A Memorial Day Thank You: The Healing Field

Summer is here- pools are open, flip flops are standard attire, schools are out and for most of us, this means a wonderful day off from work today.

For me, it’s very easy for Memorial Day to be just that- a long awaited day off. But when I really make myself really think about what today means and what it honors, I am humbled.

I could never, ever serve in any branch of the military in any capacity. It’s just not in me, God didn’t wire me that way, so when I think about all those who are willing to protect us and our precious freedoms, I am so thankful and grateful. I know I will never ever understand what a huge sacrifice that is for those who serve- including their families- but I’m thankful God made them with that giving, sacrificial heart.

Yesterday, I made a trip to the Healing Field to commemorate the real meaning of Memorial Day. There were 1,000 flags flying high to honor those brave, brave souls who protect us and our freedoms. To be totally honest, I went because I had seen it from the road before and thought it would make some great pictures, but I found much more than that.

Inside, I found the names, faces and stories so many heroes. People and families who really know what an amazing place this country is to live. It’s so easy to get caught up in what is not working here right now- especially in an election year when that’s all anyone wants to talk about- but we are working. This is a wonderful place. So wonderful that people give up their lives for it. So wonderful that little boys who barely got  a chance to know their daddies are thankful they served in the war that stole them. This place is amazing, wonderful and costly.

My words are small in comparison to the sacrifice, but to all of you who make our freedoms a reality- Thank you.One last THANK YOU and a picture of my favorite Navy Guy. I hope you all have a wonderful, thankful Memorial Day!


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