DIY Garden Markers- Project Fail

Sometimes even the best ideas go bad. I was trying to think of a perfect solution to mark my plants in my little garden that didn’t cost much, but would be super pretty and functional.

My brilliant idea was to take the larger sized popsicle sticks, paint them pretty colors- maybe even color code them (green for veggies, blue for herbs, you get the point)- and then coat them with some glossy sealant so they would hold up in the garden. AND since I was giving garden themed mother’s day presents I could throw them in too. Double brilliant.

Look at how great they were looking.

I even came up with a genius idea to help them dry and spray with the sealant. I just cut slits in a box and slid them in. See how confident I was feeling- this really should have worked.

The key word there is should. The first problem I encountered was that my paint pen didn’t write smoothly on the sticks. So why not try a Sharpie? Sharpies make everything better, right? Look how pretty they started out being. I even didn’t hate my handwriting on these. 

Then this guy came into the picture. 

And I learned a valuable lesson:

Yep, it created a runny mess. Runny, ugly mess. Worse than cheap mascara.

Did you know that Sharpies could run? I sure didn’t. Obviously. Oh well, at least I tried and I really haven’t given up on it yet. I like the look of the sticks, sans runny black mess. I think every time I do a project, I tell you “it’s not perfect, but I like it.” This time- it’s not perfect, I don’t like it but I’m still sharing. Hope you got a good laugh out of my lovely failure. Has anyone else had a Sharpie catastrophe or have you made a perfect, cheap garden marker that wasn’t a disaster that I can copy? I’ll send you a nice thank you for sharing, but then the type might run on that, too.


5 thoughts on “DIY Garden Markers- Project Fail

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