Quite Contrary: Summer Garden Part 2

How does my garden grow? I know you have been waiting patiently since I planted my seedlings a few weeks ago and I’ve got some good news and bad news. Here’s where we left things. 

First, the good news: my sweet little seedlings grew like crazy. Ironically, I was dreading the next step where you have to pluck all the babies except for the best one out. I know they’re just plants and that’s how they grow best, but I wanted to keep them all. I loved them all. Now for the ironic part.

The bad news: I took them outside on a gorgeous, breezy day and placed them on the table. They were ready for their close-up but this guy…

… well, he’s a big bully and he had other ideas. His friend, the wind, helped him out and just look what they did. I turn my back for just a second and… and… well, just look what happened…

Yep that big mean umbrella caught the wind and flipped my little garden right off the table. I scooped up the little baby plants and tried to put back the pieces but it still looked really, really sad. Really sad.

This was a couple of weeks ago and while I’m still traumatized by my little vegetable basket turnover, time really does heal. Even little baby vegetables. I lost some but so many came back. My babies made it!

We’ve had a couple of frosty mornings this week, but next week is planting time! They made it and hopefully it will still be one yummy summer. Don’t you just love a happy tasty ending?


6 thoughts on “Quite Contrary: Summer Garden Part 2

  1. Is it bad that I kind of laughed when I saw them all splatted on the ground? I have never tried growing from seeds and I really even failed at growing lettuce and my tomatoes and peppers always taste like dirt, so I have no room to judge any ones gardens. :)

    • Thanks for laughing at my pain!
      Just kidding! It is pretty funny and if I wasn’t so traumatized at the time I would have turned it into a crime scene, chalk outlines and all :)
      Hopefully this year’s bad garden luck is over!

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