Easter Tablescape

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We sure did and I think I still have a food hangover but don’t confuse that with a complaint. The only time I ever complain about food is when it’s gone or fish. Ick.

Anyway, we had the best day. Sunday was also our FIRST ANNIVERSARY (yay) but it was actually our second married Easter. Last year was a royal crash and burn- our AC went out and since it was later in April it was roasting so we cancelled Easter dinner and grilled for 2 after church (I also had enough wardrobe malfunctions for a lifetime that morning getting ready for church and wore the worst dress in my closet, but I’m over it now, or maybe I’m not.)

So this year we kept our plans and hosted both sets of parents, with perfect open window weather and had enough food for an army. It was a small affair of six, but I still like to set a pretty table so I must share! Easter may be over, but this will still work for a festive Spring table and guess what, it was super cheap. Take a look…

If you’ve visited Home Sweet Here even once you know that my projects rarely turn out perfect or how I originally intended, butI have to say that this is one of my favorite tablescapes ever. I heart it. It makes me happy.

You know how I said it was cheap? Let’s talk about that. I made a few little purchases to pull this look off. I got  2 bunches of Tulips from Trader Joe’s at $4.99 each and…

…some fancy smancy vase filler, aka split peas for $0.99 at the grocery store. They are the perfect shade of green. 

And no Easter table is complete without a little Easter basket. The little boxes and filler were Dollar Tree finds (for a whopping $3) and the candy was a $3 Target investment. It was good and now it’s almost gone. Happy Easter.

The rest of the centerpiece is just my $0.99 votives from Target and an assortment of Dollar Tree Vases. If you’re keeping count- this cost a grand total of $Cheap.

Add in my great aunt’s green glasses… And a simple table setting with a napkin for a pop of color…and your favorite people and you got a perfect Easter-Versary table. (thanks Dad About You for that phrase)

And speaking of favorite people, I was reminded that it has been too long since an Avery picture so here are a few. She needs a haircut, but she is the cutest little shaggy girl ever.

Pretty Girl!

(And thanks for the reminder about Avery Pictures, Diane! And if any of you need a recommendation on a book, check out Diane’s Blog. I added a new selection to my list from hers like 5 seconds ago!) 

Back to Easter- I still need to share some food with you and our anniversary weekend festivities. I’m sure you can’t sleep with anticipation but we’ll get to all of that. But for now, proof of our fabulous Easter lunch ;) 


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