You Light Up My (front porch) Life

Last week, I showed you the dark side of DIY when projects don’t work. This week, we’re just going to start out with something gross. The front porch light.

You might be thinking that’s not so bad, but let me explain. Our little neighborhood is in the boonies- and we love that. There are deer, bunnies, turkeys, frogs, horses, turtles, you name it- and we love that. With the exception of Thor the neighborhood pug- well it’s not really Thor, it’s the gifts he leaves in our yard. No gracias, Thor. We don’t love that.

Our little country neighborhood also has no street lights which makes it quite peaceful at night, but we leave our porch light on 24-7 for safety reasons. And that means- lots of bugs, which for the record, we don’t heart.

Do you get where this is going? The bugs are not so bad, it’s that they get caught in our cheapo light fixture and they are really, really difficult to clean out. Bad choice Builder Steve, bad choice.

And really, for the money, this is not a bad fixture. It let’s out plenty of light, it’s simple in a good way and fits up flush to the ceiling like it should. But he was just not working for us with all of the bug carcasses it was collecting. Ick, Builder Steve, Ick.

So I have literally been looking for the almost 2 years that I’ve lived here to replace it and it is NOT easy to find a flush mount, open light fixture. (we wanted it open so the bugs don’t get caught- if you missed that tidbit)

But I found one at Lowe’s- but at almost $60, it was out of the budget at the time so I didn’t get it. And then it was gone. And I was sad.

I continued to look at almost every trip to Lowe’s and Home Depot with no luck. And I continued to not look up as I walked through the front door. RIP little bugs, RIP.

Then on a fateful trip to Lowe’s, it was there again. And I wanted to wait, again. But Robb would not let me. He grabbed it and forced me to buy it. This is one of the 1.4 million reasons we work. I like to think about every single penny of a purchase and do a detailed analysis of the ROI and comparison shop and you get the point. And he looks at it like- you’ve wanted this for-ev-er and it’s here and under $100. Get it and move on. I need that sometimes, obviously. Thank you :)

I said “Yes, Sir,” and we brought her home!

Our fantastic electrician (aka my wonderful Daddy) installed it for us just as he did the dining room light. It was crazy easy for him (and for me too- I am quite a pro at handing him stuff). He removed the old icky one…It was looking better already. But that also covered more yuck underneath- this fixture really does NOT work where there are bugs!I’m so sorry for all the gross dead bug pictures, but I wanted you to really grasp how happy this little change has really made me. It’s huge. I seriously lights up my life. I heart it so much! It only has one bulb, as opposed to the old one, but still gives off just as much light because it is so open and clear. The dark ORB finish and seeded glass really glow and if when you park in our drive way, you can barely see it peeking out and it really it literally shimmers. AND, there are no bug carcasses to be found.

Next up, is the back one. It’s another builder Steve failure/death trap for bugs.

Yep, I bought a house with the $5 Lowe’s fixture on the back. But don’t worry- that too is about to change- very, very soon.

But to end things on a happy note, let’s take another look at the new light in our life. Have you been fixture replacing lately? Has anyone figured out a way for closed ones to NOT collect all the bugs in the hood? I’m curious if there is a solution out there.


6 thoughts on “You Light Up My (front porch) Life

  1. I need to replace my icky porch fixture, too…not to mention the 80’s influenced one indoors. May I get a quote from your electrician on replacing my stairway light this summer?!

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