Happy Mother’s Day!

Some say Mother’s Day is a holiday created by greeting card companies. I think those people don’t have a mother like mine because they clearly don’t get it.

I have had lots of amazing women in my life who at some point have “mothered,” me. Two wonderful grandmothers, aunts, cousins, even the ladies my own mother has worked with since before I was born, all seem like mothers of some form to me. And last year I added a mother-in-law and grandmothers-in-laws and more wonderful aunts and cousins. I am a very, very blessed girl.

But the biggest reason for that is my amazing mama. There really is no one else like her and anyone who has ever met her knows that. (And I mean that in a really, really good way not a “bless her heart, she’s special,” kind of way :) )

She has always been a full time working mother, but still cooked us a full dinner every night. Like what most people think of as a “Sunday Dinner,” that’s our everyday. And guess what- she still does it. I have never understood how people eat when they say they or their mothers don’t cook. Forgive me if I ask you how that works because I still don’t understand.

She is always the first to help someone who needs it. Cleaning houses and taking food to her friends who are on bed rest, trying 10 different cookie recipes until she got it exactly to what a chemo patient was craving, creating care baskets for someone about to have surgery, donating one of her amazing cakes to a special cause without even being asked. And she doesn’t even have to think about it, she just helps every one she can.

And that totally includes me. If I were to list everything she’s ever done for me- or even just in the past week- I would for sure break the internet. But just to name a few…

I was a cheerleader for SIX long years. She missed one game ever and that was just because she was really sick. She pretty much drove to the ends of the earth, or at least Tennessee, to be at all my games and events.

When I was in college, she would quite regularly come for an unexpected visit- with chocolate cake and often clean my room. I’m surprised she made it out alive.

I’m pretty sure if I know how to cook anything at all, it’s because she let me sit on the kitchen counter with her every night and watch her make dinner. And I ate rice krispies straight from the box or a yummy slice of cheese while doing it. Double bonus.

She loves her own mama, but didn’t love all of her parenting methods so she made it a point to not repeat those things with me. I got to pick my own hairstyle, clothing, whatever. She made sure I made my decisions for me. Even if that meant a denim skirt, hightop LA Gears and crimped hair. I was a cute kindergartener, but at least I did it to myself.

She never let me whine or talk like a baby. It is a hilarious memory, but once upon a time, when I was really, really little I was being extra whiney. She told me, “I will not listen to you until you talk like a normal human being.”  Every time go to Target, I wish more mothers would take that approach with their children. It works, try it.

And really, she’s just fun to be around. To talk to, to eat with, to stand out in a parking lot and watch an air show with. She’s a great lady, mother, friend and person.

She’s never not been there for me. (forgive the double negative- I’m making a point!) She is the best mother there ever was, and ever will be so I’m sorry if you think yours is. Seat’s taken. You’re wrong.

So, it’s Mother’s day and I want to wish my wonderful mama and all you other mothers out there a very, very happy one. On behalf of the greeting card companies and your adoring children, thank you for being the best kind of people out there. (but mine is still the very BEST:))


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. I don’t know when I’ve read something online, especially something as poignant as genuine appreciation, that came across with more sincerity than this post. Your mom may have taught you to cook while you sat on the counter eating cheese, but anyone can learn to cook. You clearly learned appreciation and gratitude somewhere along the way. Those are much more difficult lessons to teach (otherwise more of us would demonstrate that skillset as flawlessly as you have just done). For that alone, I think that if there was a day made up by greeting card companies called something like “Daughters’ Day,” I’m sure your mom would announce to the world that the “BEST” seat is taken in that category by you.

    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing your mom with us.

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