BFF Staycation, Part 3: Project Projecterson (and a teeny more shopping)

We have finally reached the end of our little BFF excursion. I am almost as tired as the first time around, but it’s also just as worth it.

This next one is going to go pretty quickly because the real exciting part is the project. We made a stop at Southeastern Salvage which I lurve with all my decorating heart. We found lots of goodies we wish we could have taken home like…So we didn’t really want to take it home but we did love the details. This would be perfect (in someone else’s house) 

Sometimes the lighting section is pretty bare, not true on this trip. Here are just a few of our favorites…

This one was beautiful and came really close to going home with Sarah. Really, it was on sale and she stared it down like a menu full of grilled cheese but the shade looked like it had some water damage so we hung our heads and walked away. Stupid stain.Fortunately, I don’t have kids or a place for this sofa. If I had both I might be willing to give my first born for this nailhead trim. It’s ok, go ahead and sigh with me. 

I really do love that little couch, but please know I was joking about the first born thing. It would have to include at least a chair for that :)

If I didn’t offend you with that little joke, let’s give it a try with sports. We’re in Nashville. Sarah lives here and I’m about 30 minutes away. Nashville is home of the Titans but to be honest with you, I’m kind of over them. I may change my mind eventually, but for now I’m looking for a new team. And with their new quarterback, I must say that this team is looking even better :)

Who doesn’t need a rug for the J-E-T-S- Jets! Jets! Jets :)

Back to serious shopping. Add both of these to the list of items I should have bought. These baskets were like $19 and the bread tray was $13. Non-Buyers remorse again! And I dont know where I would put these, but I am seeing them all over the internet and magazines. They are fun. 

Now for the fun part. What you have all been waiting for- our little project. I told you way, way back when that Sarah bought these great curtains from World Market and I even made it one of my goals of 2012 to help her hang them. Here’s a little reminder of what they look like.

Pretty huh? I told you before that Sarah is an excellent cook, but she’s also an excellent decorator and painter so you can imagine the beautiful colors she has in her house. Maybe we’ll show you some more of those someday but for now, take a look at the color she picked for her master bedroom.

That’s Valspar’s Woodlawn Valley Haze from Lowe’s and I think it is sooo pretty. Her bedroom ceiling slopes way up on one side so the darker color was absolutely perfect in there. Just like her curtains are absolutely perfect with the color. See what I mean? 

She picked a simple ORB rod from Ross that really work with the gauzy light panels. 

The windows are on the short side of her room so we hung them super high to balance it all out. I happen to think they are gorgeous! They’re light and airy and casual yet dramatic and glamorous all at the same time. My BFF did so good! 
(Just a little side note here- does anyone watch Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis? I LLLLOOOVVVVEEE Jeff and I’m one episode behind but I was looking at the gallery. Did The Jeff Lewis use these same panels in the after? Someone please confirm this for me!)

Back to Sarah, she’s still looking for the perfect new bedding and putting together a little gallery wall that I cannot wait to see how that turns out but I happen to think this all looks fantabulous as it is. So, you can admit it, you’re jealous of how awesome my painting, decorating, waffle making BFF is, aren’t you? I know I am, but I’m the lucky one that gets to keep her around :)

Psstt… Did you miss parts 1 and 2 of our fun day? Check those out here and here.


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