It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like CHRISTMAS

Go ahead. Read that again.

I said it: CHRISTMAS. It is exactly FIVE MONTHS from today. Don’t hate me for pointing that out, it’s for our benefit. You might remember that I said it right here and here that I wanted to start early for Christmas so I could just enjoy the season and all the wonderful times that go with it.

Christmas is busy, hectic and sometimes completely and totally cray-cray. I don’t want to jump on that bus this year- what about you?

If you’re with me- I’m not talking about decorating next week or having your shopping done by yesterday- I’m talking about starting very little things right now so that Christmas is about well, Christmas. How is that sounding to you so far?

I’m officially issuing a challenge to myself mostly but you are very welcome (and highly encouraged!) to join me. I’m going to post a little task each week or so that will get us ready. I don’t have these planned out yet (which is totally out of character for me much like this) but I think we’ll accomplish so many little things now that we will breath a huge cinnamon scented sigh of relief when the big day is here.

Are you ready? Your challenge for this week is (drum roll….)

And that’s it! Who’s ready to jingle all the way to a peaceful, joyful stress-free less stressed Christmas? Let the planning begin!


5 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like CHRISTMAS

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