could hold some magazines or odds and ends.If things are looking a little too muted for your palette this week, check out these prints. $5 each! The frames need some paint, but they are so cute and graphic. The piggy would have gone home with me if I had more wall space in the kitchen and if I hadn’t forbidden myself to buy more pigs. #thislittlepiggystayedhomeSadly, my piggy obsession is not the only one. I also heart drop leaf tables. They are so functional and really fit your space and needs. This little side drop leaf was so cute and would have been perfect for little projects in a tight space or even a teeny little breakfast nook.
This mirror was also super versatile. I love the taupey gray they painted it,  but it would be perfect with a punch of color too. I should have listened to my mother and gone back for this one. I think it was $20 or $30. #mamaknowsbestI’m building a bridge and getting over it. Eventually. Anyway, I love little vintage items when setting a table and these little salt cellars would be perfect. I’m not really into the chicken trend as much as little piggies but I would totally set a table with any of these. Notice some are even little Scottie Dogs. Perfectly whimsical. I cannot type or see the word “whimsical” without hearing Emily Henderson say it. I love her, just so you know. I also love milk glass. You can find this stuff super cheap and there is nothing like it for decorating for a baby shower or really any other event. A single gerber daisy in one of the little vases has more effect that a huge bouquet of budget blooms.Same for mason jars. According to my other hero, Pdubs, there is nothing they can’t do.She’s got legs. Really. The flea market has these. If you have Pinterest, you know how to use them to make a fun new table or ottoman. If you haven’t had enough “whimsy” yet, here is another idea. Old sports equipment. These bowling pins were actually teeny and would be so cute on a bookshelf, coffee table or even as a paper weight on your desk. I just love the texture and how sculptural the croquet set is. Whimsy at it’s finest. Flower frogs are also a great little investment. You can find them super cheap and they can make some ordinary flowers really stand up. Figuratively and literally. And what about these? I’ve seen them all over the place used as hooks  or knobs. I love the little punch of color and graphic nature of them. Don’t order them from some fancy-smansy place- go to the flea market! And just in case you aren’t convinced that these dealers- even in the junky booths- don’t know trends. They do. Globes were all over the place. As were signs professing love for bacon. You didn’t see that in last month’s House Beautiful? Who doesn’t love bacon? This barcart is a bit country, but with some paint, it could look like a bajillion dollars. It only cost $50 and I loved it, but it’s another thing I don’t have a spot for. Coming in at $20, this mirror was amazing! I don’t know if I would paint it or leave it wood. It’s precious without being too “cutesy.” I fell so in love with the scale and sculptural nature of this wall sconce that I took home two in May. My pair cost $8. This ONE cost $8. Hello, deal! I just can’t decide if I want them a bright color or glossy white. Decisions, decisions. So you can see that I found lots of thrifty treasures even though I didn’t take any home. The flea market is always a fun experience. I may have left empty handed, but I had a lot of fun, got inspired and gained some wisdom. The wisdom was free, so I’m also passing it along to you. Please enjoy. You can thank me later :)


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