Spring (wall) Fever: Gallery Love, Part 4

The beloved Living Room Gallery Wall got another much needed update! I’ve been mixing in seasonal items until I could get to something slightly more permanent (take a look herehere and here) and as much as I love all things Easter, I am proud to report there isn’t an egg on the wall!

But I know what you’re thinking- Does that mean it’s done? No way! It just means it’s getting closer and closer to done. And then it will be time to start all over again. Don’t hate, you know that’s how it works.

This update was a little more difficult for me. The wall is kind of crazy, meaning nothing is symmetrical but it’s all balanced. When I start changing things out, it makes it kind of hard to achieve that balance without putting more nail holes in the wall. But, I finally got there, for now. Let’s take a look.

I said no holiday theme this time, but I added plenty of Spring! Here is a print we picked up almost one year ago on our Honeymoon at the Biltmore. I’ve mentioned before that even though I had been to the Biltmore several times, I had never been in the Spring. So seeing the tulips and azaleas in bloom was kind of a dream come true, well that and being on my honeymoon with this really great guy ;)

It honestly looked just like this when we were there. That’s why this print was absolute perfection. 

And while we’re talking Springiness, I also added this picture I took in NYC when my BFF and I were there on the first day of Spring several years ago. We were kind of on Good Morning America. And by kind of, I mean you could see us in the background during the weather segment. And by us I mean you could see my tall BFF and the very top of my head.  But I knew it was me! It was super fun anyway. They had Gap models all over Time Square handing out roses to everyone that walked by. That was our first morning in New York and it honestly felt like we woke up in a movie. Look how pretty it was…

But that was just enough of Spring Pink for me, so the rest is tons of pretty green! I got some beautiful gift wrap at the Container Store (look at the Easter Eggs I covered with it) that I also a stuck in some frames. In my opinion, all pictures would be a bit busy so I like breaking it up with pretty patterns and solidsThe “S” on top is something my pickers (aka parents) picked up for me at the flea market. I also added some little Ikea mirrors for that balance I was talking about and the neat thing about that, well just take a look for yourselfYep, that’s my dining room light that I lurve so much. And while we’re talking mirrors, remember my favorite view? Here you go

That’s the neat thing about this wall. It will probably never be perfect. It for sure doesn’t look like it came out of a Pottery Barn catalog. Sometimes it all gets crooked, or a frame falls and breaks, but it adds so much to our whole open living area. You can see the reflection when you walk in the door. You can enjoy it from most spots at the dining room table and sometimes in the living room you’ll find someone looking its way instead of the TV. And that is what I call a success (and a constant work in progress. Just being honest!) 

BTDubs: SUPER EXCITING NEWSI got featured on one of my all time favorite blogs! Please go check it out here. I heart Better After and this is pretty much a blogging dream come true- Lindsey even wrote me a little song. She is so funny!


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