Summer Pinterest Challenge: Wipe Your Mouth

It’s that time again…

This time it’s being hosted by four of my absolute favorite blogs: Young House Love, Bower Power, Centsational Girl and Ten June. Hello, all star cast!

I heart Pinterest. Maybe too much. Maybe I’ve even lost interest in Facebook because Pinterest is soooo much more fun. I love pinning, repining and sometimes re-repinning. It happens.

I have a bajillion more pins than I will ever make, but I do occasionally follow through with some and those tend to be the ones that I pin from my favorite blogs or sites so that’s what I’m going to do for today’s challenge.

I LOVE Mini-Manor Blog! Ashli is just the kind of housewife Martha wishes she was and she totally inspired me to try to make my own napkins. She made it look super easy and beautiful (as she does everything in her house. Can I move in? Pretty please?) Her instructions were so easy to follow for even an imperfect sewer, er, seamstress such as myself.

I made a trip to Joann, got quilting fabric, washed it, ironed it and cut a yard into quarters. Because Ashli said so. I actually ironed it in quarters to make a crisp line that was very easy to cut.

I learned the instructions were perfect, my execution was not. “Perfect” is not my middle name. It may be closer to “Eh, that’s not too bad. I like it” but that’s kind of a long middle name. Let’s get back to napkins.

I sewed and sewed. I even made a fun little stripe on one set.

Did you notice that I even used the same fabric as my Pinspiration? That was a total accident. After staring at all the choices at Joann for longer than socially acceptable, this is the one that jumped out at me. It’s just a great print.

And now I have my very own set of pretty napkins.

I loved them so much I made another set. This could get addictive. It was a lenghty process, but just as easy as the original post suggested. The biggest time consumer is ironing but that’s what makes the sewing go so fast so it’s completely worth it. I even timed the full floral set and they took me right at 42 minutes start to finish. Not the speediest of projects, but faster than you could search 52 stores for napkins this cute and still come up empty handed. #iwin

They are no where near as perfect as the original pin, but I got better with every one and I love that I can have my own napkins way cheaper and prettier than anything I could get in a store. Thanks, Ashli for the pinspiration and instruction!


10 thoughts on “Summer Pinterest Challenge: Wipe Your Mouth

  1. Wonderful! I’ve used Goodwill bedsheets (after washing on sanitize) and cut those bad boys up. But I like the idea of adding an band to them for a little visual interest.

  2. Ok . . . they are so perfect!!! They’re beautiful I love that you did white with a stripe then in the same fabric did a set! That’s a great idea! They look absolutely beautiful!!! I am so stealing your idea of making one white set with a stripe and one set in the stripe fabric! genius!!!
    Thank you so much for your link back! I’m going to go tweet about your project now!! :)
    Lots of Love

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