For the Love of Erin

Office supplies make me a happy girl. Make them pretty and that is my definition of bliss, so you can only imagine the happiness Erin Condren brings me.

I ordered one of her fantabulous Life Planners last year and it was a match made in organized heaven. While I loved it more than appropriate for a planner, there were some issues- like the fact that the tabs didn’t hold up for someone as rough on things as I am.But then something magically happened. The new ones came out with LAMINATED TABS so I splurged and ordered.

My new one came last week and it is even better than last year’s.  There are about a bajillion upgrades to this year’s edition and it just feels better. I may have also added her pens, notepads and a pen holder. Who can put a price tag on organized bliss? In all seriousness, I am very planner picky and even though this one is $50 which is a huge splurge for me, it is worth it for all you get out of it. I use mine to meal plan, keep up with bills to pay and really document our everyday lives. I think I’ll have one every year! Erin Condren for President!

Do you have The Life Planner? How do you use it to keep it all together? Do share!


5 thoughts on “For the Love of Erin

  1. I’m in the same boat. I’m dying for the next planner but I still have 5 months left in my current one. It’s truly a first world problem. :)

    • You’re too funny! Those tabs were just killing me- I had to do it early. Now I can’t decide to use her pens or my favorite Sharpie pens. More huge problems to solve another day :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      • Curious: how thick do you think the new version is?! I am debating between this and the momagenda. I had the Life Planner last year but it was waaaay too heavy! :( Shame.

      • I got the tape measure out. I’m all about accuracy :)

        My old one was 1 inch thick with all my “extras” removed from the pocket. It does have 16 months in it. I only ordered 12 months in my new one, but it comes in at 1/2 inch. Lots thinner!

        My friend had the same dilemma as you last year and ordered the mom agenda. It was thinner but WAY bigger so she sent it back and got the life planner.

        Either way you can’t go wrong- organization still wins :)

        Thanks for stopping by!

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