Chair Make-Over and Some (belated) Father’s Day Love

Since I’ve been on a little blog break, I didn’t get to wish my amazing daddy a happy father’s day here. Before you go thinking I’m the worst daughter ever, I did make him a yummy dinner that included the only thing he requested- homemade ice cream. But I didn’t get to post about the bajlilion things that make him the best daddy around like I did for mother’s day.

That’s not because he isn’t great- he is without a doubt the best daddy ever. Ever. Like in the history of people, ever. I just didn’t blog about it. But what better way to show you how stinking fantabulous he is at everything than to show you some of his ah-mahzing handywork.

He’s my electrician (here, here and here), can figure out how to make or fix just about anything, paints better than most pros, knows every teeny piece to a car, willingly takes care of all our vehicle maintenance, mows our yard and is one of the nicest, funniest best all around people in the whole world. Ever.

And he’s handsome. But before you start thinking how spoiled I am, let me just set you straight- that isn’t even a fraction of what he does for me. You can call me spoiled, I call me blessed, very.

So, let’s get to showing you what he can do! I mentioned what a phenomenal painter he is and that is no lie. I would trust him to spray paint my car. You don’t believe me? Look at this piece of junk chair full of potential my aunt bought.

Charming, huh? I love these chairs and am more than jealous of her find but it isn’t in the best shape. It’s not even in good shape.  But you underestimate Jerry and his amazing spray paint skills. He sanded, sandblasted, cleaned, scrubbed, sang songs to it and finally painted it.  He magically turned this… Into THIS… I know what you’re thinking, “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!” that’s what I said when I saw it (and then “can I have it, Lisa doesn’t have to know,” but that didn’t work). Do you see the shine he got on that with cans of spray paint. Do you remember the rust? Seriously? It looks better than brand new. Who wants my daddy to spray paint your car? Can you believe how good that turned out? Who is jealous of my daddy?

Enough questions for you. Let’s take one last look at the before and after and I want to take one last chance to wish my wonderful daddy a happy (few days late) father’s day. You really truly are the best one around. There is no one in the world I’d rather talk cars, projects, obscure music and nonsense with because there is no one better than you! Happy Father’s day again and thank you for all the bajlillion things you do that make my life wonderful. And for being you. And for spray painting fabulous chairs that make the rest of us look bad. Love you :)


2 thoughts on “Chair Make-Over and Some (belated) Father’s Day Love

    • He’s pretty amazing! He used Valspar spray paint from Lowe’s which I’ve been using that a lot lately, too. They have lots of great colors and though my projects haven’t turned out quite as perfect as his, it covers great even for a messy amateur like me :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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