1942 to Brand New: Thrifty Lamp Makeover

Sometimes I just need a little extra motivation to get moving on a project. Today, that motivation just happens to be the “Thrifty Treasures” link party over at Southern Hospitality. I linked up a few weeks ago and took you to the flea market with me and my BFF but this week I want to tackle the “after” of a previous thrifty treasure. Take a look at these lamps I found over a year ago at the flea market. $12 for the pair and they actually worked! One has a teeny little chip out of the glass, but not big enough to notice. SOLD!

So I brought them home and there they sat for way too long. I couldn’t find just the right shade for their strange size. After a few failed attempts, I finally found these cuties at Stein Mart on clearance for about $2 each and I was ready to get moving!

I took the whole thing apart so all the little pieces were ready for a coat of glossy white spray paint.
 I had already planned to re-wire it totally, but when I saw this underneath I knew that was a really good decision. I may not be the first to rewire it, but I am the first in quite a few years.1942? That can’t be safe anymore, right? 

I don’t think so! Second only to rewiring, this was another very important step. I set everything out exactly as I had taken it apart for easy reassembly. I taped it to the wall above my workbench and used it as a guide when I finally put it all back together (a bajillion days later, but who’s counting?) This was super important since after I painted it, I let it sit and sit and sit before I even tried to put it back together. Then when I finally attempted to put it back together, I just couldn’t get the wiring kit to work. So it sat and sat again until I could finally figure it out. And by “finally figure it out,” I mean get my daddy and Robb to do it for me. I’m all for girlpower-doing-it-myself, (I even have a workbench, did you catch that up there? :)) but when it comes to something that can set the house on fire, I’m not about to take any chances with “this looks like it may be attached to the right part.” No, thank you!

So they are done! I may have lost one piece in my procrastination, but no one (except for me) can tell. I think it turned out to be a pretty nice little thrifty makeover. I spent $12 on the pair of lamps, about $4 on the shades and $20 on the pair of wiring kits (ouch! but way less than a house fire, right?). So grand total: $36. Not cheapy, cheaperson, but they are full of character, safe and still less than I could have bought a set at TJ Maxx. I count it a win, that just took a really, really long time.

I guess you want to see the finished product, right? Well, here you go! 

I like to play musical lamps at home but right now they are on the little area between the kitchen and dining room and I am loving the extra bit of light, color and character. And just in case you forgot what  dramatic transformation this was, a little before and after action. Much improved, don’t you think? Now if I could just get started on the other THREE lamps I’ve collected. Maybe tomorrow. 


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